Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2819-2820

Chapter 2819

Lin Hao also asked Zhuque to search for Qin Yan, there were some things that he didn’t talk to the other party about, it was always like a thorn in his heart, making Lin Hao feel uncomfortable.

However, Qin Yan also could not find any trace of Qin Yan, his family did find it, but they also did not know where Qin Yan had gone, Qin Yan did not contact his family.

For a while, it was as if Qin Yan had evaporated, just as abruptly as if he had disappeared from the earth.

Lin Hao felt that something wasn’t quite right, could it be that the Heavenly Dao Palace was up to something?

Lin Hao asked Vermilion Bird to focus on the recent movements of the Heaven’s Path Palace, these guys were furtive, but the previous tracking by Ao Dog had revealed quite a few traces, such as the outer disciples of this Heaven’s Path Palace, the fortune-telling masters who roamed among the rivers and lakes.

These jai? whisky shan shan shan zero shan closed? The fortune-telling masters that come out are in fact external disciples of the Heaven’s Path Palace, and even if they have learned a hint of the Heaven’s Path Palace’s mastery, they can play many ordinary people in the palm of their hands.

Lin Hao had likewise tried to deduce for Qin Yan, but found that there was no way to deduce at all, very strange, how can I put it.

In the past, Lin Hao had been unable to deduce people from the Heavenly Dao Palace who were higher than him in realm, as if there was a layer of obstruction in the underworld that prevented him from breaking through, let alone knowing their existence.

But at least he could detect his opponent’s existence, but when it came to deducing Qin Yan, everything was empty, how can I put it, it was as if Qin Yan had really evaporated, under Lin Hao’s deduction, it felt like there was no such person in this world!

On the other hand, next to Jinling, the Heavenly Elder Eight in the hospital in Yun City woke up leisurely, the bad luck of this period of time was so bad that it was almost tormenting him to the point of no return.

Today, however, he suddenly recovered, the misty grey mist once again covering him up and obscuring the heavens, and the bad luck suddenly got away from him, and the days of recuperation were at last a little more comfortable.

“Congratulations on the waking up of the Eight Paladins, what a joyous occasion.” The two Heavenly Dao Palace disciples who had stayed here learnt that Heavenly Elder Eight had woken up and rushed to congratulate him at once.

Amongst the Heavenly Dao Palace, the worst was the outer disciples, to disciples, then the head deacons, followed by the outer deacons, and the head deacons were somewhat similar to the inner disciples, and had some small power within the Heavenly Dao Palace.

Although the Heavenly Elder Eight had woken up, the injuries on their bodies were not able to recover as quickly as they should have, after all, their bodies were those of ordinary people.

Sky Elder Eight looked at the two disciples and couldn’t help but ask him about what had happened during the time he had been unconscious. When he learned that first head-on collision with Lin Hao on that occasion, which resulted in all but Elder Tianfeng and him hanging, it left Sky Elder Eight both angry and shocked.

As a result, Tian Lao Jiu led his disciples to deal with Lin Hao, and he had come prepared, and had even set up a trap formation, but in the end, he was still killed by Lin Hao with the Heaven Shaking Hammer.

“Heaven-shaking Hammer, it’s actually a Heaven-shaking Hammer!” Heavenly Old Man Eight’s complexion brightened and darkened, the treasures pa*sed down from the Wang family lineage were no cover, at this moment the deacons of the entire Heavenly Dao Palace were all out in force, there were even a few elders on standby.

There was only one objective, to finish off Wang Da Hammer, and without the Heaven Shaking Hammer, they were not enough to fear.

After all, the Wang family lineage and the Heavenly Dao Palace were feuding for thousands of generations, but they only had one purpose, and that was to oppose the Heavenly Dao Palace, and the Heavenly Dao Palace couldn’t help this family and couldn’t exterminate them, so it could be seen to what extent the hatred towards their Wang family had reached!

“In addition, the palace has sent a message that if the eight palace members wake up, they should immediately return to the palace, and now the Heavenly Dao Palace has recalled all the disciples and palace members in Jinling as well as Yun City, all of them.” One of the disciples interrupted Old Eight’s thoughts and informed him of the Heavenly Dao Palace’s edict.

“All recalled? What’s going on? Lin Hao alone isn’t enough for the Palace Master to give such an order, right? You know, our palace deacons may not be Lin Hao’s opponents, but the outer sect deacons may not be afraid of him.” This order left Old Eight greatly puzzled.

Chapter 2820

The Deacon and the Deacon of the Outer Sect had all reached a level of minor achievement, and the strength of the power they mastered was so strong that they had already left the ranks of ordinary arithmeticians.

The elder had even reached the level of an ascendant.

Besides, even if they couldn’t beat Lin Hao, Lin Hao might not be able to find them, and if they wanted to hide, almost no one but Wang Sledgehammer would be able to find them out.

“A strange thing has appeared recently, even the palace master can’t count what it is, it’s a guy who suddenly appeared, specializing in hunting and devouring our Heavenly Dao Palace disciples’ original potentials, all the Heavenly Dao Palace disciples in Jinling were all killed by the other party, the disciples in Yun City have been hunted since yesterday, even our dojo in Yun City has been destroyed.” That Heavenly Dao Palace disciple was full of bitterness, if they didn’t have orders to wait for the Heavenly Elder Eight, they probably would have already run away.

“What? How is this possible! Someone that even the Palace Master himself couldn’t project? Who the hell is that? Even if it’s Wang Sledgehammer, the Palace Master is still able to make a projection or two, how can there be a freak who can’t make a projection at all! Could it be that there is a second Son of Heaven’s Destiny?” Old Eight was dumbfounded, it was almost impossible for this to happen.

And after finishing, it felt wrong, Lin Hao and the others were able to deduce it, but once they deduced the result, it would be changed by the Heavenly Dao, so they could at least know a little bit about it, but the one who started it this time was completely untraceable and even more impossible to deduce, it was as if it was a ghost, even more divine than them.

“It’s not clear, this is an order from the Palace Master himself, rumours are rife in the Dao that this is all the work of the Black Demoness, from the name it should be certain that this is a woman, and the most D*mning thing is that this woman seems to be able to grow herself by hunting down and killing Heavenly Dao Palace disciples.”

“What the hell.” Old Eight cursed to, “Previously, there was only one Wang family who had the Heavenly Dao Palace as their arch-enemy for generations, and now a freak who specialises in devouring the Heavenly Dao Palace and growing herself has appeared, is my Heavenly Dao Palace just not treated well by the Heavenly Dao?”

The greatest sadness of the Heavenly Dao Palace is that it is able to borrow the Heavenly Dao, and even more so, it claims to be the spokesperson of the Heavenly Dao and the one who holds the punishment on behalf of the Heavenly Dao, yet it has never been recognised by the Heavenly Dao, and even, once they are unable to cover up the Heavenly Dao, the Heavenly Dao will put them to death.

How ridiculous and sad it is to claim to be the spokesman of Heaven, the one who takes the reins of punishment on behalf of Heaven, and yet be rejected by Heaven!

“Alas, how helpless this is, since the Palace Master has ordered it, let’s go back, I have difficulty moving now, you two give me a hand and take me back.” Old Eight sighed, his voice full of sadness and helplessness, he even questioned himself if what the Heavenly Dao Palace insisted on was right?

Were they following the will of heaven? Or were they a sh*t-stirrer who broke the rules of the Heavenly Dao?

However, the two disciples did not move for half a day after Lao Ba had finished speaking, so Lao Ba, who was already in an irritable mood, asked, “What are you doing? Are you all deaf? I’m asking you!”

Old Hachi looked up at the two disciples of the Heavenly Dao Palace who were standing motionless beside the hospital bed, and when he saw them, his face looked terrified: “You, you ……”

The old eight heart a? Shandi Ai Di pick up dyeing to cover zero? cold, it’s over.

These two disciples were actually killed right in front of him, unknowingly! Even if the spell was cast from space, there would have been an omen, but he didn’t feel any.

The two men were frozen in place, but Old Hachi could clearly feel that they had already pa*sed away, and what remained here were just two empty shells.

Just then, two blackened spirit snakes spat out their snake letters and wrapped themselves around the two men, their triangular tongues drooping over their shoulders, spitting out crimson snake letters, their pupils glowing with a demonic green light.

“Who the hell are you? Even if I am to die, let me at least die with clarity, I think.” Old Eight had no intention to resist, the other party was able to silently take out two disciples, so he could silently take out him, a sick man.

“Hehehehe ……”

The two spirit snakes were actually able to spit out human words and let out a numbingly cold laugh, “If I wanted to kill you, you wouldn’t even have the chance to open your mouth.”