The Real Dragon Chapter 3271

James really didn’t expect that this elder brother of his would have such a rough time these days.

In contrast, his own confinement here, on the contrary, was considered to be a good time.

Although his personal freedom was restricted and his living conditions were harder, at least he didn’t have to live under fire all day. And it was a distant and war-torn part of Syria.

The two brothers were overwhelmed with emotions, and at this moment, the two of them, who had fought since childhood, suddenly felt a sense of sympathy for each other.

At this moment, Don Albert’s men had already brought two bottles of 56-degree Erguotou, and the two brothers, who were sighing with relief, simply picked up the bottles of white wine and drank from each other.

Both of them hadn’t tasted wine for a long time, plus they were bored and sighing in their hearts. So they soon got drunk and fell asleep leaning against the wall.

On the other hand, Charlie wade finished explaining to Don Albert and told him to keep a close watch on these people. Immediately afterwards, he left the dog farm and returned to his home in Townsend.

The major defeat of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple in Syria was triggering a devastating chain effect at this time.

After just one day, the story was spreading more and more widely internationally, and even the Chinese media, in a rare move, reported the news.

The news stated that the illegal mercenary organisation, the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, had intended to invade a sovereign country and was subsequently captured by the country, the biggest victory in the country’s sovereignty war in recent years and a great boost to the morale of its people.

The definition of the Dragon Temple as an illegal mercenary organisation outside of China is not exclusive to the Chinese media.

Almost every country in the world that reported this news had the same attitude.

Because, when it comes to nations and states, a sovereign state is the root of jurisprudence.

An armed organisation like the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, on the other hand, stands in complete opposition to jurisprudence.

As we are all sovereign nations, we will naturally raise our voices against such behaviour.

This is like nations all over the world before nations. Although there are all kinds of competition and all kinds of collusion, but everyone treats Somali pirates with the same attitude, that is to resolutely combat and never condone.

It is because of this. The situation of the Temple of Ten Thousand Dragons in the international arena is becoming more and more pa*sive.

Africa, as well as other countries in the Middle East that have hired the Dragon Temple, all immediately ended their cooperation and drew a clear line with the Temple.

Yesterday they were comrades in arms, but today they have given an ultimatum, demanding that the soldiers of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons leave the country by the end of the day and never allow any of them to stay.

This time. The Ten Thousand Dragon Hall was in a huge operational crisis.

If the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall was a foundry with tens of thousands of employees, now, the foundry had lost all its orders. It had completely lost its economic source.

However, the mercenaries were paid at an extremely high level, and even if they were not fighting, they had to be paid a high base salary at a certain percentage, otherwise they would immediately break away from the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple and join other mercenary organisations that had orders.

Thus, the day after Charlie wade’s return. The soldiers of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall collectively made a request to the senior management.

If the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall could not arrange work for them within a short period of time, then either the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall would pay them on a daily basis at 70% of their normal salary; or they would immediately break away from the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall.

When the three great war lords under his command reported this information to Wan Bajun, the already anxious man was even more worried.

Gritting his teeth, Wan Bajun cursed at the crowd, “Rubbish! All of you are a bunch of f*cking losers! How do you middle and senior officers normally lead your troops? Why don’t they have any collective consciousness or sense of collective honour at critical moments?”