The Real Dragon Chapter 3227

The The Real Dragon Chapter 3227
The state of Jerold of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons over the past few days was indeed as Charlie wade had guessed, incomparably tormented.
He originally thought that the army pressing in and not fighting would definitely bring huge psychological pressure to Hamid and his men, and it would not even take long for Hamid’s internal army to become disorganised and even defect.

But what he didn’t expect was that after several days had pa*sed, not even a single dog had escaped from Hamid’s side.

In a siege war like this, the most fearful thing is that the enemy will be united.

Once the other side is not afraid, it will really have to continue indefinitely, until Hamid runs out of ammunition or his side cannot support itself.

And in the last few days, his financial deficit was alarmingly high.

His adjutant approached him and reported to him worriedly, “Commander, our current 15,000 men, with their daily salaries and all their expenses, are at least thirty to forty million dollars, and at this rate, our money won’t last too long.”

The four war kings of the Ten Thousand Dragon Temple all adopted an independent accounting mechanism, which was equivalent to each of these four people opening a branch, and had to be self-sufficient in terms of finance, while also ensuring profits, and if there was a deficit, they would have to solve it internally themselves.

When Jerold heard this figure, his whole expression was worse than that of a dead father.

He gritted his teeth and said, “We definitely can’t continue like this, pa*s on my order, from today onwards, as long as there is no war, everyone’s pay will be reduced by half!”

Hearing this, the adjutant said nervously, “Commander, everyone is complaining a lot lately, if you deduct half of their pay again, I am afraid they will protest en ma*se!”

Jerold questioned in exasperation, “These people stay in the barracks all day long with nothing to do, they don’t have to fight, they don’t have to risk their lives, they get paid as they are, what do they have to complain about?”

The adjutant said awkwardly, “There has been a lot of negativity in the last two days, on the one hand, people are extremely dissatisfied with the current food, on the other hand, it’s the accommodation conditions, yesterday they even sent a few representatives to come and complain to me a lot, they want me to find you to solve the problem.”

Jerold said with a black face, “Explain to me clearly one by one what exactly they are dissatisfied with.”

The adjutant busily said, “Then let me talk about them one by one, first of all, it’s the food, now apart from the middle and senior officers, everyone else has the same standard of food as the local government soldiers, even the suppliers are the same, the local diet is not quite suitable for our soldiers’ habits”

“Our soldiers are very focused on physical security, so their usual eating habits are a little more Western American, with lots of beef, vegetables, milk and even peanut butter and ice cream every day.”

With that, the adjutant added, “As for accommodation, the main thing is that people are really not too happy with the current marching tents.”

“The tents are all cobbled together by the government troops, and most of them have been in storage for a long time, so leaks are a common occurrence, and now it happens to be the rainy season, so it makes the inside of the tents very damp, and the feeling of living there is too bad;”

“Moreover, the problem of power supply is now not guaranteed at all, the only few generator sets available are simply unable to meet the common use of more than 30,000 soldiers on both sides, so now we can only use the rotating power supply, on average, each soldier is able to use electricity for no more than four hours per day on average.”

“That’s why everyone is now asking for a unified replacement with modular movable slabs, which will then ensure 24-hour power supply.”

Jerold cursed furiously, “These B*****ds, are they here to fight or are they here for a holiday?”