Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2811-2812

Chapter 2811

Boom, boom, boom!

The paper figures that flew and lunged exploded and turned into a sky of confetti, the strange thing was that the surrounding plants and trees were unharmed, not even the ground that was hammered straight into it was broken in any way!

“Eh? Zero West closed Aiyiyiyiji? , ah!”

“Help ……”

The paper people have let out a harsh scream, their bodies instantly ash, their souls flying away!

“You’re not even worthy of an eighty sledgehammer.” Lin Hao looked at Tian Lao Jiu with cold eyes, this hammer wasn’t as terrifying to the surroundings as an aura fight, but against these people from the Heavenly Dao Palace, it was as if it was a natural nemesis, made to get them!

The power of this hammer was really too strong, and Tian Lao Jiu had to let the mist envelop his body again!

“I’m not convinced!” Tian Lao Jiu shouted angrily, waving his golden longsword in his hand and bullying his way up, wanting to fight Lin Hao to the death.

Lin Hao stood still and didn’t move half a step, the Heaven Shaking Hammer he held in his right hand was thrown towards Tian Lao Jiu, the Heaven Shaking Hammer came out of his hand, as it flew out, it glowed with a faint black light, the hammer increased in the wind, the head of the hammer became much bigger than Tian Lao Jiu’s body!

Tian Lao Jiu’s face changed in shock as he threw his sword across his body, golden light erupted, and the next moment!

The next moment, the hammer collided with the golden light, and there was no booming sound, sparks flew everywhere, the hammer’s momentum was fully revealed, forcing Tian Lao Jiu to grit his teeth and resist, but his body burst back, his feet rubbed against the ground, leaving two black marks, similar to the tyre marks left by the emergency brake!

“God bless my body, spirit protect my body! God Falling!” A tall, thin man who seemed to be less than ninety pounds swelled up in an instant, turning into a big fat man of three hundred pounds.

The hard concrete floor cracked instantly, and Tian Lao Jiu’s left foot sank into the concrete floor to a depth of thirty centimeters, while his right foot took a half step back and leaned forward, gripping his sword with both hands and gritting his teeth to resist the attack of the Heaven-Shaking Hammer.

“A bit of discipline.” Lin Hao couldn’t help but marvel, it was really impressive.

The spell cast by Tian Lao Jiu had rooted him as hard as a jackhammer on the ground, his speed plummeting as he was backed up by the hammer, but backing up as usual, his feet had ploughed the ground, two or three metres away, into a shattered piece, two thirty centimetre deep depressions spreading three metres away!

A mortal, borrowing the power of heaven and earth but able to cause such frightening marks, was truly terrifying, and as Tian Lao Jiu was only an ordinary character in the Heavenly Dao Palace, could one imagine how much damage those bigwigs in the Heavenly Dao Palace were able to cause?

Together with their ability to fiddle with fortunes, how much of a hidden danger would they actually cause to the normal order of ordinary people’s lives? No wonder they could become a final boss-like existence!

“Give me another hammer!” Lin Hao reached out, the Heaven Shaking Hammer swept back into Lin Hao’s hand, and before Tian Lao Jiu could make another move, Lin Hao once again flung the Heaven Shaking Hammer towards him with great force!

“You!” Old Man Jiu was so desperate that he cursed.

Old Sky Nine gritted his teeth and was about to ask the seniors of the Heavenly Dao Palace enshrined in the row to add their support, but it was simply too late, this time it was too fast!


The hammer fiercely hammered on the golden light in front of Tian Lao Jiu’s body, in an instant, the golden light darkened and several times crumbled, Tian Lao Jiu was even directly flung out for more than ten meters, the ploughing bull was not even this fierce, everywhere he went, the hard concrete ground crumbled.

Finally, he hit a thick wall and came to a halt, spurting out a mouthful of blood, his feet sinking deep into the concrete floor and bursting back a dozen metres.

Half of his body plunged into the wall, and a crack appeared on the wall, followed by the collapse of the wall, directly burying him in it!


Me drops! sh*t, hide.” The few Heavenly Dao Palace disciples who had escaped from North Street had wanted to rendezvous with Tian Lao Jiu, but they had just arrived here and happened to see this scene of Tian Lao Jiu being fatally beaten up, without saying a word, the few Heavenly Dao Palace disciples turned around and ran away, or they hid nearby and waited for the following.

Most of the Heavenly Dao Palace disciples had only heard of the Wang Family’s ancestral Heaven-Shaking Hammer, but had never really seen its power, mainly because they were not qualified to have the Wang Sledgehammer use it against them, so they had no chance to see it.


A black light burst through the ruins, lifting off the concrete slabs and bricks above, quickly shrinking to a normal state and landing in Lin Hao’s hand.

Lin Hao wasn’t sure if Tian Lao Jiu was finished, but that hammer just now, and then burying a wave to this wall, not dying? Dye West zero yi serve ground love cover? It’s also hard enough to resist.


Lin Hao’s mobile phone rang sharply, picked it up and looked at it, Lin Hao was a bit stunned, thought it was Shen Xiyan or Zhuque calling, to Lin Hao’s surprise, it was Ling Yun calling.

Lin Hao picked up the phone and it was the kidnapper’s voice that came out, “Lin Hao, let the man go so we can put Ling Yun back!”

“Lin Hao, leave him alone, I’m fine here, those b*****ds are no good, they deserve to be killed, don’t mind me.” However the kidnapper’s words had just fallen, Ling Yun’s careless voice rang out, not the slightest bit panicked, steady as a group, obviously Ling Yun hadn’t had enough of her retirement life.

“You shut up!” The kidnapper was a bit frantic and said in a stiff, cold voice, “You can consider not releasing her, we will personally hand Ling Yun over to the Heavenly Dao Palace, the Heavenly Dao Palace deals with a sixth grade Illusionary Spirit Master without any cultivation, that’s not a handful, I advise you to behave yourself!”

“I advise you to behave yourself! I’d like to see how you want me to behave myself!” Lin Hao’s eyes narrowed slightly as his tone grew cold.

What Lin Hao hated most was to threaten himself with his friends and family, and he wouldn’t take that!

Lin Hao quickly hung up the phone and gripped the Heaven-Shaking Hammer in his hand, the Heaven-Shaking Hammer and Lin Hao’s minds were connected and it grew in size, Lin Hao fiercely threw the Heaven-Shaking Hammer out, targeting none other than Tian Lao Jiu who was buried under the rubble!



In an instant, the wind and clouds changed colour, dark clouds rolled across the clear sky, a silver thunderbolt flashed in the air, and a compelling low pressure appeared out of nowhere.

This was not the first time Lin Hao had experienced this familiar feeling! It was the same feeling when the Heavenly Wind had appeared and he had fought with Wang Sledgehammer in a fierce battle, and here it was again!

A large black hand poked out of the dark clouds and fiercely reached out to muffle the Heaven-Shaking Hammer that had sped out.

Lin Hao hurriedly caught the Heaven-Shaking Hammer, but his face was a little ugly, wasn’t this a scoundrel? He couldn’t beat the others to intervene?

The Heavenly Dao Palace disciples hiding in the shadows, seeing this scene, all looked a little excited, these Lin Hao were dead, the Heavenly Dao Palace elders had intervened!

“It’s the elders who have made their move! ~It looks like Lin Hao is dead!”

“No, the elders aren’t personally present, we don’t stand a chance this time, hurry up and retreat, don’t wait for him to react, otherwise none of us will be able to escape.” Luckily, there were still guys who understood better, once they saw that the situation was not right, they immediately led the others to run away!

The pair of large hands peeled away the rubble, clutching the half-dead Tian Lao Jiu in their hands, quickly retracting back towards the dark clouds with the large hands.

Lin Hao’s eyes were as cold as iron, and his heart was even more resentful, he had let the other side get away like this.

So what if he was an elder of the Heavenly Dao Palace!

So what?

Lin Hao stood with his left foot to the northwest and his right foot to the southwest, both feet stepping on the heaven and earth and subduing the yin and yang!

“Old thing! Don’t run! Look at my eighty sledgehammers! Eighty, eighty! Go you!” Lin Hao shouted the horn and wheeled the sledgehammer in his hand, and by the third lap, the sledgehammer in his hand was violently flung out fiercely towards the big hand in the sky!