Super Son-in-law Chapter 2799-2800

Chapter 2799

After saying that Qin Yan went to her desk and organized her textbooks to go to cla*s.

Lin Hao’s brows were locked, Qin Yan really wanted to know Qin Yuxin’s whereabouts? I guess it was just an excuse, weren’t those guys from the Heavenly Dao Palace still trying to get at him?

As for Qin Yuxin’s whereabouts, it was naturally impossible to tell Qin Yan.

“Lin Hao, have you come back? Is she alright, Xiao Yuan?” Lin Yan also came over.

“It’s fine, but the fundamental problem is still unresolved for now.” Lin Hao lowered his head and wrote on the paper, if one looked closely, they could see that it was exactly the same as the formation Chen Yuan’s family had set up.

“With you around I’m sure Xiao Yuan will be fine.” Lin Yan smiled then went back to her seat and sat down.

Lin Hao shook his head with a bitter smile and thought to himself, “You are looking up to me, how can this be solved so easily?

The other male teachers in the office looked at each other in disbelief, but of course there were some who were very upset.

Hell, the two most beautiful women in the school were changing their personalities, and even a fool could see that this definitely had something to do with Lin Hao, and the key was that he had a desperately beautiful daughter-in-law.

Where the hell can we talk about this?

Lin Hao, on the other hand, did not listen to anything outside the window and was only thinking about breaking the Yin formation.

“Xun Zhen is thunder, Kan is water, and Li is fire …… What exactly is the key to breaking the formation?” Lin Hao rubbed his temples with a headache.


The Heaven Shaking Hammer that was placed next to him suddenly fell, the hammer blew directly on the word Zhen with a single blow, and Lin Hao froze.

It seemed that he had just overlooked the word Zhen, which belonged to the positive east of the Eight Trigrams!


What a good thing!

Lin Hao could not wait to pick up the Heaven Shaking Hammer and kiss it, the key to breaking the formation was in the east!

The key to breaking the formation was in the east! And according to the key to the formation, it was in the east and to the southeast, combined with the Xun Zhen technique, it was thunder.

The key to breaking the formation had finally been found!


Lin Hao slapped his hand on the table and shouted excitedly, “Mud, I’ve finally found you!”

The teacher in the office looked up haughtily, looking at Lin Hao in confusion.

Lin Yan also had a question mark on her face, what had gotten Lin Hao so excited?

Lin Hao realized that he had lost his temper and smiled awkwardly, “Ahem, I found the answer to my long-standing problem, I got too excited, sorry, sorry.”

Seeing that it was almost time for his PE cla*s, Lin Hao took his teaching aids and hurriedly slipped away.

Seeing how excited Lin Hao was, Lin Yan brightened up, “Does that mean that Lin Hao found a solution to Xiao Yuan’s problem so quickly?”

On the other side, Tian Lao Jiu spat out a mouthful of black blood, and the black mist around him once again enveloped himself, once again obscuring the heavens from prying eyes.

“This is troublesome, no wonder Seventh Brother died and Eighth Brother became such a ghost, who would have thought that b*****d Wang Sledgehammer would leave the family heirloom to that kid, isn’t he afraid that the Heavenly Dao Palace would find out and directly hunt him down all over the world?” Tian Lao Jiu held onto his chair and spoke with a pale expression, just now he had been f*cked by Lin Hao’s two hammers and was also suffering from a lot of injuries.

It was also his fault for being careless and wanting to test Lin Hao’s depths, locking most of his qi outside the Yin Gathering Formation outside the Chen family villa.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have suffered such a strong backlash from how violently the treasure in Lin Hao’s hand hurt.

“Matter of Nine Palms, what should we do now? He has the treasure pa*sed down from the Wang family lineage in his hands, what should we do with this thing in his hands?” Several other Heavenly Dao Palace disciples looked towards Heavenly Elder Nine.

Apart from the fact that they were dealing with sending over to meet Heavenly Old Man Eight, Heavenly Old Man Nine had also received a mission, which was to subdue Lin Hao and bring him back to the Heavenly Dao Palace alive.

If that was not possible, then they would kill? Lu Ai Wu Serving Earth Er Wu Pao? Him!

If they can’t have it, then they will destroy it!

“I’ve already reported the matter to the elders, let’s wait for news on this matter, even if the elders can’t come in person, they will still be able to bestow me with one or two treasures from the Heavenly Dao Palace, Lin Hao has the Wang family’s heirlooms, but he can be said to be no more than a beginning beginner in the area of Heavenly Dao borrowing, what are we afraid of.”

Tian Lao Jiu waved his hand, the tricky thing now was not Lin Hao, it was just the Heaven Shaking Hammer, Lin Hao was not able to exert a few percent of the Heaven Shaking Hammer’s power at all.


Chapter 2800


Tian Lao Jiu picked up his phone, opened the text message and glanced at it, a cold smile appeared on his face, “Let’s go, prepare for action, we’d better take Lin Hao down tonight! Even if we can’t, find a way to take his Heaven Shaking Hammer over!”

“Yes, Mistress Nine.”

Tian Lao Jiu arranged and began to launch a plan against Lin Hao, now that Chen Haobei was deadlocked, there was no chance to protect Lin Hao, after all, Chen Haobei had a bit too many people to protect.

Lin Hao’s strength had plummeted, and it was enough to deal with him alone.

Tian Lao Jiu had just received a tip-off that Lin Hao had taken the bait!

As for Lin Hao, at this moment, he was cooling off under a big tree next to the playground, next to a group of female students from the first cla*s gathered, chattering like a lark, asking Lin Hao questions. “Dad, I heard from Mr. Lin that Xiao Yuan is not feeling well, how is she now?” Lin Ruoshi hugged Lin Hao’s arm and looked at him curiously.

She had also heard about Chen Yuan, but before Lin Hao was avoiding Lin Yan everywhere, so naturally he didn’t know about Chen Yuan, now Lin Hao didn’t avoid Lin Yan anymore, so he should already know about Chen Yuan, right?

“It’s alright, a solution has been found.”

“Teacher Lin is just great, Chen Yuan is too lucky too.” Yun Qingya had a face of envy, the little girl was good at reacting quickly, even? Serving the ground to dye Shan Yi Xi Wu Wu? She was busy adding awkwardly, “I didn’t mean to curse Xiao Yuan’s cla*smate ah, I just quite envied her.”

“What are you envious of, Xiaoya?” Lin Ruoshi was quite puzzled, what was there to envy when you were all sick?

Yun Qingya shook her head awkwardly and blushed a little.

Lin Hao shook his head speechlessly, picked up the roll call book and knocked Yun Qingya’s head, “Young little girl, you think quite a lot, don’t think nonsense, I’m the man you can’t get, go to cla*s properly.”

“Alright, that’s it for today’s PE cla*s, the rest of the day is free for everyone.” Lin Hao stretched a lazy waist and left directly, can he not know that little mind of this little girl, this would not be the right concept, if you find the first signs, you have to hurry to pinch off.

Yun Qingya was so ashamed that she covered her face with a red face, it was a shame.

Lin Ruoshi was dumbfounded, pinching Yun Qingya’s face and scolding her with a smile, “Good for you Xiao Ya, I treat you as a sister, but you want to be my mother, you’re going too far!”

“Xiao shi don’t be ridiculous, I don’t have that idea, I, I just admire teacher Lin, what’s wrong with treating him as my idol …… I don’t have that idea.” Yun Qingya anxiously explained up, next to the other female students but one by one watching the hilarious coaxing, in fact these female students, who does not have some thoughts in their hearts?

“Since you don’t have that idea, then why are you blushing?” Lin Ruoshi laughed heartily, originally wanting to tease Yun Qingya, but never thought she would take it seriously.

On Shen Xiyan’s side, after staying at home for so long, she still had to go to work after all. Chen Haobei was not at ease, so he had to follow Shen Xiyan to work and be her full-time bodyguard.

“Xiyan, it doesn’t matter if you go to work or not, Lin Hao is not short of money and can afford to support you.” Chen Haobei couldn’t help but speak up, no one in his family was short of money, including himself, so why torment himself so much?

Lin Hao ran away to become a physical education teacher, of course, this is also a certain reason because of Lin Ruoshi, but Shen Xiyan also had to insist on working, why bother.

Shen Xiyan smiled lightly and shook her head: “People, they can’t be idle, they have to do something, besides, Lin Hao has money, it’s his money. It’s a good idea to go to work, and a woman should have her own independent career.”

Chen Haobei shrugged his shoulders, not bothering to say anything else, it’s useless to say too much, he still likes to toss himself.

Chen Haobei drove on, suddenly a sharp brake, jerked the car to a halt.

“What are you doing?” This sharp brake, fortunately Shen Xiyan was strapped in, but the brake was so hard that it still almost knocked her head on the ground.

“Something is not right, according to this speed, we should have reached your company ten minutes ago, and, look around.” Chen Haobei’s brow tightened and the aura on his body quickly surged up.