The Real Dragon Chapter 3294

He said with a depressed look, “Helena, as a person, is indeed a bit cold, and it is said that she is usually not very good at coming to terms with the Nordic royal family. That’s why she wasn’t so well received, so much so that she was even stripped of the title of Crown Prince.”

Jackson wade nodded obediently and spoke, “Harm, in fact, this is good, if sister-in-law was still the Crown Prince, she wouldn’t have joined with our Wade family in marriage, you don’t need to be too anxious, after all, you can’t eat hot tofu in a hurry.”

Feb wade gave a cold snort of disdain. He said with a face full of fire, “What’s the point of eating hot bean curd in a hurry, that’s just bullsh*t.

After saying that, he impatiently urged, “Where is the wine, hurry up and pour it for me.”

Jackson wade said, “Brother Feb, the wine is not yet awake, why don’t you wait for a while?”

Feb wade said impatiently, “What’s the point of waking up? If you wake up again, you’ll be at the f*cking place, just pour me a gla*s.”

“Okay, Brother Feb.” Jackson wade didn’t dare to be slow and hurriedly poured a gla*s of red wine for Feb wade.

Feb wade took the gla*s and first smothered a large sip. Then car open the bow tie of his tie, a pair of vulture-like eyes, staring silently out of the window, a hint of coldness that was hard to detect for ordinary people flashed in his gaze.

He was well aware of it. Although he was infatuated with Helena’s appearance and body, Helena and himself actually had no emotional basis, both parties had only come together under a marriage of interest.

Helena wouldn’t let herself be touched now, and she might not be resigned to her fate after the marriage.

Perhaps, after the marriage, she would still be flinging this cold and stinky face with herself.

Thinking of this, he suddenly changed his mind.

Originally, he had wanted to wait until after the wedding before he married Helena, but now he planned to cook the rice immediately after the engagement.

Who cares, let’s do it first!

Thinking of this, a cold smile wiped across the corners of Ye Feb’s mouth as he drained his gla*s of red wine in one go.


Eastcliff Airport.

The Boeing business jet Charlie wade was on had already started to align with the runway.

With a light tremor of the fuselage. The plane’s landing gear had opened in the air and the flaps on both sides had been opened to their maximum.

A beautiful and attractive flight attendant walked in from the front cabin and said respectfully, “Young Master wade, our plane is about to land, and Miss Gu(Sun) has just called to say that she is already waiting for you at the hangar.”

This stewardess, as well as the crew members in the C*ckpit, had all been sent by Lord Orrin when he sent Charlie wade this plane. It had been arranged for Charlie wade, and they all knew Charlie wade’s identity, but were also very aware of the need to keep it a secret.

Charlie wade nodded slightly, “I understand, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

The flight attendant turned around and returned to the front cabin, so Isaac Cameron asked Charlie wade, “Young master, are you really not going to the Wade family later?”

“No.” Charlie wade said casually, “I have already promised Uncle Gu(Sun) that I will go directly to the Gu(Sun) family later, besides I don’t want to have too much contact with the Wade family, you can go to the Wade family yourself later and tell them by the way that I will go there tomorrow.”

Isaac Cameron wanted to say something, but thought better of it and held back. Then he nodded gently and said, “Alright then, I’ll talk to Master after I get to the Wade family.”

Soon, the plane landed smoothly on the airport runway, and after a further counter-thrust to slow down, the plane pulled off the runway and headed for Hangar 6, which had already been scheduled.

As the plane slowly came to a stop inside the hangar, Charlie wade could already see inside the hangar. The old Volvo sedan that Stephanie loved to drive the most.

This girl had always kept a low profile and never drove any luxury cars out on a regular basis, driving this kind of car was not only low profile, but it also allowed her to avoid the paparazzi’s tracking.

At this moment. Stephanie, who was wearing a mask and sungla*ses, also stepped down from the car and ran ahead to the bottom of the plane hatch, waiting for Charlie wade with anticipation.

After the boarding ladder docking was completed. The cabin door opened and Charlie wade stepped out of the cabin.

Stephanie looked up at him and jumped in place while waving her hand at him, excitedly shouting, “Brother Charlie wade!”