The Real Dragon Chapter 3290

Helena was a bit taken aback and said hurriedly, “This is also a bit too much …… Chinese people say that no merit is rewarded, I …… I ……”

Lord wade laughed: “How can you still get into the no merit, in our Chinese tradition, the change of mouth on the wedding day is to pay for the change of mouth, not only your future in-laws will give you, but also me as a grandfather, as well as other uncles and aunts, will give you.”

Helena was slightly stunned and said seriously, “Although I don’t mean to offend, I don’t think this custom seems to suit me very well ……”

Saying that, Helena hurriedly explained, “The main thing is that in Europe, most young people basically don’t reach out to their families for money after they go to university, myself as well as many of my friends, went through university on scholarships and student loans, and usually I don’t quite reach out to my family, so can’t I omit this kind of change of mouth fee?”

At the side, Feb wade was dumbfounded and hurriedly stepped forward, gently grabbed Helena’s hand and spoke, “Honey, how can you omit such a thing!”

Helena’s good-looking eyebrows unconsciously wrinkled slightly the moment Feb wade touched herself, and immediately afterwards, she immediately pulled her hand back.

She didn’t have any feelings for Feb wade, she just couldn’t fight against the family’s arrangement and that was why she had to accept the union.

And she had her own final struggle in her heart, and that final struggle was that she would definitely not have any intimate contact with Feb wade as long as she had not yet officially consummated her marriage with him.

During the days she came to Eastcliff, Feb wade always wanted to go further with her, intentionally or unintentionally, and even sent her back to the hotel several times and tried to enter her room, but she politely refused.

Although Feb wade was anxious, he did not dare to press too hard.

So, he could only pretend to be a gentleman and pa*s by with a smile.

But in fact, deep inside his heart, he had already scolded Helena’s reserve dozens of times.

At this moment, seeing that Helena wouldn’t even let him hold hands with her, Feb wade was even more furious in his heart.

He couldn’t help but secretly gnash his teeth and sigh: “This Nordic b*tch doesn’t know if she’s really serious or not! All day long, she acts like she’s so precious, she won’t even let me f*cking touch her hand!”

“If you’re really a virgin, I’ll put up with you, but if you’ve been with someone else for a long time, then you’ll be waiting for me to f*cking fix you up after the wedding!”

The scene of Feb wade and Helena holding hands and being dodged fell on the eyes of the other Wade family members, and each of them had their own thoughts in mind.

As Feb wade’s father, Corran was also more or less displeased in his heart, feeling that Helena was not giving face to her son.

However, Lord wade felt more and more that Helena was a rare and good girl, born in Europe with an open mind, but she had never expected to be so firm in her principles, which was rare.

If he married a woman who was a watery woman and then caused a scandal of cheating, the Wade family would really be ashamed of itself.

Feb wade was embarra*sed in his heart, so his mouth could only hurry to change the subject and divert everyone’s attention.

He then said to Helena, “Dear, whether it’s the bride price or the change of mouth fee, this is the start-up money for the family after we both get married, this is a kind gesture from the elders of the family, how can we refuse it? So you, ah, better get into the country and follow the customs, don’t care about these details.”

Helena, however, said righteously, “If it’s the start-up money given by the elders of the family, then it’s definitely not fair for us to receive only your family’s, but if both families receive it, we don’t have this tradition there, and I can’t open up to my parents about it, so I think we might as well be flexible and omit these customs. ”

Feb wade’s head was all over the place and he cursed angrily in his heart, “Have you been kicked in the head by a donkey? When you get married, you can get tens of millions of dollars just for the change of mouth fee, which translates to 400 to 500 million RMB, and you just don’t want to f*cking say no?!”

Just as Feb wade was depressed, Lord wade looked at the time and said, “All right, Feb, hurry up and go to the airport to pick up Charlie, or we’ll be delayed, we’ll talk about these things later.”

“Okay.” Feb wade could only agree, looked at Helena, thought for a moment in his head and said with a smile, “Honey, if you don’t have anything to do, you can come with me to the airport!”