Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2825-2826

‎chapter 2825

Hissing it open, Lin Hao followed the time span, starting from the first letter he received, spreading out the letterhead, it was a cute little pink pig letterhead, a girl no doubt, or a naive girl.

“Dear Lin Hao brother, so long no contact, did you miss me? But all calls to your phones are lost, and when I asked Lin En, he said he couldn’t reach you, so it seems like he must have forgotten about me ……”

Lin Hao just read two lines and instantly revealed a smile, he already knew who had sent him this letter.

Lin Hao continued to read on, in the letter Nan Ge told Lin Hao that she hadn’t been broadcasting much recently because she had to record a song, a music company had signed her up, she was preparing her new song and believed she would have her own album soon.

As she couldn’t reach Lin Hao by phone, Nan Ge had to contact him by writing a letter, wishing Lin Hao and his wife a happy relationship at the end of the text, and mentioning Lin Ruoshi.

Lin Hao handed it to Shen Xiyan after reading it, and opened another letter, another letter that came about three months later, with a CD inside, with a beautiful and lovely girl on the cover, especially the eyes, which were extremely evocative, and the girl on the top cover was none other than Nan Ge.

In this letter, Nan Ge’s happiness and joy can be felt between the lines, followed by a letter about Nan Ge? s intention to love Lu 0200 Shanxi 0? s affairs over the years.

The longest interval between these letters was six months, most of them were one or two months frequency one, nine years time, sent dozens of letters to Lin Hao.

Because she never got a reply, Nan Ge probably knew there wouldn’t be one, and she simply used this as a tree hole to speak her mind.

After her songs became popular, Nan Ge entered the entertainment industry. After these few years, Nan Ge has become a diva-level star, and can be said to be popular all over the world, but Nan Ge doesn’t seem too happy, the fish circle doesn’t suit her well, she prefers to concentrate on writing songs and singing.

Moreover, many of the letters arrived before her concerts, and on them would be three tickets for front row VIP seats for the concerts.

Lin Hao finished reading the letters and laughed, “This girl has grown up too, she’s got heart.”

“Mom, this is my idol ah, my idol chasing my dad …… finished, should I support my idol or help my mum ah.” Lin Ruoshi dumbfounded, did not expect to send a letter to his own father, actually is his own often on the television, the big screen can see the idol Nan song.

Shen Xiyan gave Lin Ruoshi a brainbuster, scaring Lin Ruoshi into a cute head-hugging squatting room and covering her head with an ouch.

“What nonsense, Nan Ge is not only your idol, but also my idol.” Shen Xiyan laughed, then also very surprised to look at Lin Hao: “I also think it’s strange, such a big star old acquaintance with you long ago? She’s almost treating you like a big brother, and between the lines I get the feeling that she knows me and Xiao shi, did we know each other before?”

Lin Ruoshi shook her head in confusion, “I don’t remember anything, am I like Ma Ma, I’ve lost part of my memory?”

Lin Hao nodded, “Indeed, that was ten years ago, back then I opened a small shop, which turned out to be an online shop, at that time this girl was still a small anchor, and was a peer with Lin En in my shop live ……”

Lin Hao will be the year things unfolded, just did not expect ten years, everyone has changed so much, really time has changed ah.

After listening to the mother and daughter shrugged their shoulders, they had no memory of this memory, but it didn’t stop them from having fun, who would have thought that their idol actually knew each other long ago and had a great relationship.

After all, for ordinary people, such a big star was like a fairy in the sky, unattainable and almost impossible to touch.

“Lin Hao, there’s a letter from you.” Chen Haobei walked in through the door while muttering, “I don’t know if the mailbox outside the door was torn down by that lackey, the postman couldn’t see the mailbox and had to give the letter to me.”


“Uncle Xiao Bei!” Lin Ruoshi was so angry that she crossed her arms, “I’m the one who said you’re the lackey! What’s wrong with me tearing it down! Do you have a problem with that?”

The corners of Chen Haobei’s mouth twitched and he wanted to run away, pretending to be confused and scratching his head, “What’s that? I said that the postman was really a bad person, he didn’t even deliver the letter to the person, right, Lin Hao your letter.”

Chen Haobei threw the envelope to Lin Hao, turned his head and ran, there was nothing he could do, if he didn’t run, the little girl could eat him.

Seeing Chen Haobei’s desolate appearance, the family of three almost didn’t laugh off.

“Wow, dad, it’s Nan Ge, it’s a letter from sister Nan Ge, sister Nan Ge is still insisting on writing to you, open it quickly, open it quickly and take a look!” The handwriting on the cover was the same as the letter they had just opened, but this one had just come out of the oven and was still warm.

Lin Ruoshi jumped up and tried to snatch the letter from Lin Hao’s hand, but Lin Hao raised it directly above his head, so Lin Ruoshi was at a loss.

Seeing her daughter’s anxious look, Shen Xiyan couldn’t help but speak up, “Open it and take a look, it’s been so long since you’ve contacted someone, they’re so persistent, even as a friend you should write back and see what it’s about, if it’s still tickets, let’s go and support them.”


Lin Hao laughed: “I don’t know what you guys are thinking, you mainly want to go to Nan Ge’s concert and can’t get tickets!”

Mother and daughter blushed, but they brushed their mouths off, “Nonsense, you don’t want to see it if you like.”

“Yes, Ma Ma is right, you don’t have to see it if you like.” Lin Ruoshi also spoke in a very arrogant manner.

Lin Hao looked at the two of them with a mixture of anger and amus*ment, but seeing how they were looking forward to it, Lin Hao didn’t hesitate to open the envelope, and there were indeed three exquisite concert tickets inside.

“Yay, guess right!” Lin Ruoshi jumped up happily, she had really guessed it right.

Lin Hao gave the tickets to them, while he himself picked up the letterhead and read it, only reading two sentences before he frowned.

“Brother Lin Hao, I know you won’t come, I have no way to reach you, but I hope all is well with you. This is the last time I’m sending you a letter, this is also my last concert, after the concert, I’ll announce my retirement from the fish circle.”

A few short words, full of bereavement and loss, quite a bit of intent.

After nine years of persistent invitations, Lin Hao had not once written back, let alone accepted the invitation.

And when Lin Hao picked up the letter paper, he seemed to feel a hint of something not quite right, how it felt that the letter paper was tainted with a seemingly Yin Qi, but it was too faint, and Lin Hao was not too sure.

Lin Hao showed the letter to Shen Xiyan and the girls.

Both mother and daughter were a little sad: “Hao, let’s answer the appointment this time, although we don’t know what has happened in the past ten years, but people are firm? The first time I saw the letter, I was very happy. Hold on for so long, we shouldn’t make her sad.”

“We won’t be able to see Sister Nan Ge on TV in the future. Sister Nan Ge is at the peak of her career right now, so why would she want to quit the industry?” Lin Ruoshi was even flattening her mouth, aggrieved and on the verge of tears.

Lin Hao took out his mobile phone and prepared to call Nan Ge, but then put it down and smiled: “Then let’s give her a surprise, didn’t she choose her last concert at the Jinling Stadium? There’s still two days to go, let’s go and surprise her then.”

“Yay, seeing a concert, ooh ooh, first time going to a live concert yet.” Lin Ruoshi was so happy that even Shen Xiyan was filled with smiles and said she was going to work, getting all her work done in advance, even though the concert was in the evening, but both mother and daughter were planning to, that day, free up a day straight away.

It just so happened that the day of the concert was a Saturday night, so Lin Ruoshi didn’t even need to take time off work.

Lin Hao smiled at the two of them, shook his head, walked out and took out his mobile phone to call Lin En.