The Real Dragon Chapter 3237

In fact, the real purpose of Charlie wade’s trip was not to meet the head of the government army at all.

What he really wanted to see was the supreme commander of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple in Syria, that Jerold, who was known as the Green Eyes Wolf King.

Wanting to bring Zayne back to China under the heavy siege of more than 30,000 people, Charlie wade’s only option was to capture the thief first.

Moreover, it was just as well that he could take this opportunity to feel out the actual fighting strength of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple and see what kind of standard their four battle kings could have.

As for that Gabriel, Charlie wade could also see that he was a martial artist, having opened up two meridians and was almost at the level of a two-star martial artist.

Therefore, he deduced from this that the middle and senior levels of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall should mostly be martial artists.

On the other hand, he had scared Gabriel purely because he was unhappy with this guy.

Moreover, he knew very well that the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple must be most afraid of Hamid making a private deal with the government forces, so Charlie wade was also sure that he could hold him.

As expected, at this moment, Gabriel was afraid that Charlie wade would really turn against him, and was close to kneeling on the ground and begging him.

When Charlie wade saw Gabriel’s humble face, he was in a better mood and said indifferently, “Since you can change your ways after knowing your mistakes, I will give you a chance, let’s go!”

Gabriel sighed with relief and hurriedly said, “Thank you, brother, thank you, brother!”

After saying that, he added, “By the way brother, before we leave, we have to do a routine body search on you, I hope you can understand.”

Charlie wade glared at him and questioned in a cold voice, “What’s going on? When you asked for my help, you were still talking to me as ‘you’, ‘you’, but now you’re ‘you’ when you get your way? How quickly can you change your face?”

Gabriel’s head was as big as a bucket and he hastily apologized, “I’m really sorry, I was careless, please don’t take it personally!”

Charlie wade said coldly, “Say it again!”

Gabriel was so angry that he wanted to tear Charlie wade apart, but he could only go forward with a stiff upper lip and said respectfully, “According to the usual practice, we have to conduct a routine body search on you, I hope you will be more considerate and don’t mind!”

Charlie wade questioned, “What? I’m going deep into a tiger’s den all by myself, are you guys still afraid that I’ll be any kind of threat?”

Gabriel said honestly, “After all, you are going to meet our supreme commander in Syria, so we have to make sure that everything is safe, so please bear with us!”

Charlie wade grunted disdainfully, then raised his arms and said indifferently, “Fine, search!”

Gabriel immediately gave a wink to the two soldiers beside him.

These two then each pulled out a metal detector and kept sweeping it around Charlie wade’s body, they wanted to make sure that there were no guns, daggers, explosives or even GPS trackers on Charlie wade’s body.

Charlie wade had known that the other party would definitely search him, so he didn’t even have his mobile phone on him, so after the other party searched him carefully a few times and found nothing unusual, he then put his mind at ease.

Immediately afterwards, Gabriel said to Charlie wade, “By the way, can you take off your mask?”

Charlie wade unceremoniously refused, “No!”

Gabriel said awkwardly, “You can’t wear a mask to negotiate with our commander, can you?”

Charlie wade asked in return, “What? You can’t? Forget it if you can’t, don’t negotiate.”

Gabriel was convinced and hurriedly said, “Fine, fine, fine, you can wear it if you want to”

The reason why Charlie wade chose to wear a mask was that he had not yet figured out the situation of the Ten Thousand Dragon Temple, at this time if he risked revealing his true appearance and was caught by the other party’s surveillance or recorder, I was afraid that the other party would easily be able to find out his true identity, after all, face recognition technology was now extremely advanced, it was better to be cautious at such times.