The Real Dragon Chapter 3261

When several people came out of Hamid’s command together, Hamid’s adjutant had also brought Zayne, who was tied up, out of the bunker.

The war had been going on for the last few days, and Hamid was afraid that Zayne would make trouble or take advantage of the chaos to escape, so he ordered his men to tie him up.

It was also because of the war that Zayne had been locked up in the dark bunker and had not seen the sunlight for several days, and his whole body looked very dishevelled. His face was pale and bloodless.

At this moment, there was only one round of sunset left outside, and the golden sunlight spread on Zayne, making him feel as if he had been reborn.

Stimulated by the light, he did not see Charlie wade clearly, but faced the setting sun, feeling the warmth of the sunlight on his body and feeling a lot of emotions in his heart.

In the past, he had never dreamed that, as the son of the wealthy Banks family, he would one day be reduced to the point where even the sight of the sun felt very luxurious.

Before he could enjoy himself for a few seconds, the adjutant behind him urged, “Hurry up! Mr. Wade is still waiting!”

As soon as he heard the word Mr. Wade. Zayne’s heart panicked for a moment, and after twisting his head, his eyes adjusted for a few seconds before he saw a smiling Charlie wade not far away.

Seeing Charlie wade with a smile on his face and bathed in golden sunlight. Zayne couldn’t help but shiver and thought to himself, “This kid looks so handsome, and he looks even more harmless when he has a smile on his face, but who would have thought that this grandson would be able to do such a f*cked up thing and throw me into this sh*tty place to suffer so much …… From this alone, this kid is not as good as his old man Bruce wade, Bruce wade He was not as bad as him back then ……”

While muttering in his heart, Zayne had already been brought to Charlie wade by his adjutant, Charlie wade looked at him and asked with a smile, “Mr. Banks, how are you feeling this time?”

Zayne cried and said, “Charlie wade, just let me go back …… this place is fighting every day, it’s just unbearable …… even if you throw me to Changbai Mountain, it’s still safer than being here… …”

Charlie wade waved his hand, “You don’t have to worry about that haha, Meade is already ready to make peace with the government army, when you come back after the Qingming Festival, there will be no more war here.”

After hearing this, Zayne did not know whether to be happy or sad.

Charlie wade looked at the time and spoke, “Let’s go Mr. Banks, it’s already late at night in the country, let’s hurry up and leave, we can reach Aurous Hill in the morning.”

Zayne asked, “Can you let me meet with Zara and Fitz when we return to Aurous Hill?”

Charlie wade waved his hand, “Your son has gone all the way to the Da Zhao Temple to atone for your father’s sins, and your daughter is busy with work. I don’t think she has time to see you, but if you really miss your relatives, I can temporarily arrange for you to meet with your brother, so you two brothers can have a good get-together when you arrive.”

When Zayne heard this. Dumbfounded, he asked offhandedly, “My brother?! You mean …… James?!”

James had been missing for a long time.

Zayne knew that James must be in Charlie wade’s hands, he just didn’t know where he had hidden James.

Once he heard Charlie wade say that he should go to Aurous Hill to reunite with his brother, he could not help but exclaim, “James he …… he has been in Aurous Hill all this time?”

“Right.” Charlie wade said indifferently, “My friend has a dog farm in Aurous Hill, that place not only keeps some fighting dogs, but also occasionally keeps some people.”

Zayne couldn’t help but shrink his neck and said in his heart, “A dog breeding farm occasionally keeps some people, is this a f*cking human statement?”

“Besides. You’re asking me to meet with Zayne, are you going to throw me into a dog farm too?”

“I’ve suffered so much in this sh*thole, it’s only a matter of weeks before I can make a trip back. Can’t I be allowed to eat better and live better?”

However, although he had a lot of grievances inside at this moment, he did not dare to say anything more, he knew very well that he did not have any initiative in front of Charlie wade.

So, he could only say resentfully, “Everything is at the disposal of Mr. Wade ……”