The Real Dragon Chapter 3267

Seeing that Jiro Kobayashi was full of tears, Charlie wade gently patted him on the shoulder and said in a serious tone, “Jiro, work well here, neither Don Albert nor I will treat you badly.”

Jiro Kobayashi bowed repeatedly with immense gratitude and choked up under his breath, “Mr. Wade! Thank you! I will definitely! Will definitely work well! I will definitely not let you and Master Five down! Please don’t worry!”

Seeing Jiro Kobayashi keep bowing, his long, unkempt hair tossed back and forth, Charlie wade smiled in satisfaction, “Not bad, not bad, I’ve felt your sincerity.”

After saying that, he looked at Don Albert and said offhandedly, “Don Albert, give Jiro another two thousand yuan allowance, whatever Jiro wants, or whatever he wants to eat or drink, you can arrange for someone to buy it for him, and the money will be deducted from the two thousand yuan, as long as the things bought do not violate the principle, it is all right!”

Don Albert smiled and said, “Okay Master Wade!”

After saying that, Don Albert looked at Kobayashi Jiro and asked him, “Jiro, Master Wade gave you a two thousand dollar bonus, take a look at what all you want and I’ll arrange for someone to buy it back for you.”

Excited and excited, Kobayashi Jiro said, “Thank you so much Mr. Wade, thank you too, Master Five …… I …… want two cigarettes …… want a few pairs of clean underwear …… want a little sweet snack ……”

Speaking of this, Kobayashi Jiro lowered his head and his voice had become as literal as a whisper, “That …… I …… also want …… also want some magazines that adults …… adults read ……”

When Don Albert heard this, he laughed, “Jiro, look at you, you’re such an adult, what’s there to be ashamed to say about this? Don’t worry, I’ll arrange all this for you if you want!”

Kobayashi Jiro once again burst into tears and said with unbridled excitement, “Thank you Mr. Wade and thank you Master Don Albert!”


Just as Xiao Lin Jiro’s heart couldn’t help but be filled with gratitude towards Charlie wade.

Several of Don Albert’s men had already arrived at the “room” where James and the others were staying, carrying a heavy red carpet.

The so-called room was just a cage made entirely of thumb-thick steel.

There were ten of these steel cages in each row.

There was no privacy in them, as they were only separated by steel bars, and anyone who farted could spread from the east end to the west end.

So, when Zayne first came in, he saw all the people living here at once.

Among them was his lecherous brother, James.

James, who was originally very obese, had lost more than twenty pounds of flesh during this period of time, and although he was living a hard life, he looked good, and even the heavy fatty liver he had originally had was estimated to have disappeared.

When he first came in, James was really devastated. He was a proud son of the gods and had grown up in a privileged position, so he had never experienced such a life.

But after a long time, he slowly got used to everything.

Steve and Walter, father and son, had also become accustomed to the way of life here, and although there was still resentment in their hearts, they were generally able to manage to accept their fate.

At this point, everyone was surprised to see Don Albert’s men start to roll out the long red carpet in the corridor again.

When these men finished rolling out the red carpet, they turned around and walked away. Seeing this, James could not help but stand up and say with a sarcastic smile through the steel fence, “Aiya, this is going to be another new neighbour!”

After saying that, he looked at Walter’s dad Steve in the next room and asked, “Hey, old Steve, could it be another relative from your family?”

Steve gave him a blank look and said disgruntledly, “Why should it be my relatives again? Couldn’t it be one of your own?”