The Real Dragon Chapter 3268

James said with a smirk, “Harm! Our Banks family’s situation is different from yours, under normal circumstances, how can our Banks family be caught by that surnamed Wade? After all, our family is the number one family in the country, this Wade surname hasn’t even claimed his ancestors, he’s just a landlord of Aurous Hill, he’s nothing.”

Steve couldn’t help asking, “If you’re so good, how come you’re my neighbour?”

James waved his hand, “It’s because I was careless when I came to Aurous Hill and got caught in the tiger’s mouth! The man named Wade has many henchmen in Aurous Hill, so I have entered his lair by mistake.”

I guess he had the heart to kill me, so how could he have sent someone to save me? ”

Steve tensed up when he heard this.

He was the one who came to look for his son Walter at that time, and ended up being caught by Charlie wade.

James’s flirtatious words had instantly poked him in the heart.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but mutter softly, “It’s not good to say that it’s really one of our Hogwarts family ……”

A frail Walter, lying on the hospital bed, couldn’t help but choke out, “Dad, if it really is someone from our family that’s coming, then who do you think it could be ……”

“I don’t know!” Steve shook his head, “It could be anyone as long as it’s not your mother, preferably your grandmother ……”

Walter said in surprise, “Huh? Why preferably my grandmother?”

Steve said coldly, “In our family, your grandmother is the only direct Rothschild family member, and the Rothschilds won’t take it personally if you disappear with me in Aurous Hill, but if your grandmother disappears in Aurous Hill, the Rothschilds will definitely take care of it! In that case, we’d be saved!”

James had become familiar with Steve and Walter these days, and when he heard this, he couldn’t help but say with a look of anticipation, “Old Shi, if it’s really your mother who’s coming, when the Rothschilds come to rescue you, don’t forget to rescue me as well!”

James saw the current situation more clearly.

The first thing he knew was that the Banks family could not possibly go to all the trouble of finding himself, after all, the old man had always been selfish, and he had a big brother, Zayne, ahead of him, and they both would certainly not waste their energy for himself.

So if one wanted to be saved in this situation, the only way was to follow Steve in the light.

Although Steve Hogwitz was not a top tycoon and his actual financial resources were a hundred thousand miles behind the Banks family, but who let him be related to the Rothschild family.

If the Rothschilds were willing to take care of him, with the strength of the Rothschilds, finding such a dog farm should not be a problem in his opinion.

When the Rothschilds see their distant relatives locked up in a kennel, they will certainly feel humiliated and will be angry enough to wipe out the kennel.

That way, he could be saved.

But while he was dreaming of being saved, at the end of the corridor, some of Don Albert’s men came running with a hand-pulled firecracker.

Immediately afterwards, a man slowly approached, holding a handful of plastic flowers under the close encirclement of two men in black.

James couldn’t help but mutter in a low voice: “Holding flowers this dude, looks like he looks a bit familiar ……”

After saying that, he hurriedly rubbed his eyes, waiting for the other party to come closer before fixing his eyes, almost did not stare out of his eyes: “Big …… brother?!”