The Real Dragon Chapter 3240

“Of course.” Charlie wade raised his eyebrows and laughed, “It’s not an exaggeration to say that most of it is due to me.”

Jerold grunted and asked rhetorically in an unkind tone, “So, it seems like you’re a bully, huh?”

Charlie wade nodded and said with his fingers, “You see, the tactical planning of the forward-sloping permanent fortifications with counter-sloping defensive pits, the guidance of abandoning the bases in the valley and transferring them all to the mountain pits, plus the strategic core of building walls high, accumulating grain widely and claiming the throne slowly, all of these were my ideas, with the guidance of these tactical essences, even if they were just a bunch of mud-legged people, they could still play out a fighting potential far beyond the imagination of ordinary people, these were all tailor-made for Hamid by me, and judging from the first two major victories, I am indeed quite a bully.”

Saying that, Charlie wade gave a slight pause and added with a smile, “At least, a little more bullish than you.”

When Jerold thought of the more than 2,500 of his men who had died tragically at Hamid’s position, he slapped the table in anger and said angrily, “Kid, don’t be too arrogant!”

Charlie wade shook his head with a disdainful expression, “It’s so meaningless for you to be so small-minded, you were the one who questioned me for not being good enough, so I answered you what I was good enough for, and you became angry, what? Do you not understand the saying that victory and defeat are commonplace in warfare? Or maybe you understand, but you can’t afford to lose?”

Jerold subconsciously yelled out of his mouth, “I’m not sore loser!”

Charlie wade smiled and asked in return, “Ouch? You didn’t lose? Then you want to slap the table and glare at me after you’ve made a fool of yourself? What is this if not being unable to lose? Is this the heart of your Four Great Battle Kings of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall?”

Jerold did not expect Charlie wade’s words to be well-spoken, and his words filled his stomach with anger but he did not know how to get angry.

He also knew very well that defeat in battle was defeat, no matter what kind of disgusting tactics his opponent used, it was not the reason for his defeat.

He could not ask him why your men were hiding in the bunker or why your men had set traps to kill so many of my brothers.

If he asked such a question, he would really lose his own face, and the face of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple.

So, he could only grit his teeth and pointed at Charlie wade, “Fine! You’re quite alright! I’ll remember you!”

Charlie wade nodded, “You’d better remember it clearly.”

At this time, the government commander who had not spoken at the side opened his mouth to round up the situation, “Alright, alright, we are here to make peace today, not to argue, let’s get to the point!”

Charlie wade laughed, “Fine, let’s get to the point, I’ll start with the core demands of our commander for this peace talk.”

The government army commander hurriedly said, “Okay, go ahead!”

Charlie wade said seriously, “First of all, our side is willing to negotiate a ceasefire with your side, as long as your side gives up encircling us, then we will also keep our distance and non-aggression from you.”

When Jerold heard this, he immediately said angrily, “What a joke! You want us to give up the encirclement just by your words? On what basis? If we give up the encirclement, are you willing to surrender your weapons?”

Charlie wade laughed, “You are all adults, don’t be so naive in your words, surrendering is never possible, not in this lifetime.”

Seeing Charlie wade mocking his naivety, Jerold said in exasperation, “What? It is naive for me to ask you to surrender, but it is not naive for you to ask us to give up the siege?”

Charlie wade gave him a blank look and said, “I have just said that this article is first, you are also a Chinese, you should know what the word first really means, it is just a precondition, precondition understand?”

Jerold could not hold back his anger and shouted sternly, “Are you here to f*cking negotiate or to provoke”