The Real Dragon Chapter 3249

The losses suffered by the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall in the Middle East were already extremely heavy.

But if these 15,000 people were captured again, the loss would be unprecedented.

It would definitely make the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall even more pa*sive and miserable.

Although Charlie wade had no direct grudge against the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, his intuition always made him feel that this Ten Thousand Dragons Hall would definitely become his enemy in the future.

Therefore, he was more willing to seize this opportunity to wipe out the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall in the Middle East than to retreat with his own body!

And the price for achieving this goal would only be a Spring Return Pill at most.

The Spring Return Pill was certainly precious, but one Spring Return Pill might be able to wipe out all 15,000 men of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, so it was still very much worth it to Charlie wade.

So, without hesitation, he took out a Spring Return Pill, intending to stuff it directly into this person’s mouth to bring him back to life.

But after taking stock of the potency of this Spring Return Pill, it was estimated that there would still be left over after saving him.

Just like when Don Albert was on the verge of death, after taking a rejuvenation pill, not only did he save his life and heal his injuries, but his body functions were even greatly improved and he was much younger.

Don Albert was one of his own, so Charlie wade did not care about the Spring Return Pill.

But this was the first time he had seen this government army buddy today, so he thought there was no need to give him extra benefit.

So he broke off half of the Spring Return Pill and stuffed the other half into the man’s mouth.

Soon, the effects of the medicine began to take effect in his body, his damaged heart was repaired and his oxygen-deprived organs were recovering rapidly.

However, when the effects of the medicine had finished, the other man did not wake up immediately.

Charlie wade carefully checked and realised that the other man’s brain seemed to have not been fully repaired, so he gingerly broke off another third from the remaining half of the rejuvenation pills and stuffed it into his mouth.

Soon after, this government commander woke up in a quiet way.

The first time he woke up, he felt pain all over his body, especially in his heart, which was like being stabbed with a knife.

On top of that, his brain was deprived of oxygen for several minutes, so he felt a strong sense of pain and dizziness, and even a very strong urge to vomit.

His body was also so weak that it felt like he had just climbed out of the ghost gate and the back half was still hanging there.

If Charlie wade had given him the remaining half of the rejuvenation pills, he would probably be alive and well right now.

However, Charlie wade did not intend to do so, but silently put away the rest of the rejuvenation pills, because he felt that.

Firstly, he was not a relative, not an enemy, not a friend to this fellow, so there was absolutely no need to give him so much face.

Secondly, he had to make this guy hate Jerold, and if he was blessed by the disaster, he might somehow have to thank Jerold for giving him this opportunity.

So, this is the most appropriate level that will bring him back to life and make him feel all the pain.

This is exactly in line with the four-word proverb left behind by the old ancestors: “Save as much as you can.”

The first thing the man did when he woke up was to struggle to get up, while looking angrily at Jerold and cursing, “Jerold! You son of a b*tch, how dare you try to kill me!”

Jerold was unable to make any reaction at this point, but deep inside he was already horrified to the core!