The Real Dragon Chapter 3292

The thought of picking up Charlie wade from the airport made Feb wade feel very upset in his heart. Gritting his back teeth, he cursed: ”This Charlie wade is really f*cking awesome, he hasn’t come back for twenty years and he’s coming back to let me personally go pick him up. What the hell is he! He’s worthy of being picked up by me too?”

Jackson wade also hurriedly echoed, “Yes, Brother Feb, I really don’t understand, do you think Grandpa is senile, why does he attach so much importance to that Charlie wade? If the outside world knew that our Wade family had brought back a direct relative from Aurous Hill who hadn’t even finished university, I’m afraid they would laugh their heads off!”

Speaking of this, Jackson wade was furious. Angrily, he said, “Besides, Grandpa was already generous enough to give him an Emgrand Group before, isn’t that enough to send him off? If he had been more sensible, he should have taken the Emgrand Group and gotten the hell out of there, or at least never come to the Wade family to attract suspicion!”

Feb wade said coldly, “Don’t mention the Emgrand Group to me, I’m f*cking angry when I think of the Emgrand Group!”

Said. Feb wade gritted his teeth and said, “Emgrand Group isn’t worth much, but it’s at least two hundred billion market value! For the size of the Wade family’s a*sets, a single Emgrand Group already accounts for nearly a tenth of it!”

“We grandchildren can only get a middle management position in the group, our salaries and dividends are not bad, but each of us will only get a few hundred million a year. This is too unfair!”

Jackson wade was also furious when he thought about it. He said indignantly, “At the New Year this year, the group gave out year-end dividends, and I only got a share of over 87 million, not even 100 million! But Charlie wade has a two hundred billion dollar group in his hands, and I seem to remember that Grandpa even had Stephen Thompson give Charlie wade a ten billion dollar bank card?”

“Yes!” Feb wade said with a fierce gaze, “Ten billion in cash, plus two hundred billion for the Emgrand Group. How dare this brat Charlie wade not be satisfied and still want to come back and grab the family fortune from me!”

Jackson wade gritted his teeth and said, “Grandpa is also possessed by a ghost and attaches such importance to this Charlie wade! If we really keep him in the Wade family. I’m afraid that your position will be greatly affected in the future, Brother Feb!”

Feb wade’s greatest taboo was when someone tried to steal the position of the heir of the Wade family from himself.

Hearing these words from Jackson wade. The annoyance in his heart towards Charlie wade then intensified by a few points.

He clenched his fist and said in a stern voice, “This time, I can’t let that fellow Charlie wade stay in the Wade family no matter what I say! The Wade family has him without me, and I without him!”

Jackson wade hurriedly asked, “Brother Feb, what are your plans?”

Feb wade said coldly, “First, give him a good show, so that he knows who is the master of the wade Family! Then find a chance to stink him up, so that the old man will be completely disappointed with him!”

Jackson wade said excitedly, “That’s great! As long as grandpa no longer protects him, there will definitely be no place for him in the wade Family!”

“Not only that!” Feb wade sneered and said with a sinister face, “When the time is right, I will definitely take the Emgrand Group back from his hands! And the ten billion, he will also have to spit it all out for me with interest!”

Jackson wade immediately gave a thumbs up and said excitedly, “Brother Feb, I believe in your ability, you’ll definitely have no problem dealing with him!”

Feb wade’s expression was incomparably gloomy as he said in a cold voice, “If we don’t get rid of him, both your interests and mine in the Wade family will be affected by him! Jackson, in this matter, you must join hands with me, the two of us brothers working together and in unison, do you understawadnd?”

Jackson wade said with a very firm expression, “Brother Feb, don’t worry, I will always stand by your side, I will do whatever you tell me to do!”