Super Son-in-law Chapter 2809-2810

Chapter 2809

Ao Dog flung out the road guide in his hand, which opened up and rose against the wind, revealing a huge pa*sage of ghostly light.

Ao Dog shouted sternly, “The Underworld is in order! Yellow Springs can be crossed! Transcend!”


A huge bright red tongue sped out from within the spectral light channel, and with a violent roll, swept those Yin souls, together with the paper figures, into it. As for those who were truly alive, this tongue would automatically recognise them.

Within a short while, all these paper people were swallowed up, leaving those living people still obeying orders and lunging towards them. Ao Dog pulled out an ancient zither from the space of his consciousness and plucked it with both hands, and a tinkling and crisp sound rang out.

Soul Suppression Song!

Under the shock of the zither’s sound, these manipulated people, one after another, froze in place, their disoriented eyes, slowly regaining some of their sparkle, their expressions struggling fiercely.

They wanted to regain control of themselves, but there was another force fighting against them, but with the presence of Ao Dog here, it was only a matter of time before the formation was broken.

As for Lin Hao’s side, well, he was still smoking.

He had thought it through the moment he parked himself, he was here to stall for time, so he was in no hurry to fight the other side hard at all.

The car door was already littered with cigarette butts, and half a pack was almost finished.

He stalled to give Zhuque and the others the chance to break the formation and that was the end of it.

Because Lin Hao had the Heaven-shaking Hammer in his hand, Tian Lao Jiu didn’t dare to make a rash move, but as a result, after all the paper people on the North Street side were taken out, he also sensed something and reacted, “D*mn you! You played me!”

Tian Lao Jiu emerged from the mist and stared at Lin Hao with a cold gaze, as this was in the middle of a maze formation, which had its own ability to conceal heavenly opportunities, and the mist on him dissipated, revealing his true appearance.

A tall, skinny, black-robed man with sickly white skin, not even a trace of blood visible and sunken eye sockets, his appearance looked quite frightening.

Lin Hao raised his eyebrows, and in contrast to the other party’s reaction, Lin Hao knew that it was probably because the trouble on the North Street side had been solved, and his mind relaxed even more: “Are all the people of your Heavenly Dao Palace such a ghostly virtue? No wonder they let the mists cover their faces, it’s because they don’t have the face to see others.”

“What the hell do you know! This is karmic erosion!” Tian Lao Jiu spoke angrily.

Lin Hao didn’t even know, what was the point of living when they looked so inhuman and ghostly? And to have to hide in the east, like a rat in a sewer!

What’s the point of living longer when you’ve stolen time?


How could an existence like the Heavenly Dao Palace willingly hide and hide, living like a man and a ghost?

They wanted to distort the Heavenly Dao! Or even take complete control of the Heavenly Dao!

After they have taken control of the Heavenly Dao, they will be the heavens, in complete control of everything, and they will no longer have to hide and hide!

They can easily get everything they want! They can change the destinies of countless people and even change the world’s pattern with a single flutter of the back!

So that’s how it is, Chen Beixuan, Chen Beixuan, you old thing, really? You’re really an old man? There’s not a word of truth in it!

What a bullsh*t still can’t jump beyond the rules of the heavenly dao, even if the divine court and mortals peel off and leave, they still have to continue to be involved in mortal affairs.

The reason why there is no way to leave yet is because the real matter has not been resolved!

The ultimate aim of Chen Bei Xuan’s calculations was not at all to establish a new immortal court and separate the mortals from the gods, it was only incidental!

The ultimate aim, the ultimate goal, was actually to finish off the Heavenly Dao Palace and restore the natural order of the Heavenly Dao!

This also explains why Wang Bei Xuan was involved with Chen Bei Xuan, involved in this matter, and Chen Bei Xuan had gone to great lengths to pit most of the people to the Underworld, and to throw the four powerful forces somewhere in the void, but wasn’t it to lure the Heavenly Dao Palace out!

After all, if the Heavenly Dao Palace wanted to hide, even Wang Sledgehammer couldn’t bring it out, how could he solve the problem if he couldn’t even see his people’s faces?

Lin Hao sighed, “Mud, I hope that old thing doesn’t continue to snare children, it’s best to dispose of the Heavenly Dao Palace and get it over with.”


Chapter 2810

“What are you muttering about!” Tian Lao Jiu coldly glared at Lin Hao, his sunken eye sockets glaring, looking truly terrifying, Lin Hao was afraid that his eyes, because of the glare, would directly protrude out.

“None of your business.” Lin Hao didn’t have the good grace to glare back, comparing whose eyes were bigger? He hadn’t been afraid of anyone yet.

“You’re looking for death!”

Tian Lao Jiu was furious, he yanked off the pendant around his neck, it was a sword shaped pendant, he held the pendant and flung it, a three foot blue blade appeared in his hand, his left hand held the blade and wiped it, the blade was soaked with his blood, the long sword blossomed with a dazzling golden light.

Lin Hao’s eyelids jumped fiercely, after his opponent took out his longsword, the hammer in his hand faintly trembled, battle intent sprouted.

Lin Hao’s eyelids jumped not because of his opponent’s sword, but because, this hammer was actually affecting his mind?


Lin Hao bared his teeth for a moment, his hand that was holding the hammer’s handle suddenly tingled in his palm, he could clearly feel that this thing was sucking his blood, Lin Hao had a headache, but the good thing was that he was becoming more and more aware of the potential around him, and the potential he was able to borrow was growing.

It should be good, so Lin Hao didn’t force his hand away, mainly because he couldn’t even if he wanted to now.

This thing was like 520 glue stuck to it, it couldn’t be broken free at all.

“Today, let me learn whether the Heaven Shaking Hammer, which has been pa*sed down from the Wang family lineage, is as powerful and terrifying as the legend says! See!” Tian Lao Jiu gripped the golden sword and his body turned into a streaking shadow as he came straight at Lin Hao.

Lin Hao cursed, this thing is still sucking blood, you’re striking at this time, it’s simply not martial virtue!

Lin Hao retreated with a stiff upper lip and raised his right hand to resist his opponent’s sword, but to Lin Hao’s surprise, everything in the world around him could be used for him.

He was as swift as the wind, as fast as lightning, and the wind around him was so strong that he was able to use it for himself. The wind around him? The contrast between one fast and one slow is incomparable.

Lin Hao was flickering like a streak, while his opponent was pathetically slow, as if he was moving in slow motion!

“This, how is this possible!” The Heavenly Elder Nine were dumbfounded, wasn’t his degree of borrowing power only at the level of an incipient glimpse? This was not a first glimpse of the doorway, it was already a small achievement, right!

Old Sky Nine was panicking, obviously, he was no match for his opponent!

It was obvious that he was no match for him! Why did the other party, who clearly had the ability to finish him off, subconsciously dodge instead?

Compared to Tian Lao Jiu’s bewilderment, Lin Hao’s heart was still in shock, when did he become so powerful? At this moment, Lin Hao was wielding the Heaven-Shaking Hammer as if he was wielding his arm and fingers, and he was so skilled and comfortable that the power of heaven and earth around him was all at his disposal, and the feeling of having himself at the centre was simply too good.

Lin Hao suddenly wondered if it was part of Chen Bei Xuan and Wang Da Xiong’s plan to take Qin Yuxin to the Underworld, thus nullifying his own cultivation and becoming an existence that was only slightly stronger than an ordinary person.

After all, if he were at the peak state of his realm, wouldn’t the two great sects have to stay docile and dare to mess around? The Heavenly Dao Palace would have even less guts to come after him.

This was a deliberate attempt to weaken himself to lure the snake out of the hole, then have Wang Sledgehammer pa*s on the Wang Family Mastery to himself, and then hammer the Heavenly Dao Palace? From then on to understand the matter completely?

He meow, one of them is really ruthless, old foxes!

It had to be said that what Lin Hao had guessed was already eight or nine times closer to the truth!

“Tai Shang pardon, listen to my edict! Pardon!” Tian Lao Jiu was also a bit panicked, reaching into his pocket and grabbing a handful of paper figures cut out and scattering them, a bit like scattering beans into soldiers.

Dozens of light and flimsy paper figures, under the manipulation of Tian Lao Jiu, turned into burly, brawny men with hideous faces, as if they were suffering from rabies, and flew towards Lin Hao.


Lin Hao shouted, wielding his hammer and slamming it down fiercely towards the ground in front of him, the air roared with a muffled sound, the collision between the hammer and the air forming ripples of power visible to the naked eye, quickly spreading out with Lin Hao at the centre.