The Real Dragon Chapter 3283

Hearing this, Lord Banks asked with some surprise as a whole, “Broken Jun, didn’t we say before that we would wait for the Fifth to settle the Wade family and the Sixth before moving your parents’ coffin into Wanling Mountain?”

“It’s changed.” Wan Breaking Jun said in a stern voice, “The Ten Thousand Dragon Hall is having some trouble overseas, I need to head to the Middle East immediately after settling the Wade family, and I’m getting the impression that on the day of the Wade family’s ancestral festival. Moving my parents’ coffin in would be even more disgraceful for the Wade Family!”

Lord Banks hurriedly said, “That’s for sure! The Wade Family’s Ancestral Ceremony is dedicated to over a hundred ancestors of the Wade Family over the centuries, if you can make it impossible for them to worship their ancestors on the day of Qingming, and instead worship your parents, then the Wade Family’s face will definitely be lost!”

Wan Bajun sneered, “I want more than that! I want the coffins of all the ancestors of the Wade family to be stripped out and their corpses buried in the mountains to make room for my parents! In addition, I want to take out Bruce wade and bury him to the ground! You will witness all this with your own eyes!”

“Oh my! What an honour, what an honour!!!” Lord Banks said repeatedly in excitement, “Don’t worry, I’ll go back to Eastcliff tomorrow! First thing in the morning on April 5th. Even if a knife falls from the sky, I will still be there on time!!!”

“Good.” Wan Bajun said dryly, “Then I’ll see you on the 5th of April!”

Lord Banks still wanted to say something else, but Wan Bajun had already hung up the phone early.

At this moment. Lord Banks could not hide his excitement and said to his butler Banks Anshun at his side, “Anshun! Pack up your things and prepare the plane, we’re going back to Eastcliff!”

Banks Anshun was also extraordinarily excited upon hearing this.

The Banks family had originally been born and raised in Eastcliff, and Eastcliff was the biggest stage for them.

If it wasn’t for the many changes that had befallen him some time ago, how could he have followed Old Master Banks and hid all the way to the south.

Hearing that the old man was finally going back, Banks Anshun was naturally excited and hurriedly said, “Yes, Master! Then I will arrange for my subordinates to pack the luggage and then inform the crew to get ready for take-off, we will leave first thing tomorrow morning!”

“No way!” Lord Banks hurriedly waved his hand and said, “We can’t leave in the morning, tell the crew to leave tomorrow night.”

“At night?” Banks Anshun hurriedly said, “Master, it will be very late when you return home after a long journey at night, and it will delay your rest.”

“It’s alright!” Lord Banks said without hesitation, “We must leave at night, I can’t let anyone know about my return to Eastcliff for the time being, it will definitely lead to unnecessary trouble, let’s kill back quietly first, and wait until the day of the Qingming Festival, then we will follow Wan Breaking Army. Go to Wade Ling Mountain and watch a wonderful show that is rarely seen in a hundred years!”

Banks Anshun nodded, remembering something, and couldn’t help but say, “Right, Master. Recently, the foreign media has been reporting that the Wan Long Temple has suffered a big defeat in Syria and has been greatly wounded. And in case he leaves China by then, will the Wade family make a comeback?”

“I can hold it down, I can definitely hold it down!” Lord Banks said with a firm face, “Wan Bajun and his men are all extremely powerful. Even if we lend Lord wade eight brains, he would not expect that the Wade family would encounter such a powerful enemy at the ancestral festival once every twelve years. When the experts from the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall suddenly arrive at Mount Wade Ling, they will definitely catch the Wade Family off guard!”