The Real Dragon Chapter 3251

Hearing that Jerold was going to show off his muscles to the negotiators sent by Hamid, the entire 15,000 soldiers of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple immediately began to prepare as if they had been beaten by chicken blood.

Apart from a very small number of senior and middle ranking officers of the Dragon Hall who were determined to avenge their dead brothers, the vast majority of the rest of the soldiers of the Dragon Hall had no feelings whatsoever about revenge.

After all, they are all mercenaries, and they come from all over the world to fight for money, so they are not really touched by who died or who was injured.

The issues they really cared about were all closely related to themselves, such as how much money they were paid, whether it was dangerous or not, whether it was tough or not.

Everything else is completely beside the point and above the point.

It is not because of any sense of collective honour that they are so interested in showing off their muscles at the moment, but because they have long been bored of staying in this sh*tty place and want to get it over with.

Now that the other side has come for peace talks, they should show off their muscles in front of the other side, the better to scare them and make them surrender meekly.

When they heard that the government army had gone to great lengths to draw 20,000 to 30,000 men from elsewhere for this parade, the soldiers of the Palace of the Ten Thousand Dragons were even more excited.

As for the matter of not allowing live ammunition, it’s nothing unusual, there are few live-fire parades in this world, only one was the Soviet parade in 1941, where more than 100,000 soldiers participated in the parade on one side, and then immediately marched off to defend the country.

In addition, all parades must be free of live ammunition, otherwise in case anyone leaves a bullet in his gun and kills the enemy representative with a single shot when he comes to the front, the situation would be really unmanageable.

As a result, the soldiers of Wan Long Temple have consciously removed all ammunition from their guns, and orders have been issued by their superiors that officers at all levels must check the firearms of their rank and file twice to confirm.

At the same time, the government troops were also actively preparing, only they were the opposite of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, who wanted to make sure that all their weapons and ammunition were in a state of readiness.

Soldiers from both sides then began to line up in a large open area in front of the camp.

The government troops who had been fighting alongside the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple were a*sembled on the right side of the Temple, while the government troops who had been specially deployed from all over the world were arranged to a*semble on the left side of the Temple, while a large number of armoured vehicles were all lined up and parked directly in front of them, which was tantamount to wrapping the 15,000 men of the Temple in dumplings.

However, the soldiers of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons did not feel anything unusual.

Jerold, at Charlie wade’s behest, walked out from the meeting room where the negotiations were taking place.

He went straight to the front of his own soldiers’ formation, hands behind his back, and repeated one phrase emphatically: “All listen to the order! We must display our strongest posture and strive to overwhelm the enemy from the momentum!”

All the mercenaries of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall responded, each standing as tall as a pine.

At the same time, they also despised the government troops on the left and right, these guys, all of them hanging around, how could they look like soldiers.

But who would have thought that just as the army was a*sembled and the 15,000 soldiers of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple were waiting for Hamid’s negotiators to appear, all the government troops suddenly turned their guns and cannons on the 15,000 soldiers of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple and immediately afterwards, someone shouted through a loud speaker, “All soldiers of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple must surrender unconditionally with their hands raised! Anyone who dares to resist and refuses to surrender will be killed on sight!”

With this, the 15,000 soldiers of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall exploded into a frenzy!

Who would have thought that things would suddenly take such a huge turn for the worse!