The Real Dragon Chapter 3284

Speaking of this, Lord Banks sneered and said: “At that time, it will really depend on who has the strongest fist. As long as Wan Bajun can beat the Wade family into submission, strip Bruce wade’s coffin, raise Bruce wade’s ashes, and then strip out the coffins of all the other ancestors of the Wade family, make all of the Wade family kneel on the ground in mourning and welcome his parents’ coffin down to Wade Ling Mountain, then the Wade family’s reputation and prestige will definitely be decimated!”

“Once he, Lord wade, brings the Wade family to its knees completely, then he will never be able to get up again in his life!”

Banks Anshun pondered for a moment and spoke, “If this matter really develops in the direction you say, then the Wade family’s reputation will indeed be completely ruined. But while the reputation is ruined, the Wade family’s a*sets and business are still there, and at most, they will only lose their connections and face. Under such circumstances, I’m afraid that it won’t be that easy for us to further suppress the Wade family.”

Said. He hesitated for a long time before saying seriously, “Master, I have something to say, and you must not be angry when I say it.”

Lord Banks waved his hand and said in a cold voice, “I know what you want to say, you are trying to say that the Banks family’s reputation, too, has already been ruined by me long ago, so I am afraid that both the Wade family and I will have no more shame by then. Everyone is half a catty against eight, right?”

Banks Anshun hurriedly kneeled down and said with fear and trepidation, “Master, I …… didn’t mean that ……”

Lord Banks asked him rhetorically, “Then what do you mean?”

“I …… I ……” Banks Anshun was speechless for a moment.

What he wanted to express was indeed this meaning, but he did not want to use such direct words.

Lord Banks said blandly, “Alright, I won’t be angry. After all, you are also loyal.”

Banks Anshun knelt on the ground. He did not dare to answer again.

Lord Banks said again at this time, “What problems Wan Long Hall encountered overseas is not something we need to care about, what we need to care about is only one thing, since Wan Bajun wanted to bury his parents’ coffin into the Wade family’s ancestral tomb, that proves that he must have enough certainty to ensure that the Wade family will not or cannot retaliate in the future, so I reckon she will definitely arrange many people in Eastcliff in the future to ensure that his parents’ coffin won’t in turn be stripped by the Wade family again.”

Speaking of this, Lord Banks smiled faintly. Based on this, I can be sure that for this Wan Breaking Jun, seeking revenge on the Wade family is only one of his many objectives, deep down in his heart, he must really want to return to China to develop, after all, his parents fell in the country back then. He definitely wanted the Wan family to get back on their feet at home, so as long as Wan Bajun put his focus at home in the future. Then the Wade family will have absolutely no chance of getting ahead.”

Banks Anshun hastily exclaimed, “Your Lordship is wise! In this way, the Wade family will definitely be tormented by the Wan Breaking Army in the future until they are burnt out or even their family is broken, and at that time. They will naturally not have the ability to go against us in business.”

Lord Banks sneered, “Lord wade will soon be unable to take care of himself, what else can he do to go against me?”

I’m really looking forward to the Qingming Festival, when the coffins of the hundred or so ancestors of the Wade family will be dug out, and I’m even more looking forward to the seventy-aged and eighty-year-old Lord wade wearing mourning for the Wan Liancheng couple! I will definitely take a picture of his worst face and post it on the internet, so that everyone can see how the head of the Wade family is wagging his tail on his knees like a dog!”