The Real Dragon Chapter 3238

After all, Charlie wade was not capable of fighting a mercenary organization of tens of thousands of people with his own strength.

When Gabriel saw that he could not hold Charlie wade, but was instead held by him to death, he did not insist any more, and only thought of hurrying to bring him over to deliver the job.

So, he took Charlie wade and boarded the helicopter that had been prepared long ago and headed for the other side’s frontline command.

After about ten minutes of flight, the helicopter landed slowly in front of a stretch of portable houses.

The conditions were indeed much better than those of the tents, as they were the quarters for the middle and senior officers of the government army and the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple.

Furthermore, both the tents and the cubicles were covered with camouflage cloths, and from the sky, it was a dense camouflage camouflage, so it was hard to tell where the officers were stationed.

When he got off the plane, Gabriel took Charlie wade with him and walked towards the frontline meeting room of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, asking him as he walked, “This brother, I don’t know what your name is yet? Where are you from in China?”

Charlie wade said indifferently, “Ask what you should ask, but don’t ask what you shouldn’t ask.”

Gabriel’s teeth were gnashing, but he could only say awkwardly, “I’ll have to introduce you to our commander later, so I have to say a name, right?”

Charlie wade said casually, “My surname is Wade, you can just call me Master Wade.”

“Master Wade?” Gabriel looked at Charlie wade dumbfounded, although he could not see his face, he could at least see from his eyes that he was not joking.

Gabriel was embarra*sed and thought to himself, “What the hell kind of god is this? What master? A master of qigong?”

Although he was upset in his heart, Gabriel said respectfully, “So it’s Master Wade, nice to meet you, I’m Gabriel, a three-star war general of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall!”

“Three star war general?” Charlie wade asked curiously, “Sponsored by Korea?”

Gabriel asked with a dumbfounded expression, ” Master Wade, what do you mean by that I don’t understand”

Charlie wade said casually, “Didn’t you say you were a three-star war general? Let me ask you, is this name of yours sponsored by the Korean Samsung Group?”

Gabriel wanted to die and explained offhandedly, “Master Wade you are too good at joking, three star war general is the star rating of our war generals in the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons, the lowest is one star and the highest is five stars, I am three stars, so I am a three star war general.”

Hearing this, Charlie wade could not help but frown and thought in his heart, “This Gabriel is a two-star martial artist, if a two-star martial artist can only be ranked as a three-star war general in the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, does a four-star war general have to be at least as strong as a three-star martial artist? Or perhaps a five-star warlord should be at least a four-star martial artist? Then their Hall Master, at the very least, must have the strength of a five-star martial artist or even higher, right?”

“If that’s really the case, then the strength of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall is indeed horrible, of all the martial families in the country, only the He Family’s Elder He has managed to break through to a four-star martial artist with my help so far, but the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall must have at least multiple four-star as well as four-star or higher martial artists.”

Thinking of this, Charlie wade opened his mouth and asked, “I heard that when we were fighting the other day, our soldiers shot down one of your five-star warriors? That person should be quite stronger than you, right?”

Gabriel gritted his teeth and said, “What you are talking about is our five-star war general, Logan Azerlat, who is far stronger than me and is one of the strongest among our hundred or so war generals”

Charlie wade smacked his lips and shook his head, “Tsk, it seems that even the strongest are afraid of bullets, half a lifetime of hard training, only to be killed in one shot by an illiterate who doesn’t know a single word in the Syrian homeland, do you think it’s a loss?”

When Gabriel heard this, he was even more furious.

He had a good personal relationship with Logan Azerlat, and now that he heard the other party trolling him like this, he was naturally very annoyed.

However, what Charlie wade said left him with no way to refute it, and besides, the sarcasm about Hamid’s men not being able to read and write was also something he had just said in a moment of quick-talk.

Logan Azerlat was very strong, and if a few soldiers with machine guns were to shoot at him, he would have a good chance of escaping and killing the other side.

However, in that last battle, Logan Azerlat and many of the elites of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons were surrounded by multiple fire points, and the heavy machine gun bullets on all sides formed an all-encompa*sing fire net, the kind of heavy machine gun with a calibre of 12.7mm that could kill even a ten-ton African elephant with a single blow.

Therefore, even though Logan Azerlat was a five-star war general, he was simply powerless to fight back.

Gabriel’s inner hatred for Charlie wade was already monstrous, and almost forcing himself to resist the urge to pull out his gun, he gritted his teeth and brought Charlie wade to the door of the conference room.

He then knocked on the door, and someone inside spoke, “Come in.”

Gabriel pushed the door in and said to a Chinese sitting in the upright position, “Commander, Master Wade, the negotiator sent by Hamid, has arrived!”