The Real Dragon Chapter 3301

At the same time, in Stephanie’s Volvo.

While driving, Stephanie asked Charlie wade, “Brother Charlie wade, you just said that Helena was not doing well, is she sick?”

Charlie wade nodded, “Yes.”

Stephanie couldn’t help but ask, “What kind of illness is it?”

Charlie wade thought about it and said seriously, “It’s not easy to say, it’s very complicated, there’s a big problem with the whole system related to the heart.”

Stephanie was surprised and asked, “Ah? Is it that serious?”

“Yes.” Charlie wade nodded and said, “Very serious.”

Stephanie asked again, “Then is her life in danger?”

Charlie wade explained, “The condition she is in is like walking on thin ice, she could step off and fall into the water at any time.”

Stephanie’s eyes widened, “No way, she looks so young.”

Charlie wade said blandly, “The disease never cares whether a person is young or old, so there have always been not a few people who die young, or even before they reach adulthood, due to the disease.”

“That’s true …….” Stephanie nodded gently and asked, “Brother Charlie wade, then do you have a way to save her?”

Saying that, Stephanie asked herself, “You must have a way to save her, don’t you? When my father’s condition was so serious at the beginning, you were able to cure him, so this Helena must not be a problem either, right?”

Charlie wade graciously admitted, “It’s just that it can definitely be saved, the kind of medicine I gave your father only needs half a pill to cure her.”

Speaking of this, Charlie wade turned his words and said seriously, “But this medicine is too precious, and I don’t have any friendship with her, and this is the first time I’ve met her today, so naturally I can’t help her so much for nothing.”

Stephanie pondered for a moment and nodded, “Indeed, there are too many people on the verge of death in this world, and even the gods cannot save them all.”

Charlie wade smiled and said, “But people say that meeting each other is fate, so I have more or less helped her a little bit just now, if she really had a heart attack, as long as she did what I said, she could definitely save her life.”

Stephanie asked in amazement, “Is that what you just said about biting the tip of your right middle finger?”

Charlie wade nodded, “That’s right!”

Stephanie smiled and said, “Is this some kind of trick, could it be that biting the middle finger of the right hand will have a miraculous effect when you have a heart attack?”

Charlie wade shook his head and said blandly, “It’s useless for others to bite, but it’s fine for her to bite.”

“How strange ……” Stephanie was puzzled and asked, “People’s physiology is similar, so why can her right middle finger save her life but others can’t?”

Charlie wade smiled mysteriously and said, “Heaven’s truth cannot be revealed!”

After saying that, he immediately admonished her again, “Just don’t ask so many questions, okay? Focus on driving!”

Stephanie spat out her tongue, “Okay ……”

When the two arrived at the Gu(Sun) family villa, Lord Orrin and Angie had personally cooked and had already prepared a table of meals.

Seeing Charlie wade’s arrival, both husband and wife were overjoyed.

The two of them were ready to get drunk with him after pulling him directly to the table and taking out the good wine they had.