The Real Dragon Chapter 3260

“Alright.” Stephen Thompson knew that it would be difficult for him to persuade Charlie wade, so he asked, “Young master, when will you come over then?”

Charlie wade said indifferently, “I will arrive in Eastcliff on the third day of April.”

“Good!” Stephen Thompson said excitedly, “I will pick you up at the airport then!”

Charlie wade said casually, “Let’s talk about it then, butler Stephen, I still have something to do, so I’ll hang up now.”

After saying goodbye to Stephen Thompson, Charlie wade immediately stood up and said to Hamid and Said, “Both of you must co-exist peacefully in the future, this is the most beneficial situation for both sides.”

Saying that, Charlie wade added, “In addition, these 15,000 people from the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons will definitely bring in a lot of revenue for the government army, which will also be a big boost to the government army’s economy, so from now on, both of you can completely bury your heads in developing your infrastructure and economy, there is no need for you to fight each other anymore.”

Hamid nodded his head without hesitation and said, “Don’t worry, old brother, I will remember your teachings!”

Said also said, “In fact, we don’t want to fight all the time, it would be good to have peace talks!”

Charlie wade nodded and said, “Then you guys should hurry up and sign the peace agreement, I have some important things to do and I must go back to my country immediately, Hamid, prepare the helicopter for me and bring Zayne out for me as well, I want to take him back.”

Hamid said with some reluctance, “Older brother, are you in such a hurry to leave? Look at old brother, I haven’t been able to properly receive you until now!”

Charlie wade waved his hand, “Another time, this time it is indeed urgent and cannot be delayed.”

Hamid nodded with understanding and said seriously, “Fine! Big matters are important! I won’t keep you!”

After saying that, he immediately called his adjutant and ordered, “Arrange for a helicopter to take Mr. Wade to Beirut as soon as possible!”

As the adjutant was about to follow his orders, Said hurriedly said, “Master Wade, why don’t you take my helicopter? After all, our current peace talks have not yet been announced to the public, and it would be bad if someone recognises General Hamid’s helicopter and attacks it in a moment of enthusiasm.

Charlie wade was Sayyid’s life-saving benefactor and had helped Sayyid achieve great feats in the army, so Sayyid could say that he was incomparably grateful to him in his heart.

This was even more than Hamid, who had been cured of his crippled leg by Charlie wade.

Charlie wade nodded gently and spoke, “Then let’s go in your helicopter.”

Said was busy saying, “Master Wade, I will see you off!”

Hamid also said without hesitation, “Elder brother Wade, I’ll go too!”

Charlie wade nodded, looked at Jerold and said in a cold voice, “You come with me.”

Jerold said without hesitation, “Yes! Everything is at your command ……”