The Real Dragon Chapter 3273

Since Charlie wade planned to go to Eastcliff on April 3rd, he greeted his family, saying only that there was a big family in Eastcliff who invited him to check the feng shui of their ancestral graves on the Qingming Festival, so he had to leave two days earlier.

Charlie wade had told Claire about this in advance, so the family was not surprised.

It was common for Charlie wade to go out to see feng shui anyway. Claire only told him to take care of himself and to go early and return early.

Stephanie, Gu(sun) Eastcliff, Lord Orrin, Angie and the rest of the family had been thinking about Charlie wade’s visit to Beijing for a long time.

During lunch, Lord Orrin said to his wife and daughter, “It’s already the 2nd today, I reckon that Charlie wade should be coming to Eastcliff tomorrow.”

He then asked Stephanie, “Stephanie, have you asked when Charlie will arrive? How will the accommodation be arranged when he arrives?”

Stephanie subconsciously said, “Dad, I don’t think brother Charlie should come tomorrow, he doesn’t really deal with the Wade family very well. I think he will come over on the fourth at the earliest, so that after attending the ancestral ceremony on the fifth, he will probably be in a hurry to go back.”

Lord Orrin shook his head. Seriously, he said, “The Wade family’s ancestral ceremony is very grand, and there is especially a lot of red tape in between, so the day before the ancestral ceremony starts, that is, on the fourth, the Wade family must sit together and spend the whole day sorting out and confirming all the processes, based on this timing, it is presumed that Charlie will definitely come tomorrow!”

Hearing this, Stephanie was overjoyed and said, “Really? That’s great, I’ll call brother Charlie wade and ask him now! This time, I’ll let him stay at our house no matter what!”

After saying that, Stephanie immediately took out her mobile phone and called Charlie wade.

At that moment, Charlie wade had just eaten and was preparing to drive out.

Claire’s company was busy and did not return at noon, so Charlie wade was thinking about his serious depletion of spiritual energy and the crowd of people from the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall waiting for him in Eastcliff, so he planned to hurry up and refine the Peiyuan Dan before he went to Eastcliff.

Refining the Peiyuan Pill. Three main medicines were needed.

At the top of the list was the ambergris incense that was over ten thousand years old.

This was the most difficult to obtain, but Charlie wade already had it now.

This was also thanks to that murderous Xuan Fengnian that Lord Banks had hired. This item was the treasure he kept with him.

Apart from that, a thousand-year-old snow ginseng was needed, as well as a thousand-year-old lingzhi.

Of these, the thousand-year-old snow ginseng was the most precious.

Because snow ginseng only grows in cold regions, it is only produced in the Changbai Mountains and the Daxinganling area in China, and you don’t even see 100-year-old snow ginseng on a regular basis. A thousand-year-old snow ginseng is worth a fortune.

However, a long time ago, Wei Liang of the Wei family had given Charlie wade the thousand-year snow ginseng that had been pa*sed down from his mother’s family, and he had always treasured it without using it.

As for the Thousand Year Lingzhi. It was not difficult to get this thing.

Although Lingzhi was also a rare treasure in Chinese medicine, it was a completely different species from ginseng.

It is a fungus, a relative of mushrooms and fungus, and is widely distributed in nature.

Moreover, there is no one who cares about reishi in the mountains. There are many people who go into the mountains to dig for ginseng, but it is rare to see people going into the mountains to dig for ganoderma, mainly because it is not difficult to cultivate it artificially and it grows quickly.

It is precisely because ganoderma is so easy to breed and so productive that there are many ganoderma-based herbal products on the market. Both the herbs and the so-called spore powder have rotted away and there is a huge demand for them in the market every year.