The Real Dragon Chapter 3287

Lord wade looked at the group of people in front of him and shook his head gently.

He knew that these people all lacked understanding of Charlie wade, and at the same time were worried that Charlie wade would divide their established interests after his return, so they would say such things to try to confuse their own audition.

However, how could an old fox like him be influenced by these people.

There were only two people in the Wade family who knew what Charlie wade was truly capable of.

Of these, Christine knew some and Lord wade knew even more.

After Christine was brutally beaten by Elaine in Aurous Hill last time, and then kidnapped by Christopher and Herold’s father and son, Charlie wade had said some things about himself in front of her.

These included curing the terminally ill Lord Orrin, killing the Eight Heavenly Kings of the Webb family, and even in Japan, helping the Ito family to have the last laugh in the midst of the chaos.

In addition to these things, Lord wade also knew that Charlie wade was able to go deep into Syria alone and save a woman from an opposition base, and that he was able to capture and throw Zayne to Syria with his own strength.

Lord wade even knew that Charlie wade had made another trip to Syria two days ago and brought Zayne back in the midst of the chaos.

Moreover, it was reported internationally in the past few days that an organisation called the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple had suffered a major defeat in Syria, and Lord wade vaguely felt that this might have something to do with Charlie wade.

As far as Charlie wade’s kind of skill was concerned, it was comparable to Zhao Yun who had advanced seven times and exited Chang Ban Po.

However, he had never told anyone else in his family about these matters.

The reason for not talking about it was because he had not yet figured out Charlie wade’s preferences.

If Charlie wade was so happy and wanted to save face, then he would have told his family about his deeds in advance, and they would have been in awe of him and would have kissed his a*s, which would have made everyone happy.

But Charlie wade was the only one who acted in an extremely low-key manner.

If Charlie wade’s story was made known to everyone in the Wade family, it would cause him to reject the Wade family in case he had any misgivings about it.

As for Christine, although she obviously knew a lot about it, the reason she did not talk about it to her other siblings was because deep down she deliberately wanted the rest of the Wade family to despise Charlie wade.

As Christine has not divorced her husband, whose family has also fallen on hard times, what she desires most now is to get a share of the Wade family’s a*sets.

The more this happens, the more she can’t wait to see the few brothers in the family, and their children, fighting each other.

If all these people knew what Charlie wade was capable of and feared him early on, how would they still be able to fight with him?

If they didn’t fight, how could she, a daughter who had married out long ago, have a share in the Wade family?

Just then, Lord wade had had enough of the gang’s slanderous words and said in an icy manner, “Alright, I’ll pretend I didn’t hear what you just said, from now on, whoever says such nonsense in front of me, or in front of Charlie, don’t blame me for being unkind to him!”

Seeing that the old man remained unmoved, Feb couldn’t help but speak up, “Grandpa, I know how much you owe Charlie wade in your heart, but let me say something from the bottom of my heart, you can’t be too spoiled with Charlie wade!”

He has been away from the Wade family for so many years, not only has he not attended any school, but he also lacks basic rules and upbringing. He put my aunt under house arrest in a shanty town in Aurous Hill during the New Year, does he still have respect for elders and children? If you want him to return to the Wade family, you have to set the rules for him!”

After saying that, he looked at Christine and deliberately urged, “Aunt, Charlie wade is so rude to you, he doesn’t regard you as an elder at all, do you think we should properly set rules for him?”

When Christine heard this, she hurriedly waved her hand and said, “Little Feb, don’t say that, last time I went to Aurous Hill, it was my fault in the first place, I can’t blame Charlie for that matter, if I want to blame myself, I should blame myself for not thinking it through ……”

Feb’s eyes were about to fall to the ground.