The Real Dragon Chapter 3266

Soon. Jiro Kobayashi, who was wearing a waterproof apron and holding a large broom in his hand, came running over and when he saw that it was Charlie wade who had arrived, he said with an excited look on his face, “Mr. Wade! It’s been a while since you’ve been here!”

Charlie wade smiled faintly. He asked him, “Little Lin Jiro, how have you been these days?”

Kobayashi Jiro was busy saying, “Very well, very well, very well! Master Five and his men have been treating me very well, only serving that Walter is indeed a bit troublesome, but it doesn’t matter, it can be overcome!”

“Walter ah ……” The corner of Charlie wade’s mouth rose slightly, this Walter, was the dog B*****d who had previously poisoned Doris Young’s father and caused him to nearly die of kidney failure.

When he saw Jiro Kobayashi mention him, Charlie wade asked, “How is that Walter’s situation now?”

Kobayashi Jiro said with a smile, “That dog. Now he can only lie on a hospital bed every day, he can’t eat, drink, sh*t or even dialysis without a hospital bed, his old man Steve is sharing a kennel with him, but this old guy is old and can’t really take care of Walter.”

“Hmm.” Charlie wade nodded slightly and spoke, “You behave well here. Let Don Albert raise your standard of living a little later on, and lighten your work load some more by the way.”

When Jiro Kobayashi heard this, he immediately said with immense excitement, “Mr. Wade, you …… are you telling the truth?”

Don Albert reached out and gave him a not-so-gentle slap on the head, saying in a spirit of face, “Jiro, do you still need to doubt Master Wade’s words? When has he ever not kept his word?”

Covering the back of his head, Kobayashi Jiro laughed heatedly, “Master Five is right, Master Five is right!”

After saying that, he hurriedly looked at Charlie wade and gratefully mixed Chinese and Japanese. Bowing deeply to Charlie wade, he said, “Haichi! Mr. Wade, thank you so much! Thank you! Aligado Guaymas!”

Charlie wade smiled and said to Don Albert, “Ah Don Albert, I see that you are indeed running this place well, the formerly arrogant and domineering Kobayashi Ichiro has now become so polite, so it is evident that he has indeed undergone a baptism and reshaping of his soul here. Keep up the good work in the future!”

Don Albert was a little embarra*sed, smiled and spoke, “Master Wade. You flatter me, I’ve learnt this from you… to be both gracious and Those who are obedient. If they are obedient, we will treat them better; if they are not, we will treat them more harshly, so that each one of them will be able to change their minds and become a new person.”

The Kobayashi Jiro, who was depressed, couldn’t help but think, “D*mn, this is not a baptism and reshaping of my soul, it’s just that I have to bow down under the eaves of the house. …… If you could let me go back to Japan and let me inherit Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals again, I wouldn’t be able to be so lowly!”

When he thought of this, Kobayashi Jiro’s hatred for Charlie wade grew a few degrees stronger.

Charlie wade looked at him as if he had insight into his mental activities, so he said to Don Albert, “It’s really not easy for Jiro to reach this point today, we should reward this kind of advanced individual who is actively reformed more often.”

Saying that, Charlie wade thought for a moment and then said in a serious tone, “This way Don Albert, from now on, arrange two bottles of beer for Jiro every day, and then arrange sushi takeaway for him once a week, Jiro has been in Aurous Hill for quite some time now, he also needs to find out the feeling of home.”

Jiro Kobayashi, who had just been hating Charlie wade in his heart, somehow burst into tears as soon as he heard these words.

He looked at Charlie wade with an unbelievable face and couldn’t help but choke up in his heart, “D*mn it …… I …… what’s wrong with me …… obviously hated Charlie wade a lot A**hole! Why …… why do I now feel …… again that he is full of the love and care of a loving father and the glory of humanity …… this… …Is this the D*mn Stockholm Syndrome?”