Talented Medical Son-in-law Chapter 507


The crowd completely stared at the scene in front of them with wide eyes, unbelievably staring at the scene in front of them.

The usually towering and unrivalled Master Tiger, at this moment, was actually standing uneasily in front of Xu Fei like a child who had made a mistake, begging for forgiveness?

It couldn’t be a hallucination on their part, could it? What the hell was going on here?

Xu Fei, however, raised his hand, looked at the time, and said indifferently, “Four minutes and thirty-six seconds, you’re still on time, just based on your attitude, I can give you a chance, these are your people, right?”

Xu Fei glanced at Brother Xiong’s bald head and the others.

Zhong Hu’s face was ugly, but he still nodded.

“Then today’s matter, I won’t interfere, you see to it.”

After Xu Fei finished speaking, he retreated to the side and lit a cigarette.

Zhong Hu heard, but his heart secretly breathed a sigh of relief, thinking, fortunately he came in time, otherwise ……

Thinking of the tragic situation of the mad dog, he could not help but feel a sense of awe in his heart!

The crowd, on the other hand, had already looked completely dumbfounded.

What in the world was Master Tiger doing? This was too much face for this kid, right?

“Cao Tianba, you even dare to touch Divine Doctor Xu, I think you don’t want to live!”

Zhong Hu suddenly raised his head and looked at the bald head, and there was a stern shout.

The bald head was startled and quickly said, “Master Tiger, no, I don’t know anything at all ……”

However, it was already too late.

Zhong Hu’s side suddenly jumped out of the two pugnacious men, without saying anything, at once set up the bald head, and then amounted to a burst of punches and kicks.

The scene, resounded with the sound of fists to flesh, and, bald head hissing, miserable!

The crowd only looked at the eyelids jumping, and Xu Fei, as if he did not see the general, still smoked a cigarette, and even, did not raise his eyes.

Wang Bo and Brother Xiong, on the other hand, were trembling in their hearts, and their legs were even shaking, almost not directly planted on the ground.

Soon, the bald head will be beaten body is not complete support, finally, is directly fainted in pain!

Only then did Zhong Hu carefully say, “Divine Doctor Xu, considering that he is a first time offender, why don’t we just spare his life, do you think it’s okay?”

It was completely in a consultative tone.

When the crowd heard it, they became more and more emboldened.

Could it be that Xu Fei was still thinking of killing people? If that was the case, then this person was simply too terrifying!

Xu Fei nodded slightly, then, raising his eyes, he inadvertently glanced at Brother Xiong.

Brother Xiong immediately changed colour, his face turning green with fear!

The corner of Xu Fei’s mouth contained a smile, he knew that the effect had already been achieved, and these people, probably wouldn’t have the guts to come looking for trouble from themselves in the future.

They were guilty, but their offence was not to death.

“Alright, you take your people and leave.”

Xu Fei, however, waved his hand and said indifferently.

When Brother Xiong heard Xu Fei’s words, he was instantly relieved in his heart, as if his entire body had been deflated.

Even, there was a somewhat grateful glance at Xu Fei.

“Divine Doctor Xu, on the side of the Bai Family Lord ……”

“No need to worry, let’s go.”

Xu Fei naturally knew what he was worried about, and immediately waved his hand.

Only then did Zhong Hu put his heart down, glaring fiercely at these indisputable men of his and drinking, “Keep your eyes sharp in the future, don’t offend everyone! Still not quick to get out!”

The crowd was in awe, all of them were speculating, what kind of person is Xu Fei in the end? Why, did Master Tiger seem to be afraid of him?

However, they knew that it wasn’t something they could ask, so they turned their heads and left as if they had been pardoned.

Wang Bo swallowed deeply and looked at Xu Fei with a complex look.

Originally, he and Sun Shao had meticulously designed, going so far as to invite Brother Xiong’s men to come out, laying out to do away with Xu Fei.

Unexpectedly, Xu Fei was not only fine, but Brother Xiong had his legs broken instead!

Wang Bo really didn’t dare to stay here anymore, this Xu Fei, really too demonic.

It’s better to leave it to Li Shao to deal with!