The Real Dragon Chapter 3245

Jerold could see the disdain and sarcasm in Charlie wade’s expression and coldly said, “It seems that you don’t know anything about martial arts! There are not even ten six-star martial artists in the entire mercenary world! Killing you is as easy as a hand!”

“Oh?” Charlie wade laughed, “Many people have tried to kill me, but none of them have succeeded so far, how come you are so confident that you can kill me?”

Jerold said sternly, “Just a piece of trash like you, not to mention killing one, even if a hundred like that came, I could still kill them all! My strength is something that trash like you can’t possibly understand!”

Charlie wade nodded and said somewhat perfunctorily, “I know, I know, that six-star martial artist of yours, isn’t it just that six of the eight channels of the Qi meridians have been opened? I see that your seventh meridian also seems to show signs of opening, so when your seventh one also opens, will you have to change your name to Seven Star Ladybug?”

Charlie wade’s teasing words caused Jerold’s entire expression to freeze instantly!

He looked at Charlie wade with an incredulous expression, and his voice stuttered a little as he spoke, “How did you you see that? Could it be that you are also a Martial Daoist?! Why can’t I see your cultivation level?!”

Charlie wade laughed, “Do you believe me when I say that I have the Golden Eye of Fire?”

Jerold’s heart was suddenly tense, while he was also thinking over and over in his mind.

“I don’t know just how capable this surname Wade is, but at times like this, there’s no way to turn back! If I don’t take him out today, then my taking out of the government commander will be revealed, and then the plans of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple in Syria will be completely aborted!”

Thinking of this, Jerold clenched his teeth and stared at Charlie wade with a deadly stare as he said in a cold voice, “To be able to see my true strength, you do have something! But it’s no use just having good eyes! A good fist is the most fundamental thing! Prepare to die!”

After Jerold said that, he let out a low roar and quickly threw a full power punch at Charlie wade.

This punch was extremely fast and powerful, and the fist even carried a gust of wind, which whistled to Charlie wade’s face in the blink of an eye.

If an ordinary person were to receive this punch, I am afraid that his entire skull would be shattered.

However, Charlie wade did not show the slightest sign of dodging.

Instead of dodging, he gathered his body’s spiritual energy into his right hand, ready to take Jerold’s heavy punch at any time.

When Jerold saw that Charlie wade was not dodging, a fierce smile was already on his face.

He had already used all his strength in this punch, and even Wan Bajun, whose strength had reached that of an eight-star martial artist, would not dare to resist it.

Between an eight-star martial artist, and a six-star martial artist, there was a world of difference in strength, but this difference was mainly in speed, strength and overall attack power.

As for the body’s defensive capabilities, there was no qualitative leap.

Therefore, Jerold felt that with this punch, he was determined to kill Charlie wade completely!

However, something strange happened very quickly!

Jerold found that the moment his heavy fist was almost infinitely close to Charlie wade’s face, a black shadow suddenly appeared in front of his eyes.

Immediately afterwards, his own right fist suddenly seemed to be slammed over as if by a few tons of iron balls.

With a loud boom, the tremendous force caused Jerold’s entire fist surface to instantly shatter, and even the bones in his arm were broken!

Jerold felt the extreme pain coming from his arm and discovered with despair that the black shadow he had just gotten in front of him was actually Charlie wade’s fist!

It turned out that Charlie wade had slammed his own fist directly into Jerold’s heavy fist.

Who would have thought that it would at least be a gruesome sight like Mars hitting the earth, but who would have thought that the result would be as easy as a hammer hitting a walnut!

Charlie wade’s fist was the hammer, while Jerold’s fist was like a walnut smashed by a hammer!