The Real Dragon Chapter 3276

After Charlie wade drove his car directly to the courtyard of the villa located halfway up the mountain, he carried all the herbs inside the villa and then began to prepare for the refining of the Peiyuan Dan.

Refining pills. Instead of relying on a cauldron to cook the herbs, one uses the spiritual energy in one’s body to sift out the essence of each herb. Then, according to the method recorded within the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures, the essence of the herbs were fused together before finally refining a superior pill with pure medicinal power.

This was also why all the pills Charlie wade had refined. All of them were able to melt in the mouth.

It was because it was all a mixture of medicinal essences, without any other impurities.

However, this method of refining medicinal ingredients was tedious and consumed energy and spiritual energy, and it was simply impossible to achieve mechanised operation.

Therefore, similar pills were naturally more precious.

The only two kinds of pills Charlie wade had refined before were the Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill as well as the Spring Returning Pill.

Both of these pills, in themselves, did not possess spiritual energy.

In the Jiu Xuan Tian Jing, such pills that did not possess spiritual qi were cla*sified as ordinary pills, and ordinary pills were cla*sified according to their different effects. There are also divisions of efficacy, such as healing pills, tonic pills, and life-enhancing pills.

Pills with spiritual energy, on the other hand, are uniformly cla*sified as Spirit Pills.

Once they enter the system of spirit pills, they have a corresponding grade.

From the first grade to the tenth grade, Spirit Pills are divided into ten distinct tiers.

Each tier of elixir is divided into upper, middle and lower tiers, depending on its purity and medicinal effect. It is further divided into three levels: upper, middle and lower.

The first grade to the tenth grade is equivalent to the grade a student is in, for example, from the first grade of primary school to the first grade of high school.

The upper, middle and lower grades are equal to the student’s academic performance.

The Peiyuan Pill was the most introductory type of spirit pills, and belonged to the first grade of spirit pills.

It was Charlie wade’s first time making a Spirit Pill, and the two main ingredients were too rare, so he was a little nervous, afraid that he might be careless. He was afraid that he might ruin these heavenly materials and treasures.

Therefore, he took every step very carefully.

First, he refined the less important herbs once to make himself more comfortable with them before he started to refine the other three herbs.

Time flew by without Charlie wade realising it.

By the time he had refined the essence of the ambergris, it was already completely dark.

When Claire called Charlie wade, Charlie wade realised that it was already past seven o’clock in the evening.

He then carefully stored the herbal essence first. Only then did he pick up Claire’s phone.

Claire asked him over the phone, “Hey, hubby, where are you?”

Charlie wade busily said, “Wife. I’m a bit busy outside, I’m going to Eastcliff tomorrow to read feng shui for someone, and I need to debug some materials to use for drawing charms in advance.”

Claire had heard Charlie wade talk about it before. The feng shui talisman used in feng shui actually has a lot of rules, especially the vermilion ink used to draw the talisman, which requires a lot of materials to be mixed together to have an effect, so she didn’t think much of it, so she asked him, “Are you still coming home for dinner tonight?”

Charlie wade then said, “I definitely won’t be able to make it back for dinner tonight, so you and your parents can eat first.”

Claire instructed him, “Then remember to eat something yourself, don’t get busy and forget to eat.”

“Okay.” Charlie wade said with a smile, “Don’t worry, wife, I will just eat something later to fill my stomach first.”

“Mm nah.” Claire smiled, “Then I will leave you alone, you come back early oh.”

“Good!” Charlie wade said, “I’m about to do the crucial stage of making vermilion ink, I have to do it in one go, so I can’t be affected, so I’ll turn on the airplane mode on my phone later, don’t worry if you can’t find me, I’ll go home straight after I’m done.”

Claire said with great understanding, “Okay, go and get busy! Be back early when you’re done!”

“Okay wife.”

After hanging up Claire’s call, Charlie wade turned his phone’s flight mode on, and then, he immediately put himself back into the refining of the Peiyuan Pill.

The essence of the drug had all been quenched out, and only now was the most crucial stage of refining the Peiyuan Dan considered to be reached!