The Real Dragon Chapter 3263

Seeing that his subordinate had come to report in such a nervous and frantic manner, Wan Bajun immediately questioned, “What’s the big fuss about!”

The subordinate almost burst into tears and blurted out, “Hall Master! The government army has just announced to the world that 15,000 of our soldiers have been arrested for crimes against national security!”

Wan Xiaojun’s first thought was that it was simply impossible.

With such a powerful elite force of his own, and with the Green-Eyed Wolf King Jerold sitting at the helm, how could he possibly be arrested by government troops who lacked guns and medicine?

Who had ever heard of tens of thousands of peasants taking 15,000 regular troops prisoner?

Wasn’t this a travesty of the world?

Thinking of this, he could not help but frown and questioned, “Today is the first of April, April Fool’s Day, you are not here to tease me, are you?”

The subordinate shook his head repeatedly and blurted out, “How dare I make such a joke, Hall Master! They have even released the video, and all 15,000 of our men have been captured and none have escaped!”

Wan Bajun felt like a thunderstorm! He felt like a child in a nightmare and couldn’t wait to wake up and end the dream.

Subconsciously, he stood up, ignoring the intense dizziness, and asked, “What did you say? Fifteen thousand elites, all captured by their gang of third-rate soldiers?!”

The subordinate nodded timidly and whispered, “Yes …… Yes …… Hall Master ……”

Wan Bajun almost collapsed, clenching his fists and cursing, “F*ck, then even if it was 15,000 pigs or 15,000 donkeys, in that hilly, wilderness area of the Middle East, their gang couldn’t have captured them all so quickly, could they?!”

“Temple Master ……” said the subordinate nervously, “Our 15,000 soldiers have not only been captured, many officers have also given up all our strategic planning …… The other side has now also released all the evidence, transcripts and video footage, the video footage, including the Green-Eyed Wolf King himself, has admitted it, and now this information has triggered a huge international reaction, many countries are condemning us ……”

Saying that, he handed over a tablet computer, opened one of the videos and said, “Hall Master, this video of the Green-Eyed Wolf King admitting his guilt has caused a huge repercussion on the extranet ……”

Wan Bajun held back his anger and clicked play, in the video, Jerold was sitting on the interrogation chair, telling all the confidential information of Wan Long Temple about Syria word by word.

Seeing that Jerold had completely betrayed the organisation, Wan Bajun grabbed the satellite phone on the table and violently broke it in his hands, crushing it to pieces as he roared in anger, “Jerold, as one of the four war kings of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, was captured, is he a six-star martial artist? He even published our strategic intentions after being captured, doesn’t he know that this has violated the death penalty of my Ten Thousand Dragons Hall?!”

Lu Haotian was also baffled and blurted out, “Hall Master, from what I know about the Green-Eyed Wolf King, he would never betray the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, is there some hidden agenda here?”

“A hidden agenda?” Wan Bajun cursed angrily, “Didn’t you see the video just now? He told the other side this content, and now they are telling the world, our Ten Thousand Dragons Hall will soon be in a situation where everyone is shouting at us! In the future, who else will cooperate with us in these countries in the Middle East?!”

He said, clenching his fist and gritting his teeth, “Besides! These 15,000 people being captured is simply a heavy loss for my Ten Thousand Dragons Temple!”