The Real Dragon Chapter 3281

Hearing Lord He’s voice, Charlie wade smiled faintly and spoke, “Master He, there is something I need a favour from you and the rest of the He family.”

Lord He said firmly, “Master Wade, we have been waiting to share your worries! If there is anything you want to do, just ask!”

Charlie wade then said, “I have to send two people to Eastcliff tomorrow night, and these two people are very important to me. Their identities are sensitive, so when they arrive in Eastcliff, they must be closely guarded so that no one can get wind of them.

“Convenient, of course it’s convenient!” Lord He said without hesitation, “We came all the way from Desert City to Aurous Hill to share your worries and serve you, Master Wade. I have never had the opportunity to repay you, so I am really sorry for you, so please leave this matter to us. I, Lord He, guarantee with my personality that nothing will go wrong!”

Charlie wade said readily, “Good! Since Master He is so forthcoming, I won’t say any more nonsense, please prepare yourself and the rest of the He family, someone will pick you up tomorrow night and take you to the airport.

Lord He was busy saying, “No problem Master Wade! I’ll call Ying Xiu right now and ask her to prepare as well.”

Charlie wade thought about it and said, “Old man He, it’s better not to let Ms. He go over there, someone has to look after Aurous Hill, so why not let her help keep an eye on Don Albert and the daily training of Isaac Cameron’s men.”

Charlie wade did not want to let He Yingxiu go over, mainly because he was also afraid that after she saw Zayne, her emotions would fluctuate to a certain extent, after all, Lord He still did not know that one of the two people he had asked him to help escort to watch over was Zayne.

When Lord He heard this, he didn’t think much of it and immediately said, “Okay Master Wade. Then I will explain to Ying Xiu.”

After Lord He ended his call with Charlie wade, he called his daughter, He Yingxiu, directly.

He Yingxiu had recently spent most of her time at Buckingham (Shangri-la) Palace with her daughter Xion, and mother and daughter had been unable to see each other for a long time since Xion was sent to the Banks family at the age of eighteen. This recent period has made up for the lack of companionship between mother and daughter.

When she received a phone call from Lord He and heard that Charlie wade needed the family’s help in Eastcliff, she couldn’t help but ask, “Dad, don’t you need my help with Master Wade?”

Lord He said, “That’s what I’m calling you about. Master Wade wants you to stay in Aurous Hill and take over the training work from Don Albert and Isaac Cameron for the time being. So you won’t have to come with us to Eastcliff.”

Seeing that Charlie wade had already made the arrangements, He Yingxiu spoke, “Okay, then you can go to Eastcliff tomorrow without worry. I’ll take care of everything over here.”

“Good.” Lord He instructed, “Come over to the villa early tomorrow and dock with your brother Ying Dong about the specifics of the training, we’re leaving in the evening.”

“Okay!” He Yingxiu agreed.

When she hung up the phone, Xion hurriedly asked, “Mom, what did Grandpa say on the phone? Why did I hear you say that it sounded like Master Wade had something to help?”

“Right.” He Yingxiu spoke, “Grandmaster Wade asked your grandfather and your brother-in-law to take the others along to Eastcliff tomorrow, as if he said there were two rather important people they needed to escort.”

Xion nodded gently. She couldn’t help but mutter, “Mom, do you think Master Wade won’t run into any trouble? He hasn’t approached Grandpa and the others for anything in such a long time, and this time it’s to Eastcliff, it always feels like a very sensitive matter.”