The Real Dragon Chapter 3250

How could he have imagined that Charlie wade, with more than half an unknown pill, would have saved the life of this guy who had already been killed by himself!

How could this this be possible?!

It was also at this moment that he realised that this person, Charlie wade, was no longer just as simple as being divine, he really didn’t understand how Hamid could have such a powerful military commander, this person was far more capable than the Hall Master of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, even stronger than that ancestor behind the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall!

Charlie wade looked at that commander at this time and spoke indifferently, “You don’t need to accuse him here, his consciousness has already been controlled by me.”

The man asked in surprise, “Controlled by you? What does this mean?”

Charlie wade said indifferently, “He almost killed you just now, I was the one who saved you, aren’t you going to thank me first for saving your life?”

This government army commander was not a fool, he knew exactly what had happened to him just now.

The moment Jerold struck out at him, he knew that he would definitely not survive.

Unexpectedly, he was now saved by this Chinese man in front of him.

Moreover, even Jerold, who was exceedingly strong, had been controlled by him.

This showed that this man’s strength was far above Jerold’s.

Thinking of this layer, he hurriedly said to Charlie wade gratefully, “Master Wade, thank you for saving his life!”

Charlie wade nodded with a bit of condescension and opened his mouth to ask, “I still don’t know what your name is?”

The other party busily said, “My name is Sayid.”

Charlie wade gave a hmph and said, “Sai Yide, you should be able to see from what just happened that Jerold has already moved to kill you, he is one of the Four Great Battle Kings of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, the fact that he dares to kill you proves that the senior management of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall has long reached a consensus that they will make a move against you sooner or later.”

“So your immediate priority now is to hurry up and lift the threat of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple and save your country, if you can handle this matter cleanly, you will become a national hero of your country in the history books!”

After hearing this, Said nodded his head without hesitation and said, “Master Wade is right! I’ve seen their true colours once and for all! I’ll call our senior management to inform them, so that they can make a decision immediately!”

Charlie wade spoke, “Report the situation clearly to them, and then tell them that you have a way to capture all 15,000 generals of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall without bloodshed.”

Sayid exclaimed, “Master Wade, you really have a solution?”

Charlie wade nodded, pointed to the bewildered Jerold next to him and said indifferently, “With him around, there is definitely no problem.”

Sayid said excitedly, “That’s really great!”

Saying this, he immediately went to a corner of the conference room and used the war phone here to call directly to the highest level.

When the call was answered, Said reported all the situation here to the leader over the phone, using his own language.

Charlie wade couldn’t understand what he was saying, but he could hear that he was getting more and more emotional, and a few times he even choked up.

A few minutes later, Said hung up the phone, looked at Charlie wade and said with red eyes, “Master Wade, I have communicated with the top bra*s, who are grateful for your help and have promised that if you can help us with the soldiers from the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons, we are willing to make a permanent truce with Hamid!”

Charlie wade nodded and said blandly, “In that case, you immediately ask for support from your top bra*s, send all the soldiers you can, here!”

“Good!” Seyi’s was so excited that he immediately made another call.

Soon, the government troops dispatched over 20,000 soldiers from all directions and flew in.

During this time, Charlie wade continued to pretend to negotiate with Seyi and Jerold, and Gabriel, the three-star war general who had been responsible for picking up Charlie wade before, knocked on the door several times to ask questions, but Charlie wade had Jerold send him away, so he did not alert the rest of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall.

A few hours later, Gabriel knocked on the door again and said somewhat nervously, “Commander, the government army has sent many soldiers over again, are you clear about what’s going on?”

Under Charlie wade’s instructions, Jerold said, “Master Wade has some doubts about our strength, so we have decided to invite Master Wade to review our team with the government army, so pa*s the order down and have all the soldiers of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons gather in front of the camp immediately. Anyone who fails to do so will be locked up for a month and fined two months’ pay.

Gabriel thought that Jerold wanted to show Charlie wade his muscles, this kind of behavior of showing muscles by inviting parades could often be seen in the international arena, saying that it was a parade, but in fact it was just a deterrent to let the other party see their strength, and then go back and weigh it properly.
Therefore, this kind of parade to show off muscles and ensure that the weapons are not loaded with ammunition also belongs to international practice, so Gabriel did not think much about it and immediately said, “Yes Commander, I will inform it down now!”

At this moment, Jerold’s own consciousness was on the verge of collapse.

He naturally knew what Charlie wade was going to do, once his 15,000 generals had unloaded their ammunition, wouldn’t they be lambs to the slaughter?

But he could not do anything at this moment, he could only worry and fear in his own consciousness.

At this point, Charlie wade for Said: “Are you ready?”

Said spoke, “Master Wade, I have communicated with all the commanders, in a moment we will make a full arrest of the 15,000 mercenaries of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, when the time comes heavy machine guns and armoured vehicles will stand guard, anyone who dares to resist will be killed on sight!”