Talented Medical Son-in-law Chapter 510

So, he always clenched his teeth and did not beg for mercy.

As for Xu Fei, he also gradually lost his patience, if it was in the past, he wouldn’t even talk nonsense with this kind of person.

Directly killing them would be!

But now, his persistent forbearance had become a reason for him to gain an inch, in that case, die.

“Xu Fei ……”

A cry of alarm came from behind him, and Xu Fei then saw Qin Qin’s eyes that were filled with terror and begging.

Xu Fei’s heart and mind trembled slightly as he slowly loosened his grip.

No matter what, killing someone in front of Qin Qin’s face, he felt that he was too selfish, and in that case, it would ruin Qin Qin.

Therefore, Xu Fei forced himself to hold back.

Wang Bo panted heavily, but he was secretly happy in his heart, it really proved what he had guessed in his heart, Xu Fei really didn’t dare to kill him.

“Haha, how is it? It’s nothing more than that, I thought I had more balls, grass!”

Wang Bo laughed crazily, and suddenly said viciously to Qin Qin, “Stinking cousin, want me to sign it is fine, unless you compensate me one million, and then accompany my old man for one night, otherwise, you will never want to get the divorce agreement!”

“You ……”

Qin Qin looked at the incomparably arrogant Wang Bo, she was angry and anxious, she didn’t expect this heartless guy to be shameless to this extent!

“Wang Bo, do you think I really dare not move you?”

Xu Fei looked at Wang Bo and coldly said.

“Che, don’t come with this, if you dare to move me, then let your horse come over! If you don’t dare, then f*ck off to the side!” Wang Bo arrogantly said.

Xu Fei nodded, “Since you want to seek death, then I’ll fulfil you!”

With that, Xu Fei took out his mobile phone and dialled a number.

“Bai Zhan, how’s the progress on your end?”

“I was just about to call you, Blackie just broke through some technical barriers and obtained all the evidence! I’m heading over right now!”

“Good, good job, waiting for you.”

Xu Fei hung up the phone after saying that.

Wang Bo, on the other hand, had already laughed out loud.

“Haha! What? You found other helpers? No matter who you find, this divorce agreement I won’t sign.”

“Yeah? No need for that.”

Just at this time, a man wearing a white shirt and white trousers suddenly walked in behind Wang Bo, he was tall and couldn’t stop his eyes from flashing with essence!

And behind him, there was also a fifteen or sixteen year old black skinned child, who seemed to be a bit scared of life and kept hiding behind the man in white.

That’s right, the people coming were exactly Bai Zhan and his group!

“Kid, we have just taken evidence that Qin Qin was simply forced, your marriage does not have a legal basis, therefore, you are not a couple at all!”

Bai Zhan looked at Wang Bo and said coldly.

“Che, who do you think you are? If you say it’s not, it’s not?”

Seeing that only two people had come from the other side, Wang Bo didn’t put it in his eyes at all.

“Is it? I am the chief of criminal investigation of Jiangbei City and South District Police Station, this is my ID, I can prove that you are not a legal couple, I have already reported the relevant materials, tomorrow the Civil Affairs Bureau will formally reject your marriage statement!”

At this time, a uniformed female police officer outside walked out abruptly, behind her, there were also several police officers in the same formal attire!

“Officer Kei, we meet again, it seems we are really destined to meet.”

Xu Fei looked at the valiant policewoman in front of him, a smile appearing on his face.