The Real Dragon Chapter 3253

Fifteen thousand elites from the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall were instantly made prisoners.

In order to keep them well under control, the government army tied them up in batches, and once the batches were tied up, they were sent directly onto trucks, which pulled them to the capital.

Long before the army arrived to support them, the top bra*s of the government army had already decided how the 15,000 prisoners would be housed.

They were transported by truck to various military prisons, barracks and municipal prisons in various cities for splitting and control.

In this way, the 15,000 soldiers of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall could be prevented from uniting to resist or escape from prison.

As the soldiers of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall were being pulled away in batches by trucks, the government commander, Said, approached Charlie wade and respectfully asked, “Master Wade, now that we have captured these 15,000 soldiers of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall, we are at a loss as to what to do with so many prisoners of war, do you have any good suggestions as to our next direction?”

Charlie wade casually said, “The first thing you should do now is to pull out all the officers for surprise interrogation, make sure they confess to the mischievous intentions of the Ten Thousand Dragon Temple towards your country, all the confessions must form a complete chain of evidence, including but not limited to the written version of the confessions signed and pledged by their own hands, as well as the video recording of the entire process. ”

After a pause, Charlie wade added: “After you get this evidence, you will immediately make it public, telling the world that your capture of the soldiers of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple is backed up by sufficient legal reasoning and is reasonable and legal, so that the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple will be sitting on the charge of threatening the national security of other countries.”

“In this way, on the one hand, you can have the absolute right on the legal level and gain the support of international public opinion; on the other hand, you can also make the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall a target of everyone’s shouting, so that the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall will definitely not dare to retaliate against you in any form!”

“Understood!” Said nodded his head repeatedly and said, “Then what should we do with these 15,000 people?”

Charlie wade said seriously, “Since they have violated your homeland security, naturally they should be tried openly and fairly using your country’s laws.”

Said said awkwardly, “If we follow our laws, these 15,000 people should be sentenced to life imprisonment, if not death, but with our financial and social resources, how can we afford to feed so many prisoners”

Charlie wade laughed, “This is simple, you guys grab the time to fix the evidence, grab the time to hold a public trial, then negotiate with the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, demand that the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple must pay enough bail money to bail these fifteen thousand people out, as soon as the bail money is in place, you immediately deport everyone.”

“The bail money,” Said asked out of the blue, “What do you think is the right amount?”

Charlie wade looked at him and smiled, “I suggest that you first find out the size of the economy of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, and then get on their nerves and offer a maximum price that they can afford, so that the money from the compensation can be used for some infrastructure.”

Saying that, Charlie wade thought about it himself and spoke, “I think a billion dollars up or down should be properly fine.”

“Good!” Said said excitedly, “Then I’ll report to my superiors right now!”

Charlie wade nodded, looked at the time and said indifferently, “Alright, I still have a lot of things to do, so you guys can handle it yourselves over here, but you have to remember what you promised me, a permanent truce with Hamid, and give Hamid enough freedom to develop on his own, without infringing on each other.”

Saeed said without hesitation, “Don’t worry, we will keep our promise!”

Charlie wade then said, “How about this, I will leave Jerold with you first, you will interrogate him immediately, I will make him cooperate fully, know everything and say everything, after you have fixed all the evidence, send a helicopter to send him to Hamid, meanwhile you will also follow him over there, bring the truce agreement and sign the agreement with Hamid. “