The Real Dragon Chapter 3300

Helena was born when her father was 25 years old and her grandmother, the Nordic Queen, was 60.

Her father was the Crown Prince and first in line of succession, so it was only natural that she was made second in line of succession.

Later, Helena’s father discovered Helena’s congenital disease, but in order to allow Helena to inherit the throne someday, he did not tell the royal family about it, but privately found the best doctors to treat Helena in the best way possible, so that she could live longer.

Helena’s father believed that although his own chances of succeeding to the throne were slim, as long as he hid Helena’s birth defect and did everything he could to keep Helena alive until she was 25, then Helena would have a chance of succeeding to the throne before she died.

For he himself and Helena’s grandmother, were only thirty years apart, but Helena was sixty years apart from her grandmother.

Normally, the current Queen would have lived until she was in her eighties and that would have been about it.

If Helena would have lived to be twenty-five, then her grandmother would have been eighty-five.

As long as Helena can make it to her grandmother’s death, then she will be well on her way to the throne.

And as a member of the royal family, the only pinnacle in life is to inherit the throne.

So, as far as her father was concerned, as long as Helena made it to the throne, even if she was only queen for a year or even a month, her life would be considered complete.

For the first ten years or so, Helena’s health was kept very well hidden, but when Helena’s father died, Helena was so distraught that she suddenly suffered a heart attack at the funeral, and was taken to hospital for emergency treatment before she recovered.

Realising that she had been deceived, Helena’s grandmother, the current Queen of the Nordic Kingdoms, took the decision to disinherit Helena and instead made Helena’s uncle’s daughter, Helena’s cousin, first in line of succession.

Deprived of her father’s protection and disqualified from the succession, Helena was immediately marginalised within the royal family.

Even though she was seriously ill, Helena could not escape the fate of exchanging her interests for the royal family and was forced to join the Wade family in marriage.

Even though the royal doctors concluded that she had at most three to five years to live, the royal family was still unwilling to give her freedom.

From the royal family’s point of view, three to five more years was enough, and they intended to make good use of the three to five years to try to get some resources and financial support from the Wade family, which could surely benefit them greatly.

The reason why Helena agreed to all this was also because the royal family was holding her mother’s future old age hostage.

If she did not agree, then after her death, her mother would be expelled from the royal family and lose all royal treatment, which would mean that her mother would not even have a pension in the future.

Helena did not want her mother to be left alone and without support after her death, so she was forced to agree.

All this time recently, she had been walking on thin ice.

On the one hand, she was worried that the Wade family would find out about her body, and on the other hand, she was also afraid that after she married Feb wade, a man without any emotional foundation, she would only hasten her own death.

In that case, she wouldn’t even have the chance to spend a good amount of time with her mother again before she died.

Thinking of this, Helena could not help but shed two lines of tears.

It was too painful to be alone in a foreign country, this feeling of being manipulated by fate, unable to resist and unable to do anything about it.

At the same time, she could not help but think of Charlie wade.

Then, she couldn’t help but sigh in her heart, “Could that Charlie wade really have seen my illness?”

“I’ve heard others say that Chinese medicine has the saying ‘look, smell, ask, cut’, and it is said that one can tell a person’s physical condition just by looking, so could it be that he is some kind of Chinese medicine expert?”

Thinking about this, deep inside Helena couldn’t help but sigh, thinking, “What use is a Chinese medicine expert? Even if he could see my illness, he could not possibly cure me.”

“My illness was diagnosed when I was born, and after more than twenty years, doctors all over the world have seen what I have, but none have been able to cure it ……”

“I have a huge defect in my heart as well as my cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary vessels, even a heart transplant is not going to cure it ……”