Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2821-2822


“I know, I just want to know who you really are! Besides, you have said that it is easy to kill me, but I am still alive, so you should not be trying to kill me, but you have something to ask.” The old eighth man was not stupid, and he was relieved that his opponent did not kill him in the first place.

“I? Zero zero steakwood serving zero shan? What? Weren’t you guys just discussing me?” That cold female voice once again came out of the Spirit Snake’s mouth.

Black Demoness!

Old Eight let out a bitter laugh, said nothing more, and slowly closed his eyes.

Because at this moment, it was clear to Old Eight of Heaven that the other party had even found himself, a sick man, so didn’t that mean that the Heavenly Dao Palace branch in Yun City had been destroyed, and all the Heavenly Dao Palace disciples here had either been ordered to retreat in advance, or had been killed by the other party.

Jinling and Yun City had instantly become places where the Heaven’s Path Palace could not set foot.


The black spirit snake that was wrapped around the two Heavenly Dao Palace disciples shot towards Old Eight, carrying the two disciples’ raging grey mist, which turned into black light and entered Old Eight’s body.

In a flash, the black mist around Old Eight surged, and his aura actually went up a level from the original one, Old Eight was not dead, and his strength had increased in scope, almost reaching the level of an Outer Sect Deacon, or even a Deacon!

Old Eight opened his eyes in shock, he couldn’t comprehend, instead of killing him, the other party had even helped him and raised his realm!

“What the hell do you want!”

“Rebel from the Heavenly Dao Palace and become my dog, or, die.” Qin Yan’s icy voice rang out directly in Old Eight’s mind.

Old Eight smiled bitterly, he had just been considering whether the Heavenly Dao was right or wrong, and now he was letting him go against the beliefs he held?

Was the Heavenly Dao Palace right or wrong?

And what did this black devil woman want?

“I can’t answer you now, nor can I promise you.” Old Hachi sighed, “Just give me some time to think about it.”

Old Eight knew that the moment he opened his mouth, the other party would most likely exterminate himself in an instant, but so what?

Asking him to just break with the faith he clung to, he couldn’t do it, even if he were to die, he wouldn’t be able to abandon his faith in an instant.


“Now, tell me, how exactly did Qin Yuxin die?”

“What?” Old Eight was a little dazed, what did this have to do with Qin Yuxin? He knew very little about Qin Yuxin, how did this black devil woman have anything to do with Qin Yuxin?

Old Buster asked for Qin Yuxin’s birth date and quickly deduced some figures, then his eyes widened in shock, “It’s you! You are one of the pawns I have placed in Jinling! Qin Yan …… What exactly have you done? How dare you become like this!”

Through Qin Yuxin’s deduction, and then synthesizing the information obtained, together with the other party’s intentions, Old Eight snapped awake to the fact that the Black Demoness who was fighting against their Heaven’s Path Palace was actually their Heaven’s Path Palace’s former dog, not even a dog.

After all, a dog of the Heavenly Dao Palace was at least an outer disciple of the Heavenly Dao Palace.

The point that made Old Eight confirm that the Black Demoness was Qin Yan was that once they had used each other, wasn’t it because of the reason for Qin Yuxin’s death to entrap her.

Qin Yan was not surprised when the other party recognized her identity, the Heavenly Dao Palace could not stop her from escaping even if she could be injured, except for those old devils themselves.

The next time she made a comeback, her strength would definitely rise to another level.

These days of constant devouring had allowed her to acquire countless information about the events back then, and all of these people’s memories had been devoured by her in one piece.

What these people knew, she could know, and she knew just as much about the Illusory Spirit Master back then, as well as Lin Hao’s identity as the Son of Heaven’s Destiny.

What was a little surprising to Qin Yan was that Lin Ruoshi and Shen Xiyan had long been in the same family as Lin Hao, while those two, were merely descending to the mortal world for training.

“Tell me, what do you know.”

“Actually, I don’t know much, this is Qin Yuxin’s destined love disaster, she can’t escape it, it’s all predestined, her death has something to do with Lin Hao, but it’s more her own reasons.”


“According to my deduction, it should be that this woman is going to the Underworld to search for her soul, but how can a living person get to the River of Forgetfulness, ah, Lin Hao was already doomed to not return before he took her to the River of Forgetfulness. There are no old or young people on the Yellow Spring Road, don’t look back on the Nai He Bridge!” Old Eight didn’t exaggerate, he wasn’t even biased towards any side, it could be said that it was an incredibly pertinent answer, and that was all he knew.

“Understood, come and find me at the Heavenly Rhythm Terrace when you’ve thought about it! I have something arranged for you, and after this, the Heavenly Rhyme Terrace will be my dao field.” Qin Yan’s voice fell and dissipated quietly.

Old Eight, on the other hand, fell onto the hospital bed somewhat bewildered, staring blankly at the ceiling, his expression changing, between life and death, was his faith right or wrong, what choice should he make?

At the top of the highest mountain in Cloud City, this place is surrounded by white mist all year round, and when the sun shines, the haze covers it, as if it were a fairyland.

This was originally the dojo of the outer deacons of the Heavenly Dao Palace in Cloud City, but at this moment it had become Qin Yan’s private domain, and had since been renamed the Heavenly Rhythm Terrace Dojo.

At this moment, Qin Yan is in the stone pavilion next to the dojo, leaning on the railing, her delicate and cold face filled with a bone-chilling? The pavilion is a place where the people of the world can be found. hatred and icy coldness.

“Why? Why didn’t you tell me earlier that he was that man’s son! Back then you died for his old man’s heart for twenty years, and no matter what I did I could not open your heart!”

“And now, you’re fighting for a barely existent remnant of his soul! His old man made your heart die back then, and now his son is making you perish! Was it worth it? You may not care about this revenge! But I, Qin Yan, have to take revenge!” Qin Yan’s tone was cold, her fists were clenched so tightly that her nails were sunken into the flesh, her hands were already bleeding, yet she seemed to be unaware of it.

Qin Yan had a strange love for Qin Yuxin that was hidden deep in her heart. Although she had always made her feelings known to Qin Yuxin explicitly and implicitly, Qin Yuxin had always refused, and at that time, she was deeply in love with Lin Hao’s father, and although the two of them did not eventually come to fruition, Qin Yuxin could not accept Qin Yan.

In order to avoid Qin Yan, she did not contact him for nearly ten years.

But instead of forgetting this love affair because of the long separation, Qin Yan became even more pure and deep in her bones, hating the Lin family to the core.

If it wasn’t for Lin Hao, how could her lover have died in this way?

Everything was because of the Lin family’s father and son!

As Qin Yan’s mood swung violently, the white mist around her turned into black dark clouds, like boiling water rolling and moving, the wind and clouds around her changed, the wind howled, and a black spirit snake danced wildly in the wind, like a madman!

It’s no wonder everyone calls her the Black Devil Lady!


“Black Demoness? What is it?” Lin Hao looked at Vermilion Bird (Murong Yunque) with a dismayed expression.

How did this Black Devil Girl character suddenly appear again?

The key was that Lin Hao had deduced nothing from the information provided by Vermilion Bird, so where did this demon, devil, demon and ghost come from?

Listening to Vermilion Bird’s introduction, Lin Hao’s eyes lit up, this turned out to be a fellow who fed on the disciples of the Heaven’s Path Palace, specifically targeting the people of the Heaven’s Path Palace, the disciples of the Heaven’s Path Palace in Jinling and Yun City, all of them were taken out by her alone.

According to the news, at this time, the other party has occupied the Heavenly Dao Palace’s dojo in Yuncheng, which is cla*sified as her territory, so there is no movement for the time being, but it doesn’t matter what kind of monster the other party is, in any case, the enemy of the enemy is a friend.

It looks like they all have an axe to grind with the Heavenly Dao Palace, so they are uniting at the drop of a hat.

“Then what are you waiting for, find a way to contact her and we’ll join forces to deal with the Heavenly Dao Palace.” Lin Hao rubbed his fist, he Lin Hao couldn’t even surrender the disciples of the Heavenly Dao Palace in Jinling, the other party did it, and also dried up the cloud city next door piece by piece, a master, the two sides joined forces, enough for him to drink from the Heavenly Dao Palace.

When Vermilion Bird heard this, he laughed bitterly, “Probably, probably, the other side is not our friend either, joining forces is probably out of the question, the other side seems to have a bigger problem with our Dragon Group.”