The Real Dragon Chapter 3270

How could Don Albert let him off so easily? He immediately walked forward, tapped a rubber stick against the iron bars and coldly questioned, “What? You, James, have hardened your wings now, huh? How dare you ignore me when I talk to you?”

“No no ……” James shivered in fear and hurriedly said, “You were right to blame me just now, Fifth Master, I am reflecting on myself, I must be unhappy in my heart to see my brother appearing here ……”

“Unhappy?” Don Albert raised his eyebrows and asked in a very irritated manner, “Your fifth master I was kind enough to bring your brother here to meet you, to reunite the two of you brothers, and you say you are unhappy, you are taking my kindness for a donkey’s liver and lungs, ah.”

James instantly looked as ugly as a dead father and cursed angrily in his heart, “Sh*t! I f*cking knew you had to say that! I guessed what you guessed, and not a f*cking word of it was wrong! You treat me like a rat in a sewer, you’re blocking me at both ends! If I ever get a chance to get out of here, I won’t be Banks if I don’t kill you!”

When Don Albert saw James’s depressed face, he laughed disdainfully and didn’t say anything more to him, but said loudly, “Congratulations to the Banks family, Zayne and James, for reuniting after a long time! Come on, let’s get the atmosphere going!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, a group of minions immediately pulled the firecrackers, spraying out all kinds of colourful sequins and ribbons, making Zayne and James look very messy.

Looking at Zayne who had a depressed expression, Don Albert reached out and pulled him to the metal cage, opened the door and pushed him inside, saying with a smile, “Zayne, your brother has been missing for so long, you two should have quite a lot to talk about, so I will not disturb you two brothers to catch up.”

After saying that, he waved at his men and said, “All right, let’s disperse, Little Fei, send these two two two bottles of two-pot head later, I think they must have a lot to talk about today.”

The little brother called Little Fei said in a hurry, “Yes Master Five, I’ll go and get them now.”

Don Albert and his men left, while the two brothers, Zayne and James, looked at each other in disbelief.

Feeling bad luck, Zayne reached out and threw the bunch of fake flowers on the ground, and cleaned the ribbons and sequins off his body.

While Zayne stepped forward to help, he asked him, “Big brother, what’s going on with you? Didn’t you go to Australia to escape the storm?”

Zayne said in an unhappy voice, “What’s going on? I want to know what the f*ck is going on too, after you disappeared, Charlie wade exposed the matter of the old man trying to harm Deana, including the video of you and John Garet admitting it was also exposed, the old man was scolded like a dog, he really couldn’t take it anymore, so he called me back from Australia to take the blame.”

Zayne asked in surprise, “You …… were caught here by Charlie wade because you were taking the blame for the old man?”

Zayne sighed with a depressed !look and said, “D*mn, I’ve been unlucky for a while, I was originally arranged by the old master to meet with Ito Yuhiko of the Ito family, but who would have thought that Ito Yuhiko didn’t meet him, but ended up being caught by Charlie wade, and immediately after that I was thrown to Syria by Charlie wade …… ”

“What?! Syria?!” Zayne asked, dumbfounded, “Went there for what?”

Zayne, annoyed in his heart, spat and cursed, “Bah! It’s really f*cking bad luck to say that! Charlie wade has a friend who is a warlord in Syria, and he threw me into his base and imprisoned me.

As he said that, Zayne was like pouring out rubbish, he told all his experiences in Syria during this period.

These words, in his heart is really unbearable, has not even a person to talk to, and James and his relationship is not very good, but after all, is also two brothers, so at this time, he can no longer hold back, a brain to tell all the things ……