Super Son-in-law Chapter 2801-2802

Chapter 2801

Shen Xiyan looked around and found the same problem. The traffic around them always looked somewhat familiar, and although the scenery on both sides of the street kept changing, it always gave them a repetitive feeling of déjà vu.

The pedestrians on the pavement were in a hurry, but their expressions were somewhat stiff and wooden.

This bizarre situation also startled Shen Xiyan, who instinctively felt that something was wrong.

“Don’t move around in the car, I’ll go down and take a look.” Chen Haobei unbuckled his seatbelt and got out of the car, the aura around him surged wildly, a sword Qi condensed from the aura surrounded the surroundings.

“Who’s pretending to be a god! Get out!” Chen Haobei’s voice was like thunder as it swept around him, stopping the flow of traffic and sending cars flying out of the way by his terrifying aura fluctuations.

All of a sudden, the mute crowd on the pavement around him turned their heads with dull gazes, their eyes cold, their expressions rigid as they stared at Chen Haobei in death!

Chen Haobei’s eyebrows were locked, these people with dull eyes, Chen Haobei could clearly feel that these were all big live people! Including the people in the car!


These manipulated living people, like puppets, let out a roar as they rushed towards Chen Haobei like a tidal wave.

“Xiao Bei, what now? They, what happened to them all?” Shen Xiyan was frightened enough by this scene, especially when she saw the sword Qi surrounding Chen Haobei, it was a bit too upside down her world view, could this Chen Haobei be a legendary cultivator?

“Don’t worry stay in the car, I can handle it.” Chen Haobei said so calmly, but he was actually panicking in his heart.

These were all living people and were obviously being manipulated, he could easily take care of these ordinary people, but he couldn’t kill them all, could he?

“Son of a b*tch!” Chen Haobei was anxious in his heart, but there was nothing he could do!


The tidal wave of people around him lunged towards him, and the sword qi surrounding him shot in all directions? The sword qi surrounding him shot out in all directions. Before it touched these people, it exploded, directly shaking the gathered puppets out of the air and knocking them out!

This is already the limit of what he can do, these people will inevitably suffer some injuries, but they are only superficial, light injuries, not enough to be fatal.

But in the distance, more and more people were gathering towards this side, ignoring those who had fainted and stepping over them directly, rushing towards Chen Haobei again.

If this goes on, these guys can be killed by stepping on them!

Chen Haobei had no choice but to gather his aura again, and a sword light sped out, exploding again, the aura shaking, those puppets who were still close were stunned again, and the crowd further away were also stunned.

In a flash, with him at the centre, a field of people were lying down, and there were people everywhere who had been stunned.

“Xiao Bei, did you, did you kill them all?” Shen Xiyan was frightened enough, there was a sea of people lying around, there must be several hundred.

Did you kill so many people in one go?!

Chen Haobei wiped a handful of cold sweat, “No, they just fainted, it’s not much, if I didn’t do it, they could have trampled quite a few people to death themselves.”

Just as Chen Haobei’s words fell, an ear-splitting roar of engines rang out, and several small car engines in the distance erupted with angry roars, and were speeding towards them at great speed, crashing hard into quite a few cars parked on the highway along the way.

The aim was clear, it was to load up on them!

“Son of a b*tch! Come out here! You have the guts to come out and fight me head on!” Chen Haobei hissed in anger, but no one paid any attention to him!

All he got in response was a roaring car that was rapidly coming towards them!

“Motherf*cker!” Chen Haobei shouted angrily, his body turned into a streak of shadow, smashing through the gla*s, pulling the man out of the car, kicking the car away, and then darting towards his next target.

Shen Xiyan stared blankly, only to see a few streaks of shadow flashing, then the speeding car was directly thrown out and smashed fiercely into the open space in the distance, erupting with an earth-shattering explosion.


Chapter 2802

And the people in the car were knocked unconscious by Chen Haobei and left on the roadside.

Chen Haobei’s face was gloomy, this was not the way to go on, a huge formation had been laid here, clearly intended to drain his aura.

He found that in the middle of the formation, the aura was terribly thin, his aura was recovering extremely slowly, the aura output was not proportional to the recovery at all, if he continued like this, it wouldn’t be long before he was depleted of his aura.

“Sister-in-law! Call Brother Lin Hao, quick!” Chen Haobei shouted at Shen Xiyan, his aura surging once again around him, a sword light condensed with aura surrounding his surroundings.

Shen Xiyan reacted and took out her mobile phone to call Lin Hao, only to find that there was no signal at all!

“Xiao Bei, the phone doesn’t have a signal at all!”

“What? These b*****ds have come prepared! Let’s see me break this formation of yours!” Chen Haobei shouted, surrounded by sword qi, sharp sword intent wanted to break the sky, Chen Haobei violently stepped on the ground and his whole body rose up, the sword qi around him and Chen Haobei completely merged, turning into a giant sword light that shot up into the sky!

The formation he had set up was indeed large enough, but there was a limit to how large it could be, he couldn’t possibly envelop the whole of Jinling!


Chen Haobei rushed into the sky as a white sword light, and was met with an invisible barrier when he shot hundreds of metres into the air!

“Found you!” Chen Haobei laughed coldly as his sword intent exploded violently, “Break it for me!”


A blinding white light exploded in the sky as if it was going to blow a huge hole in the sky, and the hole did indeed explode, Chen Haobei rushed into the sky while shouting towards Shen Xiyan, “Sister-in-law, check if there’s a signal again?”

“Still nothing!”

How could this be?

Chen Haobei frowned as he gathered his sword intent again and ran towards the air, only to rise a few dozen meters in height and be met with another invisible obstacle!

“sh*t! I’ve been trapped!” Chen Haobei cursed, just how many layers of formations had the other party set up?

At this time the unconscious people below, rose up again and were gathering towards the car where Shen Xiyan was hiding, the roar of the cars around them sounded again.

“You guys? Earth Servant Pao Di Pao Shan Lu Zero? How dare you!”

The helpless Chen Haobei had to descend to gallop to Shen Xiyan’s aid. What made Chen Haobei curse was that the invisible barrier that had just been broken open, had been repaired again. Chen Haobei had no choice but to forcefully break through the formation again, despite the huge loss of aura!

In the end, after nearly draining his aura, he was able to make it back, and the puppeteers around him were already close at hand.

Gritting his teeth, Chen Haobei hurriedly let Shen Xiyan out of the car and took her with him to run away. The road was now blocked by these cars and puppets, so driving was not as fast as running on the 11th road.

After several extreme outbursts, he had very little aura left, and now there was very little aura available for him to recover, so he could only avoid them and run!

“Oh, the kindness of a woman, the kindness of a woman.” Above a tall building, Tian Lao Jiu stood proudly against the wind, his black cloak dancing and hunting in the wind with the mists.

Chen Haobei in the middle of the formation thought that the formation was very big, but in reality, it was only a short block that was enveloped, and those people were not real living people, but only paper puppets that he had thrown out by scattering beans, because the formation covered his eyes, Chen Haobei did not dare to kill these people easily at all.

One reason why he did not use real people was that his Heavenly Elder Nine’s magic power was not enough to do this and manipulate so many living puppets at the same time, and another reason was that manipulating so many living puppets at once would not be able to cover the sky and he would not be able to run away.

“Mighty Ninth Patriarch, with this formation under our control, it is enough to trap these two, if we can still capture Shen Xiyan to threaten Lin Hao, the Ninth Patriarch can concentrate on dealing with Lin Hao.” The few Heavenly Dao Palace disciples next to him were patting their horses’ backs one after another.

The huge formation that enveloped the whole block was breathtaking just by this, even the sixth level realm Chen Haobei could only be blinded if he was trapped in it, after his aura was depleted, wouldn’t he be at the mercy of others!