The Real Dragon Chapter 3277

How many Peiyuan pills could come out of this batch of herbs, and what quality each Peiyuan pills could achieve, would largely depend on how well or badly this step was completed.

Charlie wade felt that at this moment, he was as nervous and excited as a freshly minted emerald carver who should have been practising with the most common materials, but had to go straight for a piece of imperial green material that was worth a great deal of money.

At this moment, all the essence of the herbs were carefully brought together by him.

Unlike the situation when he was refining pills in the past, when Charlie wade brought all the herbal essences together this time, all the herbs immediately began to react strongly to the medicine.

Charlie wade felt that these medicinal essences were like a big pot of boiling water, not only were the reactions very lively and violent, but they even tumbled and leaked out a large amount of spiritual energy.

Immediately afterwards, the whole room was filled with a dense spiritual energy.

This sudden change caught Charlie wade a little off guard.

This was because just as he was quenching each herbal essence, he did not feel the presence of spiritual qi directly from the herbal essence.

But what he never expected was that when so many herbal essences came together, they immediately gave rise to a strong spiritual qi.

And the richness of this spiritual qi far surpa*sed that of the spiritual stone Charlie wade had obtained by chance before!

While greedily absorbing the spiritual qi that filled the room, Charlie wade went all out to mix the essence of the medicinal herbs together according to the requirements of the Peiyuan Dan, little by little making them react and gradually condense into a dan.

Just as the pills gradually condensed into some outlines, Charlie wade suddenly felt that the dense spiritual qi contained in these pills seemed to have started to rotate very regularly.

As the speed of rotation became faster and faster, the spiritual qi in them also became more and more cohesive and dense.

Immediately afterwards, the spiritual qi that had filled the room just a moment ago was suddenly sucked back in by this ever-spinning vortex.

After the vortex had sucked all the spiritual energy back into the room, a sudden change occurred!

The powerful whirlpool of aura began to collapse rapidly towards the centre!

The herbal essence, which originally weighed at least 20 to 30 catties, quickly collapsed from a vortex with a diameter of more than 20 centimetres to a sphere with a diameter of a ping-pong ball, only about four centimetres.

According to the formula for the volume of a circle, if the diameter was reduced by five times, the volume would be reduced by five times three times, that is, by a hundred and twenty-five times!

At this point, Charlie wade felt that the collapsed drug essence seemed to have reached its limit!

And it was already spinning very fast, and as the spinning speed increased, the temperature in it also became higher and higher.

A moment later, the rapidly spinning medicinal essence suddenly stopped spinning violently without any warning.

Immediately afterwards, the ma*s of essence was then flung away in another instant by the enormous centrifugal force.

With a loud sound like a double kick igniting on the ground, the original ping-pong ball sized medicinal essence was transformed into more than 20 round and shiny pills, about 1.5cm in diameter!

The pills were complete!

Charlie wade was shocked by the sight in front of him, as if there was a hand driving the drug essence at high speed just now, it was so perfectly divided into more than twenty round pills of exactly the same size.

He hurriedly grouped these pills together and counted them, just twenty-five of them.