The Real Dragon Chapter 3272

“Why hasn’t anyone taken the initiative to show that they are willing to accompany the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall through the difficult times?”

“Still only thinking about asking for money at this time, the white-eyed wolves aren’t as f*cked up as they are, are they?”

Lu Haotian hurriedly said, “Hall Master. This group of our men are mercenaries themselves. ……”

“These men used to be special forces soldiers from various countries, and they do all have a strong sense of collective consciousness and collective honor when they serve their homeland in allegiance ……”

“But …… but that’s not a feeling that was born out of nothing ……”

“That is the love and loyalty to their country that they have accumulated since they were children, 20 or 30 or even 30 or 40 years ……”

“But after they become mercenaries. The purpose is very simple, it’s just to make money ah ……”

Lu Haotian said this much in a row and couldn’t help but sigh. He also said, “This is just like those women who have fallen into the red dust, they were talking about their feelings before they went into the sea, but since they have come out to sell, they are here to make money, if we don’t pay, and still want them to talk about their feelings with us, that’s really not very realistic either ……”

When Wan Bajun heard this, his expression was red and white for a while.

He naturally knew the meaning of Lu Haotian’s words, and he understood it.

Not paying money and still wanting mercenaries to serve themselves was a fool’s dream.

But. He really couldn’t accept any more losses now.

If all the people were gone, how could the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall develop in the future?

It was just that this group of people was just a little too unforgiving.

This had just gone wrong, and they immediately demanded that they must be paid at 70% of their normal salary.

For these tens of thousands of people, the cost of one day’s payroll would be over US$100 million.

On top of that. The 15,000 people in Syria will have to be rescued at their own expense, and with the huge losses already incurred in the war, that amount will increase exponentially.

The most f*cked up thing is that countries are now unwilling to cooperate with the Hall of Dragons, and the follow-up income is almost completely cut off.

If the calculations continue like this, the losses before and after this time may not even be able to be suppressed by billions of dollars.

Thinking of this. Wan Bajun’s entire being was unbearable to the extreme.

Wan Long Temple had encountered such a major difficulty, but he could not go to solve it immediately, and this feeling of being out of his reach made him suffer even more.

At this moment, Lu Haotian spoke up and advised, “Hall Master, I think you might as well agree to their request first, extraordinary times. The American company Blackwater has always wanted to poach our people, and they have orders from the White House in several countries in the Middle East. They have orders from the White House in several countries in the Middle East. They are short of manpower, and if we don’t stabilize our troops, I’m afraid they will just jump ship and go to Blackwater!”

Wan Xiaojun nodded with a cold face. He opened his mouth and said, “Let’s do as you say, let everyone take a rest after they withdraw from the front line, during the rest period, we will pay remuneration at 70%, other matters, wait until I return!”

After saying that, Wan Bajun looked at the date on his wristwatch and said with a silent expression, “Today is already the 2nd of April, the last three days left before the Qingming Festival, I will try to solve the problem on the 5th of April, the day of the Qingming Festival, and on the 6th of April, the 7th of April at the latest, we can depart for Syria!”

“No problem!” Lu Haotian said without hesitation, “By then, we’ll kill up Wade Ling Mountain together, and after forcing the Wade family to give up Wade Ling Mountain, we’ll immediately move your parents’ coffins in on the 6th of April!”

The day after tomorrow, you will come with me and invite my parents’ ashes out and put them into the coffins I have prepared. On the 5th, carry my parents’ coffins up to Wade Ling Mountain!