Super Son-In-Law Chapter 2829-2830

Chapter 2829

If? Fuzzy West Fuzzy Closed Chay? were Lin Hao or Ao Dog here, they would have been able to see that the empty northwest corner actually had a hideous and gruesome Tyger brat!

This is precisely the most popular way for Tag to raise little Samuel, to change luck and move wealth, and even to unwittingly plot against his opponents. It is extremely effective and simple to operate.

But the backlash is equally terrifying!

As Qingya’s side withdrew its suppression of Nan Ge, Nan Ge, who was originally depressed in the dressing room behind the stadium concert, finally had some spirit and her face was renewed.

“Sister Nan Ge, why? Do you really believe in this saying about the rush? How many people in the fish circle have the courage to do that?” The a*sistant and part-time make-up artist next to her, while doing Nan Ge’s make-up, lamented a little.

It’s easy to say that you’re brave enough to retire, but who can really do it?

Fish circle stars, good money and fans everywhere, wherever they go, they are surrounded by people and all eyes converge on them.

Who would want to quit when they can enjoy the feeling of being admired and respected by millions of people and earn a lot of money? Not to mention the pinnacle moment.

Even for those who have been disliked and withdrawn from the circle, there are many who still brazenly continue to come out and make bad money.

It’s as addictive as power.

The only person who seems to be at odds with all this is Nan Ge.

Nan Ge smiled bitterly: “It’s nothing. The money I earn now is enough to last me several lifetimes, and I’m not short of money. The atmosphere of this circle doesn’t suit me very well, it’s overwhelming. I quit just to live a more comfortable life for myself. If a person can’t really live a life for himself, hasn’t life been in vain?”

“I understand all the reasoning, but ……”

“Okay. Let’s not talk about that.” The a*sistant let Nan Ge interrupt before she could finish, “The audience outside has all entered, right? I’m almost on stage too, I just don’t know ……”

“Sister Nan Ge, I know what you want to ask ……,” the a*sistant shook her head helplessly and sighed, “Those three positions of VIPs you’ve been longing for are still empty.”

The a*sistant could be said to be Nan Ge’s closest person, she naturally knew where those tickets were sent to, and why Nan Ge’s last concert was located here was actually still because of those three people who had never come.

Although she didn’t know who these three people were, they should be very important people to Nan Ge.

“I know, go ahead and rest, I’m ready to go on stage.” Nan Ge smiled, as if she had known this outcome for a long time, since they had evaporated ten years ago, they had never been seen again.

Nan Ge had even been in contact with Jun Wu Ren because of some commercial shows, she had likewise asked the other party, only for them to likewise not know exactly where Lin Hao had gone.

“Wow, this is too lively, how many people have gathered here!” Lin Ruoshi was sitting in the third row of the VIP seats, dancing with excitement, holding Nan Ge’s support lights high in her hands, the huge stadium was so full of people that it was almost too crowded, the audience at the back would probably have to use binoculars to watch.

Next to her, Shen Xiyan was equally excited and red in the face, it was her first time to see a live concert and it was such a big spectacle, so excited.

On the contrary, Lin En and Lin Hao didn’t feel much, they just felt quite lively. As for Lin En, he is in touch with Nan Ge occasionally and is familiar with him, so he didn’t feel any excitement either.

“This stadium has a maximum capacity of 50,000 spectators, seeing how crowded the scene is, it should only be more than that, I didn’t expect this girl’s influence to be so terrifying nowadays.” Lin Hao also sighed quite a bit, time has pa*sed, the little girl that was once there is now truly extraordinary.

“That’s right, don’t even look at who chose the idol, it must be awesome.” Lin Ruoshi raised her chin proudly.

Lin En laughed out loud, “Hahaha, I suddenly remembered a segment ‘Ah Wei is dead, you picked the well idol!'”

The result was a big blank stare thrown by the trio.

Chapter 2830

At this time, the moment the MC announced that the concert had officially started, the moment the music started, the whole audience cheered with excitement!

Especially the moment Nan Ge walked onto the stage in a pure white dress, the entire concert audience of 50,000 was instantly set alight!

The cheers and shouts were deafening!

“Nan Ge I love you!” Even Lin Ruoshi put her hands to her mouth in the shape of a trumpet and shouted out loud.

As for the surrounding area, there were many people shouting with Lin Ruoshi, and there were not even a few shouting for Nan Ge’s wife, but what shocked Lin Hao was that the people shouting for Nan Ge’s wife were not only men, but also girls, and the number was not small!

Lin Hao suddenly felt a sweat, was he not keeping up with the times?

Did I look a bit out of place if I didn’t shout along?

After all, Lin En shouted too, and this guy wailed like a gorilla that just ran out of the zoo ……

Nan song on stage at the same time, ethereal and pleasant song curls up, the surrounding suddenly quiet, revealing a face of enjoyment.

Nan Ge’s songs are a pleasure to listen to, and with her unique voice, it’s easy to immerse yourself in them and even empathize with them.

Lin Hao couldn’t help but sigh that Nan Ge had indeed grown up a lot more than she had ten years ago, and was even better.

She sang several songs in a row without stopping.

Because it was her exit concert, she didn’t intend to sing many songs, she directly intended to sing until the end of the concert, so naturally she didn’t invite any warm-up guests to come.

Even at the end, even the fans couldn’t stand it anymore and shouted in unison, “Nan Ge, take a break first, there’s nothing we can do to chatter, rest your voice!”

“We can afford to wait, take a break!”

Nan Ge heard everyone’s shout and a smile bloomed on his face as he bowed deeply around the audience, his voice slightly hoarse: “Thank you all, thank you to all my fans, and thank you to all those who have helped me.”

“Next, I will sing my last song of the night, which is not mine, but I suddenly just want to sing this song, so let’s end with this song, which is called ‘After the New Rain on the Empty Mountain’ ……”

All the fans froze for a moment? The steak west closed er zero service intention Yi? down, their own exit concert but sing someone else’s song? And not many people had heard this song, the 50,000 people in the audience were estimated to be a few hundred people who had stopped the song, most of them were confused.

The moment Nan Ge picked up the microphone and her voice rang out, everyone was stunned, it even felt like the song was tailor-made for her: the

The mountain wind gently swings its tail

Rolling down the flowers with the flowing water

Pa*sing by and wiping away the past

“I’ll exchange your tenderness for my tears

When love and hate have both fallen away

The one who has no curtain call

The moon in the well, raise a gla*s and smash a hangover

A rose drawn by lot

A fragrant incense with a lingering taste

Guessing at the unanswerable answer

It’s a waste to forget the floor

I finally understand

At last I understand

It’s love that can’t be given away

Remove the lacquered hairpin

And turn it into dust

Drink as much wine as you can to warm your body

Can’t warm the heart

After the new rain on the empty mountain

Put a small boat

Carrying the tenderness that no one asks for

ferry to find a place to forget your sorrow ……

As the song fell, the fans around us all gave tears to the song.

“Oooh, why, why do you do this to our Nan Ge! Is Nan Ge’s heart broken by the scum, that’s why she quit the circle.”

“I don’t feel like it, maybe he loved someone he shouldn’t have, hey, you guys, is it that guy who Nan Ge keeps sending tickets but doesn’t come, D*mn, how could he let Nan Ge be sad, scum!”

“Bah, it’s the scum, why don’t we get the big fans to unite and uncover this b*****d!”

This was the voice Lin Hao heard coming from all directions, Lin Hao’s people were wooden, holy sh*t, what does this have to do with me?

Don’t be so imaginative, okay?

Lin En, Shen Xiyan and Lin Ruo Shi were all staring at Lin Hao with incomparable weird eyes, Lin Hao was crying and laughing, he couldn’t even wash his hands in the yellow river.

Especially the last song of the other party’s exit circle, it was indeed easy for people to misunderstand, plus the comments of those fans around, heartbroken for Nan Ge, indignant for Nan Ge, Lin Hao was really a bit unable to explain.