Super Son-in-law Chapter 2805-2806

Chapter 2805

Her icy eyes became even colder, and her beautiful face was filled with hatred.

A cloud of black qi emerged from Qin Yan’s body, the dazzling momentum however was like a living spirit snake, burrowing around Qin Yan’s body.

“You return my Yu Xin!” Qin Yan wretchedly looked up to the sky, Yin Qi raged, Qin Yan seemed to be able to see the spirit snake that was flowing like a spirit snake, Qin Yan grabbed it and swallowed it straight in!

“Uh …… poof!” Tian Lao Jiu, who was on his way, violently spurted out a mouthful of blood, then cursed, “Holy sh*t, this woman is crazy? Is this thing just something to eat? sh*t!”

Tian Lao Jiu was not the only one who suffered the repercussions, Tian Lao Ba, who was in the hospital, spurted out a mouthful of blood while in a coma, and his physical signs started to plummet, rushing to call for a doctor.

These doctors were blindfolded by Tian Lao Jiu before he left, so they could not see the black mist that was surging from Tian Lao Bajie’s body, otherwise they would have been scared and would have dared to treat him.

When the doctors saw Tian Lao Bajie’s data, they hurriedly gave him first aid measures and only after a lot of torment did they bring him back from the brink of death.

At this moment, Lin Hao was driving to North Street, but as he drove on, he felt that something was not quite right.

As soon as this thought appeared, Lin Hao immediately braked hard and pulled over.

He had a bad feeling, and the closer he got towards North Street, the more he felt a strong sense of unease.

Lin Hao stopped and deduced, and took out his compa*s and map again to compare and confirm his bearings. Lin Hao was surprised to find that he had deviated from his direction since he came out of the school gate, and as for his deduction, he had encountered a problem, an invisible force was desperately trying to stop him from deducing.

The opponent was stronger than him!

Lin Hao’s eyebrows jumped wildly, he thought he had been alert enough, but he had never thought that he had still fallen into the other party’s trap. Lin Hao took out his mobile phone and found that there was still a signal, he didn’t care about that anymore, he hurriedly called Zhu Yao and asked them to find a way to break the formation as soon as possible, he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to reach the North Street side in a short time.

In fact, just now, if Qin Yan hadn’t suddenly blackened and devoured their potential to manipulate Qin Yan, causing a backlash on Tian Lao Jiu and suffering from a considerable injury, plus the two hammers he received from his previous fight with Lin Hao outside the Chen family villa, how could he have let Lin Hao notice that something was wrong?

Now Lin Hao was off course and everything was going his way, entering the maze formation without entering the real killing range and letting Lin Hao notice the early brakes!

“Bloody hell! Bad things are happening one after another, one thing after another is gradually going off the rails and out of control, what the hell is going on? What the hell is going on? What the hell is going on?” At this moment, not only did Lin Hao want to curse, Tian Lao Jiu also wanted to curse.

It always felt like something in the dark was working against their Heavenly Dao Palace, nothing could go smoothly!

Even if they fiddled with the Heavenly Dao, combined it with other people’s fortunes, and then lent it to the situation, it never went the way they wanted it to go.

This was something that had never happened to them before!

Lin Hao got out of the car relying on the side of the car door, took out a cigarette and lit it, took a fierce puff, and then slowly exhaled a smoke ring.

While smoking, he observed the surroundings.

It seemed that he had unknowingly fallen into the formation set up by the other side.

Now that he was in the game, Lin Hao was not so anxious, he was convinced that the other party’s strongest person must have come to deal with himself as a priority, rather than specifically targeting Shen Xiyan.

At least that would mean that the pressure on Shen Xiyan’s side was reduced, and with Vermilion Bird’s Dragon Team outside and Chen Haobei inside, it was only a matter of time before the North Street side broke the formation, and he could just stall here.

At this moment, on the North Street side, Vermilion Bird had already ordered 100 members of the Dragon Team to attack in batches, and she even took the lead and struck together!

Attacking their point, breaking the formation open as much as possible!

The warriors of the Dragon Group all followed the custom of being a soldier, and the warriors coalesced into various weapons, divided into three batches, with thirty-three people in a group, crouched down to take aim, gathered their aura, and the warriors blossomed into a dazzling light.


Chapter 2806

“One, two, three! Release!” As the Vermilion Bird’s voice fell, thirty-three to pillars of aura light converged in one place and ruthlessly blasted at the formation? The Vermilion Bird also blasted a ball of aura that had coalesced into the formation. The Vermilion Bird also threw out a ball of aura that had been condensed.

The barrier shattered with a muffled thud.

With a small wave of Vermilion Bird’s hand, the whole group continued to advance one frame, and the second group immediately began to gather their aura and continued to prepare to break through the next barrier.

Using this method, they had already broken through thirteen barriers, yet they still had not encountered Chen Haobei and the others, and had not yet entered the real formation. On the contrary, they had encountered quite a number of unconscious normal people on the way, and after checking them, they found that these people were only unconscious and not in danger of their lives, and they did not have the time to care about them now, since they were only unconscious, they were fine.

In the middle of the formation, Chen Haobei was running east and west with Shen Xiyan, dodging the puppets’ pursuit.

But at this moment, Chen Haobei had already sensed that something was not quite right, why most of the puppets in here had been knocked unconscious and were still able to stand up again, coming towards him unaffected, while some of them had been unconscious and had never gotten up at all.

There was something fishy about these puppets!

Shen Xiyan was terrified at this point, she had never foreseen such a bizarre situation before, she didn’t know, what had happened to make things go this far! What’s wrong with all these people?

“What should we do? The Nine Palms are not here, if this goes on, sooner or later they will have to break the formation, ah, those guys from the Dragon Group dare to play like this, let’s find a way to stop them, ah?”

The Heavenly Dao Palace disciples hiding in the shadows were a little anxious, if this went on, the Dragon Group’s people would break into the formation.

“What can we do? What we hold is the token flag, and the one who sets up the formation is the Nine Paladins, only the Nine Paladins can change the formation, we can only deal with them according to a specific variation of the formation and let them in!” The other Heavenly Dao Palace disciple was also helpless, they had no way to temporarily change the formation, they could only manipulate it.

“What? Letting them in? Then they can’t work together to break this formation from the inside? You’re stupid, aren’t you?”

“Don’t worry, let those paper puppets stop them, they are more afraid to kill than us, they don’t even know those are paper people.”

In the end, they had no choice but to remove the obstructive barrier behind them, allowing Zhu Yao and the others to enter a little more smoothly.

Only, what they didn’t expect was that at this moment, Chen Haobei had already discovered the problem, as he carefully cut off a man’s arm, which landed lightly on the ground without any blood gushing out from the wound at all.

What made Chen Haobei even more speechless was that the chopped off arm, fell to the ground and turned into a paper mache arm, these people were dummies!

“Ah, that, how did that man’s arms turn into papier-mâché? It looks like a paper man from a paper tie shop.” Shen Xiyan was terrified, how did the human arms suddenly turn into papier-mâché?

“It’s all a blindfold, fake, these are all paper puppets.” Chen Haobei was relieved, while in his heart he was cursing, he was still too soft-hearted, ah, otherwise how could he let such paper people force him into this, his clothes were almost torn into strips of cloth.

“Oh no, they’ve found out, what now?” The disciples of the Heavenly Dao Palace also noticed the scene and secretly said badly.

“What can we do? sh*t, I’ve said we can’t let the Dragon Group get in that easily, now we’re numb, right? Come over and help me out, activate the final killing move and trap them in the formation as much as possible!” The Heavenly Dao Palace disciple who was controlling the banner cursed angrily, if Old Heavenly Nine knew about this, he would have to pick their skins.

There was nothing several people could do, they had just withdrawn the final barrier, Zhuque and the others had already rushed in and could already see Chen Haobei.

As a result, at this time Chen Haobei found out the end, there was no other way but to stop Zhuque and the others as much as possible, and it was a good thing that Zhuque and the others had already lost a huge amount of aura in order to break the formation and come in.

“Sister-in-law Xiyan, Chen Haobei!” Zhuque saw Shen Xiyan and Chen Haobei and greeted them excitedly, as the members of the Dragon Group rushed up to stop the puppets that were surging over, the battle soldiers were being pulled and their clothes were even being torn.