The Real Dragon Chapter 3262

Charlie wade nodded, “Let’s go, we still have to catch a flight to Beirut.”

Charlie wade took Jerold and Zayne on Saeed’s helicopter. He then waved goodbye to Hamid and Said, and the helicopter quickly took off, rushing to the Lebanese capital Beirut.

At this time, Lord wade’s man, Han Guangyao, was already waiting anxiously in Beirut.

He knew that Charlie wade’s trip to Hamid’s base must be very dangerous. Moreover, Hamid was at a standstill with the government forces, and his base was surrounded by tens of thousands of people, and there was no news of any peace talks between the two sides.

Charlie wade after the plane took off. He gave him a call and told him to hurry up and arrange for the crew of the Concorde to be ready for take-off and to take off immediately in an hour.

Han Guangyao was surprised and asked, “Young …… Master, you came out of Hamid’s place?”

“Right.” Charlie wade said lightly, “I will arrive at Beirut airport in about fifty minutes. Seize the time to get the plane ready for takeoff without delay.”

Han Guangyao subconsciously asked, “Young master …… you …… how did you get out?”

Charlie wade said indifferently, “You don’t need to ask much about this, it won’t take long for you to find out.”

“Good ……” Han Guangyao was busy saying, “Then I will go to the airport and wait for you!”

Han Guangyao immediately went to the airport and arranged for the plane to be ready for take-off, and soon, Charlie wade arrived at the airport in a helicopter without any problems.

Han Guangyao had never dreamed that Charlie wade was travelling in a government helicopter, and when he saw Charlie wade and Zayne, his heart fluttered.

He really couldn’t understand what kind of magical power this young master of his family had. He was able to bring Zayne out of the tens of thousands of people surrounding him intact.

And accompanying Charlie wade was a middle-aged man, only that Han Guangyao did not know Jerold, so he did not know his identity.

Han Guangyao was eager to ask what was going on, but Charlie wade seemed to be in a great hurry and had just come down from the helicopter, just saying to Han Guangyao that he had had a hard time, and then he led the two men onto the Concorde.

Immediately afterwards. Charlie wade then urged the crew to hurry up and take off to get back to China as soon as possible.

When the Concorde took off at Beirut Airport, Wan Bajun, who was far away in Eastcliff, was anxious about Jerold’s loss of contact.

He knew that Jerold was going to negotiate with Hamid today, together with representatives of the government army, and he did not want those two parties to shake hands and make peace, so he asked Jerold to delay for a few more days, no matter what, until he had taken care of the Wade family, and then he would personally go to the Middle East and settle Hamid.

The fact that he had not been able to wait for Jerold’s report made him somewhat anxious. So he asked his own man Lu Haotian to try to contact him several times, but he could not get through to him.

Strangely enough, none of the other senior and middle ranking members of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall could be contacted either.

Lu Haotian was worried that something had gone terribly wrong, but Wan Bajun thought that even if something had gone wrong, it was unlikely that all 15,000 people had gone wrong, after all, these 15,000 people were the elites of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall. How could a group of crooked people threaten them?

Therefore, he was more willing to believe that there should be a communication glitch over in the Middle East.

But. After waiting for another two to three hours, there was still no news, which made Wan Bajun feel more and more bizarre.

So, he immediately called for Lu Haotian. In a cold voice, he said, “Haotian, you immediately rush a few people from Jerusalem to see what’s going on!”

With that, he added in a stern voice, “No matter what happened, Jerold must be held responsible for losing contact for such a long time!”

Lu Haotian was about to speak, when suddenly someone rushed in quickly in a panic and said nervously, “Hall Master, something big has happened in the Middle East!”