Talented Medical Son-in-law Chapter 508

Thinking like this, Wang Bo couldn’t help but speed up his steps a few points.

“Wang Bo, did I say to let you go?”

Just at this time, a cold voice behind him sounded.

Wang Bo’s body jolted, and he turned his head to look at Xu Fei in surprise.

Zhong Hu seemed to have realised something and said to a few minions around him, “Arrest him for me!”

The two junior brothers, without any further ado, directly set up Wang Bo and came to Xu Fei’s side along with Zhong Hu.

“You guys …… What do you guys want to do?”

Wang Bo was shocked and desperately shouted.

Zhong Hu, his eyes had long ago shot out a bearish rage.

It turned out that it was this person who had offended Divine Doctor Xu and dragged him into this, damn it!

“Divine Doctor Xu, should we give him to ……”

Zhong Hu didn’t finish his sentence, but instead compared it to a neck-slicing motion.

Wang Bo was startled! A heart thumped incessantly, cold sweat, instantly slipping off his forehead!

Because, he knew that what Master Tiger said was definitely not a joke!

“No need, I just have some words I want to talk to him alone, you guys go first.”

Xu Fei, however, waved his hand and said blandly.

Hearing Xu Fei’s words, Wang Bo finally let out a long sigh of relief.

He felt a sense of having escaped from death.

Zhong Hu, however, was still somewhat unfulfilled, “Why don’t I send a few of my brothers to Divine Doctor Xu, at his disposal?”

Xu Fei waved his hand, his face having turned cold.

Zhong Hu’s heart was slightly aghast, knowing that Divine Doctor Xu was already a little impatient, so he stopped saying anything more and led a large group of people, turning around and leaving.

The scene that was crowded just a moment ago, became quiet all of a sudden.

Wang Bo saw Zhong Hu really left, then really relieved, a butt sat on the ground, breathing heavily.

Scared the baby to death.

He felt that he had walked through the ghost gate.

“Wang Bo, how does it feel?”

A slightly icy voice rang out, and Wang Bo looked up and saw Xu Fei looking at himself with somewhat teasing eyes.

Wang Bo viciously swallowed his saliva, however, his mouth still said, “Kid, I didn’t expect that you would even know Master Tiger, count your luck today, however, don’t be complacent, you are offending Sun Shao, Sun Shao won’t let you off!”

Thinking of Sun Shao, he instantly hardened his guts again.

Xu Fei’s heart was a burst of cold laughter.

The Sun family? In his eyes, it was a piece of sh*t!

As long as Xu Fei was willing, the Sun family would disappear in Jiangbei City tomorrow, and it would still be the kind that didn’t even have any bones left.

“I’m only asking you, do you want to live or die?”

Xu Fei’s face suddenly turned cold as he asked in a stern voice.

“Xu Fei, you …… You still dare to kill?”

Wang Bo’s face changed drastically as he looked at Xu Fei in horror.

“You won’t know if you try.”

Xu Fei, however, laughed coldly and suddenly hooked his foot, and a watermelon knife that had fallen to the ground flew into his hand.

A dazzling cold aura flashed out!

Xu Fei raised his head fiercely, and between his eyes, a killing chance appeared.

Wang Bo was instantly horrified with fear, he, would really kill!

“I …… I want to be born ……”

Without any hesitation, Wang Bo desperately shouted, he was still really being Xu Fei will be a knife will give him a second.

Xu Fei’s mouth revealed a smirk, “That’s right well, Qin Qin, you go get the divorce agreement, let him sign.”