The Real Dragon Chapter 3285

The following morning, April 3, Charlie wade simply packed some clothes, said goodbye to his wife and parents-in-law, and set off on his return journey to Eastcliff once again.

This time he did not take the Wade family’s private plane, but the Boeing business jet that Lord Orrin had given him, and together with Isaac Cameron, he prepared to depart for Eastcliff.

After boarding the plane, Charlie wade called Stephanie and told her that he was about to take off and would land at Eastcliff airport in about an hour or so.

Naturally, Stephanie was overjoyed and said on the spot that she would leave immediately and go to the airport to prepare for the greeting.

Just as the plane was slowly rolling out and about to accelerate at the end of the runway, Charlie wade received a phone call from Lord wade, Wade’s old man.

On the phone, Lord wade couldn’t hide his excitement and asked, “Charlie, when are you coming to Eastcliff?”

Charlie wade said indifferently, “I’m on the plane right now and will be taking off soon.”

“Excellent!” Lord wade said with great excitement, “The entire Wade family is now missing you! Tonight, I will host a banquet at my home for all the heads of the Wade family’s collateral and branch families, as well as the Wade family’s own spokespersons across the country and even around the world, and then I will introduce you to them in front of everyone and let them know that you are Bruce wade’s son!”

Charlie wade said, “Forget it, that would be too high-profile and not quite in line with my habits.”

He said, “I will stay at Uncle Gu(Sun)’s house today, and tomorrow I will return to the Wade family to attend the meeting before the ancestral ceremony, and I will also attend the ancestral ceremony the day after tomorrow.

Lord wade hurriedly said, “Charlie, you are the son of Bruce wade, my grandson, and the second young master of the entire Wade family in this generation, you must know that the future performance is the world of you young people, in time you will be the number two person of the Wade family, such an important occasion only comes once in 12 years, you must seize the opportunity to make those Wade family’s side branches to be convinced of you, ah. ”

Charlie wade smiled and said, “No need for that, I’m not going to inherit the Wade family’s property either, let others do the head-tossing.”

Saying that, he heard a roar from the plane’s engine and the plane had started to make a full sprint at one end of the runway, so he said to Lord wade, “The plane is about to take off, let’s stop for now, see you tomorrow as well.”

After saying this, Charlie wade did not wait for Elder Wade’s response, so he simply hung up the phone.

In fact, he didn’t deliberately want to be rude to his grandfather, mainly because he knew exactly what was going on in the old master’s mind.

He knew that the old master definitely wanted him to take the opportunity of this ancestral ceremony to officially return to the Wade family, thus completely abandoning that orphan status he had had in Aurous Hill for the previous twenty years.

But this was unacceptable to Charlie wade.

Twenty years had pa*sed and in his mind he was no longer the young master of the Wade family named Charlie wade, he was the orphan in Eastcliff named Charlie wade.

After all, his parents had already left for almost twenty years, and the bond between himself and the Wade family had been broken for twenty years, so in his opinion, it was unnecessary and impossible to force this bond back.

At this moment, when Lord wade saw that Charlie wade had hung up his phone, he was more or less unhappy in his heart.

But he was still clear about Charlie wade’s reasons for doing so.

He also knew that Charlie wade did not want to officially change back to his status as the young master of the Wade family yet.