Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2823-2824

Chapter 2823

Vermilion Bird told Lin Hao. When Vermilion Bird learned of this news, he thought almost the same as Lin Hao and specially led the Dragon Group to pay a visit.

Who knew that the other side would immediately strike and kill? Closed Ai Fu Shan Yi Shan Serving Dye? The other side even gave a pot of money to the Dragon Sect branch in Yun City.

Now if it were not for the fact that they did not know the depth of the other side, otherwise Zhuque would have ordered troops to surround the other side.

Moreover, after investigation, Vermilion Bird found that the reason why the Black Demoness had killed the Heaven’s Path Palace disciples on a large scale might not have any hatred towards the Heaven’s Path Palace, but only because she was able to devour the power of the Heaven’s Path Palace disciples and become stronger, so the other party might not be dealing with the Heaven’s Path Palace disciples out of hatred, but just to become stronger.

But the other party’s hatred for the Dragon Sect, especially the Dragon Group, was how obvious and murderous it was, and Zhuque also mentioned one more thing, that the other party would go emotionally mad and kill Lin Hao once his name was mentioned.

Lin Hao’s eyelids jumped wildly for a while: “That means this black devil woman might still have a grudge against me? It shouldn’t be. ……”

Lin Hao couldn’t figure it out, he had quite a few enemies, but among them, apart from the woman from the Qin family in the capital before, and the Moon Wheel Fairy whose dao had perished, it seemed like he didn’t have any female enemies, right?

Even if there were, they didn’t go crazy at the mention of his name!

However, Lin Hao still believed that Zhuque could possibly joke about such things, Lin Hao helplessly stretched out his hand, “Let the Dragon Team watch carefully, don’t act rashly for the time being until we are sure of the other party’s depth, after all, we don’t know exactly what the other party’s purpose is yet.”

Before he was sure of the other party’s depth, Lin Hao didn’t want to go and get involved, there was no way, who made the other party go crazy when they heard his name.

Well, could it be some woman who was deeply in love with himself and couldn’t love him, so she hated him out of love?

In that case, there is some truth to it, so is it Xu Linglong, or who?

That was indeed a bit narcissistic, but what Lin Hao said was also partly true. If he hadn’t married early, he would probably have had to choose his eyes.

“I know brother Lin Hao, I’ve already arranged for it, but you should also be more careful brother Lin Hao, my people just saw Old Eight of the Heavenly Dao Palace appear, he went up to the Heavenly Rhyme Terrace, I’m afraid Old Eight has become a lapdog of the Black Demoness.” Vermilion Bird was quite worried about this, if the other party turned their friendship with the Heavenly Dao Palace and dealt with Lin Hao together, that would be enough of a headache for Lin Hao.

“I know, I have it in my heart. Let’s go, let’s go eat, your sister-in-law is almost ready to cook.” Lin Hao smiled and nodded his head, he had a plan in mind.

After eating, Lin Ruoshi was holding a pile of envelopes and opening them, while muttering under her breath, “It’s over, it’s over, did dad cheat on you, how sad it would be if Ma Ma knew about this.”

“So many letters from the same woman, it’s not a simple matter for sure.”

“What are you muttering about?” Lin Hao smilingly padded over.

Who knew that Lin Ruoshi, the girl, was so frightened that she shrieked and hurriedly protected the pile of envelopes, staring at Lin Hao with immense vigilance, “Daddy, are you walking silently? Go away, this is my personal privacy!”

The corners of Lin Hao’s mouth twitched, a little kid, what the hell do you want privacy for?


Lin Hao glanced at the envelopes and saw that they were all envelopes, and the corners of his mouth twitched: “Who gave you these love letters? So many? Holy sh*t!”

“Sze, there’s something I have to warn you about! If you dare to fall in love early, I’ll dare to smack you!” At the same time, he was already cursing in his heart: “sh*t, that b*****d dares to think about my daughter? I’ll break your leg if you fall in love at such a young age! No! I’ll break your third leg too!

“Who dares to send me a love letter, I’ll tear it up and throw it in the trash!” Lin Ruoshi bristled in displeasure and glared at Lin Hao: “Don’t change the subject, these aren’t my letters, these are love letters from women to you!”

Chapter 2824

Lin Ruoshi really did this. How beautiful was Lin Ruoshi? She was recognized as the school flower, and many male students dared to write love letters to her.

In the end, Lin Ruo Shi’s temper got the better of her and she was so determined that if anyone dared to hand her a love letter, she would tear it up without even reading it, and if she found it in the drawer, she would throw it directly at the teacher. What are you thinking about at such a young age?

“Hu? What are you talking about? Talk nonsense.” Lin Hao heard Lin Ruoshi say this, no good laugh scolded: “Your father I have been married for how many years, who will still brainstorm to write me love letters? What’s yours is yours, don’t throw dirty water on me.”

“That’s not necessarily true, I know how handsome my dad is, in the future, if I were to find someone based on your standards, I think I might have to end up alone, Teacher Qin Yan and Teacher Lin Yan launched a frenzied attack on you before, as long as one is not blind, one can see your charm, it’s not strange at all that someone would write you love letters.” Lin Ruoshi spread her hands, not mincing her words at all in praising Lin Hao.

The point is that in a situation like this, it’s not good to praise him to death like this!

“Oh, what? What love letter, what crazy pursuit ah?” Suddenly, a ghostly head poked over, looking at the love letter in Lin Ruoshi’s arms with a curious face.

It was Shen Xiyan!

Lin Hao’s expression stiffened, and Lin Ruoshi was even more startled, hurriedly picking up all the envelopes, “No, nothing love letters, this, these are all love letters my cla*smate received, I kept them for her.”

Lin Hao didn’t know if they were love letters to himself, but if they were, how could he explain? Would Shen Xiyan be jealous?

The reason she lied was because she was afraid that Shen Xi Yan would be sad if she found out.

Shen Xiyan rolled her eyes in disgust: “You don’t even lie without a draft, do you? Do you think I’m blind or illiterate? The love letters from your cla*smates, didn’t you see that each envelope was written by Lin Hao himself, and looking at the beautiful writing, it was written by a girl, and she should be pretty, right?”

Lin Hao: ????

Just because she writes beautifully, she must be pretty? What kind of logic is that?

Lin Ruoshi glanced down, but it turned out that the letter was not covered all the way and Shen Xiyan had seen it.

As for Lin Hao, he had just seen the handwriting on it, so there was no escaping it. He could not hide it even if he saw it.

Besides, Lin Hao is not ashamed of his heart, so what’s the point of panicking?

Lin Hao laughed: “It’s true that a woman sent me a letter, but it doesn’t have to be my suitor, right?”

“Yes, not necessarily a suitor, but many of these envelopes look a bit old, some new and some old, the time span is at least a few years, really persistent ah.” Shen Xiyan laughingly flirted up.

But obviously it was a casual flirtation, but Lin Hao felt a bit numb in the scalp, no, this ……

“Ahem, that must not be a suitor ah, since you all have suspicions, then hurry up and unwrap it, what’s the point.” Lin Hao shrugged helplessly.

“Ah? Take it apart? Dad, that’s not good, right?” Lin Ruoshi was a bit scared, what if it was really a love letter? Would mum and dad fight? Will they get divorced?

She was so worried about her parents’ relationship.

The first thing you need to do is to get a letter from your parents.

But the more Shen Xiyan refused, the more Lin Hao was not good enough to secretly look at it privately, because even if it was true what Shen Xiyan said, he would not be angry.

But Lin Hao really dare to do so, maybe Shen Xiyan really angry, and will also leave the seeds of suspicion, after all, women are fickle, women’s hearts under the sea needle ah.

Lin Hao didn’t bother with the mother and daughter and snatched all the letters from Lin Ruoshi’s arms. Lin Ruoshi shouted and tried to snatch them back, but unfortunately, it was impossible to snatch them from Lin Hao.