Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2815-2816

Chapter 2815

Shui Wu Chang wanted to die, was this Heavenly Dao Palace here to be funny? Or is it a gourd boy saving his grandfather?

He seriously doubted that the people of the Heavenly Dao Palace were giving away their heads!

If they were so powerful, why didn’t they just strike out against Lin Hao?

Old Eight was dead, Old Seven was now in a coma, and Old Nine was even saved back by the Heavenly Dao Palace, otherwise he would probably have been slaughtered by Lin Hao as well.

Outside Shui Wu Chang’s villa, an eerie figure suddenly appeared, a black evening dress, like a black rose walking in the darkness of the night, there was no mist around her, but her long, soft, waterfall-like hair was like a black spirit snake tangling and surging, as if it were alive, so similar to the legendary Medusa.

She is Qin Yan, the completely blackened Qin Yan.

At this moment, she had already become a demon, and the momentum that was manipulating her was being swallowed by her in one gulp.

But she swallowed this thing directly.

Qin Yan was possessed, and because she had swallowed this momentum, she became caught in the middle of her destiny.

To put it more colloquially, she had jumped out of the three realms, not in the five elements, and had become a very tricky fellow.

“Who?” Several disciples of the Heavenly Dao Palace who were hiding within this villa stood up one after another, they seemed to sense the danger coming and stood up, pulling out their respective weapons and emitting various coloured treasured lights as they took up a stance in a strict position.

When had Shui Wu Chang ever seen such a scene? These people were really something else.

“Gentlemen, Grand, Grand, Master, is something wrong?” Instead, Shui Wu Chang became even more worried in his heart, these people seemed to be god-like figures, and they all turned out to look like this as if they were on the verge of an enemy, so the hell knew what had come to the door ah.

“What a delicious smell.” An icy voice came from outside the door.

Shui Wu Chang screamed miserably and hurriedly found a place to hide, just now when that voice rang out, he felt his whole heart and mind nearly collapsed.

It was too frightening!

“Get out! Pretending to be a god, looking for death!” The leading disciple of the Heavenly Dao Palace flung the token flag in his hand, which emitted a burst of green light and shot out, then …… there was no more then.

The green light disappeared into the sheer darkness, followed by a creaking sound, the disciple’s face changed wildly, gone, his connection with the weapon in the underworld disappeared directly!

“Do it together!” When the others heard him say that, they didn’t dare to be slow and threw out the weapons in their hands, but without exception, all of them lost their connection, as if they were completely swallowed by the darkness.

They were terrified, what was going on?

Who was that outside the door?

“Da, master, you, on you ……” hiding behind these people, the water changeless, voice stumbling, half a day can not say a full sentence, the whole body shaking like ? Lu Ai Zha’er closed Shandi Shan? Sieve chaff, terrified, staring at the back of these people.

A few of the Heavenly Dao Palace disciples were shocked: “What the hell!”

They were also frightened enough that a blackened snake had wrapped itself around them at some point and they hadn’t even noticed it in the slightest!


Before a few people could regain their senses, they let out a miserable and incomparable scream as these spirit snakes opened their mouths and swallowed the momentum that surrounded them directly, including the mists that enveloped them, all in one big gulp.

These things were the equivalent of their lifeblood, swallowing them like this was no different from eating them alive!

As the black mist was swallowed up, those few Heavenly Dao Palace disciples screamed miserably and lay curled up in a ball on the ground, turning into a pile of white bones in no time.

Gone, just like that!

The Heavenly Dao Palace disciples, but so bizarrely down to die, not even know what the other side looks like, who is!

Chapter 2816

“Don’t kill me, please don’t kill me …… oooh, I can’t die yet, please, don’t kill me, I’ll do anything you want me to!” Shui Wu Chang trembled and curled up under the sofa, a heavy turgid smell pungent beyond belief.

At this point he was completely terrified, a monster that these masters couldn’t even deal with, did he have a chance to live?

He didn’t want to die yet!

“Heh, stupid cowardly man, despicable piece of sh*t.”

The voice outside the door was icy cold and full of mockery and contempt for the man at the same time.

“You’re still somewhat useful, mainly because eating you dirty my mouth, I’ll contact you when I need you.” After Qin Yan finished speaking and turned to leave, several fat black snakes burrowed out from the villa and quickly followed Qin Yan, seemingly eating those few Heavenly Dao Palace disciples and appearing a few points bigger.

Qin Yan allowed these black snakes to crawl up her body and quickly blend into her hair, and a few more black snakes came to her shadow head under the street light.

Qin Yan’s eyes turned into snake pupils, glowing with a demonic light as she raised her head to the sky and spat out her snake’s letters, letting out a spiteful voice: “Lin Hao, I’ll make you taste what it’s really like to lose the love of your life!” Lin Hao was having a candlelit dinner with Shen Xiyan when he ended up with a violent sneeze.

“Holy sh*t, who the hell is chanting about me again?” Lin Hao wiped his nose, slightly confused.

Who is it? What’s the point of chattering about your brother!

Shen Xiyan, on the other hand, looked at Lin Hao suspiciously, “Are you sure it’s someone else chanting about you and not scolding you?”

“Ahem, it’s not impossible for you to say this.” Lin Hao shrugged his shoulders, there was really no way to say this matter.

In the outskirts of Jinling, two miserable guys were walking towards downtown Jinling with each other in their arms.

“Lin Hao, you son of a b*tch, turning off your phone at a critical moment, even if Lin Hao turned off his phone, why did Shen Xiyan turn off her phone too!” Ao Dog and Ling Yun were holding each other up, cursing and swearing.

Ling Yun laughed bitterly, not even having the strength to curse anymore, the two of them were also unlucky, they only remembered Lin Hao’s and Shen Xi Yan’s phone numbers, not anyone else’s.

They couldn’t get a taxi even if they wanted to, it was miserable, too miserable.

Since Tian Lao Jiu had been f*cked, the mysterious man who had come to Lin Hao’s rescue had also given him a big hammer swing. In the end, the Heavenly Dao Palace side chose to put Ling Yun back, catching Ling Yun was not a threat to Lin Hao at all, and it was crucial that they could not kill anyone.

Especially someone like Ling Yun, killing her would have a huge impact on their Heavenly Dao Palace, it would be the equivalent of a one for one downfall, and someone who didn’t need one for one couldn’t help Ling Yun at all.

It was just like losing a bet in a match with Tian Lao Jiu, so they let Ling Yun go, but Ling Yun’s destiny was forcibly changed by the Heavenly Dao Palace.

At this moment, Ling Yun is possessed by bad luck, like a side effect of Ao Dog’s high moment ending, and the key is that this side effect will last forever, even involving people around her.

The reason why the Heavenly Dao Palace put Ling Yun back was that it was also the equivalent of causing trouble for Lin Hao, installing a time bomb around him.

Looking at the two men’s appearance now, one could see what they had actually gone through.

Ao Dog was miserable, his body was covered in wounds, his clothes were turned into cloth and black, and there was some filth in his hair that couldn’t be seen for what it was.

Ling Yun’s situation was no better. After getting out of North Street, Ao Dog ran back again to keep an eye on where Ling Yun was trapped, who knew they had set him free!

The two had just met when they slipped down the hillside and made it all the way to the dung pit at the bottom of the hill, where they managed to get up from the pit and gave wild chase to a vicious dog.

The stench was so overwhelming and disgusting that the two of them vomited as they ran.

Who knows what they had to go through on such a short journey!

“Why don’t you go back first, you and? The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. I’ll only be unlucky together with you, and we might not even make it home alive.” The first thing that happened was that the people who had been in the area were not able to get back home.