The Real Dragon Chapter 3234

Since they want to make peace with Hamid, you should be involved in the details of the peace talks, the best way is to delay the pace and progress of the talks. I will continue to guard there, and then go over to settle the matter after I finish my important business here!”

Jerold could only agree and said, “Then I’ll meet with Hamid’s people this afternoon and see what their attitude is.”

“Good.” Wan Breaking Army admonished, “No matter what, make sure to stall Hamid and the government forces, and never let them reach any agreement privately, if the government forces can’t wait to withdraw their troops, you tell them that I, Wan Breaking Army, will guarantee my reputation that no matter how many strategic reserves Hamid has, I will finish him off before the end of April, and I believe they still have heard of!”

After Jerold agreed to the peace talks, the middleman quickly fed the news to Hamid.

The time for the peace talks was set at three o’clock this afternoon, and as for the location of the peace talks, it was set at the garrison of Jerold and the government army commander.

However, the other side did not give the coordinates of the exact location of the garrison, but gave Hamid the coordinates of a staging area, allowing Hamid’s pilots to take the negotiators to the staging area first, and then their helicopters would bring the negotiators to the location of the negotiations.

Charlie wade knew very well the other side’s motive for doing this, they must be pa to leak the information of the leadership’s location, afraid that Hamid would then direct a round of intensive artillery fire at that coordinate, so he did not object to this.

Hamid also made three demands of his own with the other side.

Firstly, that at the negotiating table, in addition to his own negotiators, the Dragon Temple and the government forces must send their top commanders, otherwise the negotiations would be waived.

Second, that his negotiators take off from their base in a helicopter, which will be dismantled of all weapons and ammunition, and that the other side will explicitly promise that all soldiers will not fire on the helicopter.

Thirdly, they must not harm their own negotiators, no matter what the two sides negotiate.

These three demands of his were considered reasonable, so he soon received an exact reply from the other side.

At half past two, Charlie wade changed into a camouflage suit, put on a pair of disposable masks and prepared to take Hamid’s helicopter to the agreed staging area with the other side.

Hamid was very worried about Charlie wade’s safety, fearing that something might happen to him if he went deep into the tiger’s den.

However, Charlie wade’s mind was already made up, and he knew he could no longer persuade him, so he could only personally put him on the helicopter and said sincerely, “Take care of yourself, I’ll be waiting for you here!”

Charlie wade nodded and said indifferently, “After I leave, tie up Zayne, and when I return, take him straight onto the plane and leave.”

Hamid hurriedly said, “Okay old brother, don’t worry, I’m on my way!”

Saying that, Hamid asked him again, “Old brother, that Green-Eyed Wolf King, what are you going to do with him after you control him?”

Charlie wade said without thinking, “I will take him with me then, except that I might leave you with a bit of trouble, and the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall will definitely settle this score on you.”

Hamid said unconcernedly, “I already have 2,500 lives on my back from the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, it doesn’t matter if there is one more!”