The Real Dragon Chapter 3297

When Charlie wade first saw Helena, he was not surprised, as other men were, by her stunning and exotic face, but by the excessive whiteness of her complexion.

It was normal for white people to have fairer skin, but Helena was a little too white.

Her complexion gave the impression that she was very much like the Elven princess in the movie The Lord of the Rings, not only white, but much whiter than the average white person.

Therefore, Charlie wade paid more attention to her body condition, and at a glance, he could see that her body was much weaker compared to normal people, typically suffering from a serious lack of Qi and blood all year round.

It could be said that the whole person was in a stormy state and could collapse at any time at once.

The moment he gently shook hands with her just now, Charlie wade used his spiritual qi to silently look around inside her body, and at the same time discovered the actual foci of her illness.

In his opinion, Helena’s heart, as well as the arterial blood vessels in her heart, brain and lungs, all had very obvious congenital deficiencies.

On the one hand, because of a defect in the septum between the ventricles of the heart, which caused a large amount of blood to return to the heart, thus increasing the load on the heart.

On the other hand, it was because her pulmonary arteries were too narrow, resulting in much poorer than normal cardiopulmonary function throughout.

On top of that, her symptoms were accompanied by ventricular hypertrophy as well as displaced aorta.

Charlie wade did not know Western medicine, so he was not sure what kind of condition her heart problem actually belonged to in modern medicine.

However, with his aura perception, he could conclude that Helena was not in a good state.

Not only was her heart not good, but her body was also very weak, and if things continued like this, she would probably only have a few months left to live at most.

If there are any other external factors, or if she is too tired or in a dull and painful mood, she will probably die of illness.

Just now, Charlie wade’s sudden remark startled Helena.

She looked at Charlie wade with an unbelievable face, really unable to understand how on earth Charlie wade could tell that she was not in a good condition.

And at this moment, her heart was also extraordinarily nervous, fearing that this matter would be known by the rest of the wade family.

So, she hurriedly said to Charlie wade, “Mr. wade may have misunderstood, I am in good health, I just haven’t been jet lagged recently.”

Charlie wade was about to say something else when Feb wade said with an unhappy face, “Charlie wade, I know you know a bit of feng shui and fortune telling and other charlatanism, but don’t talk nonsense in front of your sister-in-law!”

Charlie wade shrugged his shoulders and said to Helena, “If you feel that your heart hurts too much to bear, bite your right middle finger harder.”

Saying that, Charlie wade stretched out his hand and squeezed her right middle finger with one hand, and with the other hand, he gently clicked on her fingertip and spoke, “Here, this is the one, remember, only this finger can save your life.”

No one knew that when Charlie wade spoke just now, the light tap on Helena’s right middle finger was actually a trace of spiritual energy that he had quietly left at the tip of her right middle finger.

This trace of spiritual energy was cleverly sealed in Helena’s fingertip, so that once it was vigorously squeezed, it could immediately flow into her body and save her life at a critical moment.

If it was two days ago, Charlie wade would not have had such a strong ability to control the aura so skillfully.

It was because after taking the Peiyuan Pill, not only had the spiritual energy in his body multiplied several times, but even his ability to control it had also been enhanced.

Only, no one knew that Charlie wade had just left a life-preserving talisman for Helena, instead, both Feb wade and Jackson thought that he was making it up.

Feb wade even thought that Charlie wade had grabbed Helena’s finger in order to take advantage of her on purpose!