Talented Medical Son-in-law Chapter 506

“Divine Doctor Xu, I’ll be right there!”

He had no recollection of who Brother Xiong was, there were too many minions to remember if they weren’t beloved minions.

But now is not the time to pursue the matter, he rolled and crawled, carrying his trousers, stumbling out of the clubhouse ……

After hanging up the phone, Xu Fei glanced faintly at Brother Xiong, faint: “Zhong Hu will be here soon.”

What he didn’t say in his heart was that as for who Zhong Hu would move when he came, then he didn’t know.


There was a junior brother, who couldn’t help but laugh.

Xu Fei raised his eyes, and that junior brother hurriedly plugged his mouth.

But from the shrugged shoulders, it was clear that it was hard to endure.

Xu Fei frowned, “You guys don’t believe me?”

The crowd of juniors, on the other hand, looked at him with odd faces.

This person was too good at pretending, right?

Master Tiger’s eyes were high above the ground, and if it wasn’t his inner circle, no one would even know his personal phone number.

What none of them know, Xu Fei would know?

Moreover, at this hour, Master Tiger would usually be at the clubhouse on business. Even if Xu Fei was more than capable, he would want Master Tiger to come over with a single phone call at this hour? Isn’t that bullsh*t?

“Who is it? Who dares to touch my Cao Tianba’s brother, stand out for me!”

Just at this time, countless sturdy men suddenly surged out in all directions, each one of them furious and murderous, the leader was a bald man, his face was full of horizontal meat, and on his pair of triangular eyes, they were full of fury, at a glance, he knew that he was not a good person.

When Xiong looked at it, he couldn’t help but have his eyes light up, and when Wang Bo saw it, he was even more excited and ran up.

“Brother Tianba! It’s him, who beat Brother Xiong like this!”

Wang Bo pointed at Xu Fei and said viciously.

The bald man couldn’t help but change his face when he saw the miserable state of Brother Xiong.

A pair of sinister eyes stared at Xu Fei without blinking as he spoke coldly, “Kid, are you damn tired of living? Don’t you know that he’s covered by my Brother Tianba!”

“I don’t know, who is Brother Tianba? Never heard of it at all.”

Xu Fei didn’t even look at him.

The bald man burst into a rage, this kid was too crazy, wasn’t he? Who did he think he was!

At that moment, he yelled at Xu Fei, “Kid, you’ll know right away, and it’s guaranteed that you won’t be able to forget it for the rest of your life! Waste him for me!”


Qin Qin covered her mouth and cried out in shock.

The dozens of minions brought by the bald head then pounced towards Xu Fei like a flooding beast.

Xu Fei, on the other hand, was still standing there idly and foolishly.

“Haha, this kid is probably Cai scared silly.”

After Wang Bo saw that, his heart was happy long ago, and at the same time, a flash of vicious light shot out from his eyes.

Dare to fight with me? I’ll tell you to pay the price today!

“I’ll see who dares to move!”

Right at this moment, a shocking explosion rang in the ears of the crowd, shaking their eardrums.

When the crowd turned their heads in surprise, they saw several black Mercedes Benz come with wind and thunder, and when they arrived in front of the crowd, they braked sharply.

With a bang, the car doors opened wide, and dozens of youths dressed in black power suits came out of the car.

The leader of a stout body, tiger eyes, not angry from the authority, every step, the superior breath will meet face to face, let a person do not dare to look directly at.

The crowd all stared wide-eyed, wasn’t this their boss, Master Tiger?

“Master Tiger, why are you here?”

The bald head was also startled when he saw Zhong Hu, and hurriedly ran over.

“Get lost!”

Zhong Hu, however, didn’t even look at him, and ran straight all the way, stopping in front of Xu Fei, uneasily saying, “I’m sorry Divine Doctor Xu, I’m late, please chastise me ……”