Talented Medical Son-in-law Chapter 509


Qin Qin looked at Xu Fei in surprise, crystalline tears glistening in her eyes.

She really hadn’t expected that Xu Fei had left Wang Bo alone for this matter, so it turned out that he had always remembered this matter.

Qin Qin suddenly felt a stream of warmth flow through her entire body, warming her, her nose turned sour, and she had an urge to cry.

However, she knew that now was not the time to be melodramatic, and immediately nodded heavily, then flew away with big strides.

Not long after, when Qin Qin came back again, in her hand, there was already an extra divorce agreement.

This was something she had prepared a long time ago, she thought of Wang Bo signing it all the time, but she knew that it was just her extravagant hope, Wang Bo had not drained her of her use value, it was impossible for him to agree to sign it.

Now that she saw that her dream was about to come true, Qin Qin’s heart surged and she couldn’t help but look at Xu Fei in a daze.

All of this, all of which he sacrificed his life to fight for himself ……

“Sign it.”

Xu Fei threw the divorce agreement to Wang Bo and said coldly.

Wang Bo’s face clouded over, and suddenly, that strong sense of fear was gone, and what was there, was only anger!

Especially, when he saw Qin Qin looking at Xu Fei with affection, the anger in his heart burned wildly.

“Qin Qin, you b*tch, finding this spell head to harm me, I won’t sign it!”

Wang Bo suddenly bloodshot his eyes and gritted his teeth.

Qin Qin’s delicate body shook, looking at Wang Bo with shock and anger, could it be that he would rather die than let himself go? Tears were swirling in her eyes and were about to fall.

Wang Bo saw her like this, but his heart was greatly settled, suddenly let out a loud ha-ha maniacal laughter.

He finally understood, originally, they did so much, just to let himself sign.

Just now, what Wei Vice intimidated, and even took a knife to kill himself, was only scaring himself, and he almost fell for it!

“Qin Qin, even though we haven’t shared a room, you are still my wife! As long as I don’t sign it, you can’t rightfully be good with this spell head! Haha!”

Wang Bo thought he had caught Qin Qin’s seven inches, and a crazy look flashed across his face.

The fact is also true, Qin Qin heard, angry and anxious, but simply take Wang Bo did not have half a way!

This is a scoundrel, could it be that he can’t escape him in this life?

“You are looking for death!”

A low, cold cry rang out, and as Wang Ah’s heart trembled, he saw Xu Fei’s face instantly turn sombre, his eyes flickering with essence!

For a moment, Wang Bo was truly frightened.

The powerful killing aura radiating from Xu Fei’s body made him feel suffocated.

However, in the next moment, he calmed down again.

Looking at Xu Fei, he laughed coldly, ”Do you think I’m scared? Kill me if you have the guts, if I dare to frown, I’m not a good man!”

From all of Xu Fei’s indications just now, they only wanted to get themselves to sign, and wouldn’t really kill themselves.

If they really wanted to move themselves, they would have done so long ago, why wait until now?

That’s why Wang Bo’s guts became so strong at once.

“Do you think I don’t dare!”

Xu Fei’s cold eyes were like electricity, and suddenly, without warning, he reached out and strangled his throat.

As long as Xu Fei gently pinched his fingers, his throat would be instantly crushed!

Wang Bo’s pupils widened violently, and even his breathing felt suffocated, and his heart thumped incessantly.

However, he still desperately gritted his teeth and held on, his subconscious mind telling him that this was definitely Xu Fei doing it for him, Xu Fei couldn’t possibly really dare to kill him.